Saturday 30 July 2011

Back in the groove

Hello, how does this sunny Saturday morning find you?

We have had a free spirited much needed week camping in the wilds of the English countryside. So good for my (our) souls, all that fresh air, early nights and mornings. Time to think. Time to talk. Time to read. Time to just be.

Time to be a kid again.

The weather was kind to us, not 1 drop of heavenly rain, still sunsets, only the sounds of children having fun.

Loving the simple life

And a few luxuries from home {little miss Alice knows a thing or two about sleeping well when you have a piece of canvas between you and the elements!}

Considering my own manifesto being inspired by Aardvark-on-sea's latest edition

Dreaming of finishing this cardigan {I'm almost there...}

Having a ge-zillion things swirling round in my head: ideas, words, poetry, emotions,free-spirited desires.

Playing with vintage beads to relax again

Just spending time being me

Re-establishing what modern life strips away

Back in the groove now for the next 2 weeks and then another week of all of the above, can't wait!

See you over the rainbow xox

ps. So sorry if you are having difficulty making comments on my blog, I too am having such difficulty commenting on your blogs... so frustrating, OUT DAMN BLOGSPOT, OUT!


  1. lovely photos - especially love that beautiful sunset. Good to have a restorative weekend x

  2. Beautiful photos! - just a tip here - I couldn't comment anywhere for ages, and then changed from IE to Google Chrome after a computer disaster and the problem was fixed immediately.
    Enjoy the sun!

  3. So happy you had a lovely camping trip with the family.. how lucky were you with the weather!!
    Alice's bed looks wondefully cosy!

    Ashley xxx

  4. Beautiful photos Penelope! Sounds like you had a much needed wonderful and rejuvenating trip, yay I'm so jealous!!! I missed your last post but just saw your beautiful wedding ring, it is just gorgeous and totally my kind of ring too rather than the traditional diamonds and gold, it's stunning.
    Have a wonderful week XXXXX

  5. Hi Penelope, thanks for your sweet comment. I'm still having trouble with Blogger...despite using google chrome. I can only comment when I'm signed in but I can't stay signed in ...v.frustrating !!!
    Your last two posts are a complete delight. I feel relaxed just looking at them .You really have a great eye and a lovely way with words.I love your red hair too :0)
    Jacquie x

  6. What a lovely week, I love Alice's little camp bed with the crochet blanket, very comfy looking. My type of time away.
    x Sandi

  7. Such blue skies! It's good to slow down and just be for a while, just like that wonderful poster says (I can feel a poster purchase coming on here !)

  8. I love that perfect camp bed, gorgeous.
    Your photo's are all lovely and your little holiday sounds fab.

  9. Alice's bed in the tent! It's wonderful! If camping could always be like the idyllic pictures you show, then I would be doing it every holiday. Love the pic of the orange bike and the orange picnic set! Gosh, I think I need a holiday, even more so after seeing your lovely pictures! Vanessa xxx