Wednesday 13 July 2011

When Madeline met Debbie

Hello lovelies, it's supposed to be the middle of summer here in the UK and I am sitting here in Levi's, jumper, shawl and socks feeling pleased at being cosy whilst there is a serious nip in the air?! I hope you are cosy wherever you might be, we are going camping in a couple of weeks time when the schools break up and I am praying for some sunshine and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Never mind I guess I'll have my new boneyard shawl to keep me snug.

Does anyone remember this post from September 2010 when I ambitiously bought enough Debbie Bliss yarn to knit a woman's cardigan (see above picture)? Well, it was rather over ambitious for me as an amateur and I frogged it as I got bored and wasn't ready in my "maturity" of being a knitter to take on such a mammoth task. So, slowly but surely I have been knitting smaller, quicker projects as you may have noticed {baby cardigans, shawls, scarves, bags etc}and learning new skills and building my confidence in the world of knitting. Anyway, to cut a long story short I simply had to wanted to knit myself another boneyard shawl (seen here)as soon as I finished my last one. And you must of guessed it by now as per the title of this post I used this scrummy Madeline Tosh yarn bought at Loop in early June (I could only afford 1 skein) to knit another shawl up.

The only problem with this was that I ran out of yarn 3/4 way to the size shawl I had planned to knit, so a marriage of Madeline and Debbie had to happen as I couldn't afford another £20(!!) skein of MT yarn.It's not ideal but for a non-perfectionist like myself it works just fine and with the DB yarn being cashmerino it's extra cosy and snug.

Simply loved knitting this on 6mm needles - super duper fast

I played around with this shawl and did some lace rows instead of following the pattern of a garter stitch every 12rows.

So soft

And snug

And blue

And versatile, I heart this shawl a rather lot xox So much so that it got me happy to be sewing poppy seeds of love x

I love poppy pods and seeds I do I do , they stop me from feeling blue they do xox

Cheerio for now, thank you for all your great comments in my Joy for Life post, I've tried my best to comment on a number of your blogs this week and have found myself rather frustrated with blogger badness and messing me around after typing a lovely long message and then not letting me comment! So forgive me if I haven't commented, it doesn't mean that I haven't popped in.

Sending you seeds of love from the South East of England xox 


  1. It's a shame you ran out of the first yarn but that's worked out very well - very nice and very unusual :-). I love my Boneyard, I worked out yesterday I can wear it as a shrug too (wear as usual for a shawl but tie the points behind my back). Not getting the use of it just now though as it's warm and sunny here in central Scotland - hey, for once we've got it nice and it's cooler for you!

  2. I think the shawl looks lovely. This is on my list of things to knit. When I get round to it. I have several crochet blankets on the go and really need to get my projects in order first! Clare x

  3. Its annoying when you run out of wool on a project. But you have very cleverly got round that and what a result! Gorgeous just love the colours together.

    I have to say I have been hankering after crocheting a little shrug or cardigan for my girls but don't have a clue as where to start! Slowly slowly me thinks!

    Oooh Poppies are very pretty I have some seeds for some really pretty looking blue ones and have forgot all about them until seeing yours! A D'oh moment if ever there was one.

    MBB x

  4. beautiful. i love that colour. poppies are such a gorgeous flower.

  5. I think that Madeline and Debbie are a match made in heaven! Lovely colours.

  6. the colours work beautifully together Penelope! I really like it and it looks super soft and cuddly, perfect for putting on when you are camping in the evenings and feeling all cozy!

  7. It is beautiful, even with the improvised wool, I would not have known. Thank you for your reply the other. Hope your camping is warm and sunny. Much lv Janine

  8. Amazed to learn you've only been knitting for a couple of yearsish. Love that name for a scarf - Boneyard lovely shades of blue too.

    My Eldest will be 11 on 1st September so ours are close in age. The quilt is part of the process of moving from pink and fairies to something more up and coming teenager.


  9. oh I am so in love with these colours. You know, I am sure it was meant to be this way. That little brooch you have pinned it with is just so pretty and delicate too. Have a wonderful weekend at your place. As for your joy for life post, ditto. There are days when I wake up so overjoyed and blessed that I find myself thanking Mother Nature for everything. Thanking her for my darlings, thanking her for my garden, the food I cook and eat, the washing flapping on the clothes line, the clouds dancing in the sky. I absolutely love, love, love your free embroidery. Oh how beautiful those little flowers.

  10. Oh it looks fabulous and such a pretty colour.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina x

  11. Your improvised shawl is simply gorgeous! And coupled with that lovely pin -- so beautiful!

  12. Hi! What lovely bloggiess to find on a Sunday morning! I was just feeling sad that 'Crochet with Raymond' is taking a bloggy break, so I decided to follow her blog recommendations...and found you...hurrah! I love the Boneyard shawl... and ithe colours are so much better than had you not run out of the MT yarn... funny how life turns out sometimes isn't it! Anyway, new follower for you here!
    Jill :)x

  13. Great shawl and i think the two colours are absolutely perfect together!!!! I am a learner knitter, only scarves etc so far..... Perhaps a shawl next!?

  14. I have just found this blog via Crochet with Raymond and just love the blue shawl. What is the pattern, is it from Ravelry? I want to knit one but am quite a slow knitter and lose interest quickly although I enjoy doing it. So this might just give me a boost.

    I'll now bookmark the site - another nice crafty one to look at.

  15. I so must have a boneyard schawlf!