Sunday 10 July 2011

Joy for life

Hello, it's me again, it's me feeling a real JOY FOR LIFE this sunny sunday afternoon. Sometimes I want to burst with joy, a joy for my very privledged and blessed life, a life full of grace and gifts bestowed on me. Do you sometimes get like that? Feel as though your heart were going to burst into colour to express a feeling that no human could describe?

Rico cotton blankie hooked up last summer, now covering Alice's sewing chair in the attic.
I am no stranger to feeling low low low down but it's these experiences which have made me enjoy the small, little things that life brings and so I can fortunately see the other sunnier side and appreciate and embrace each moment in my life. Tis a beautiful thing indeed.

I've been a-sewing girl this past week, getting real pleasure out of playing with my over locker and my Elna my mum and dad bought for me for my 20th birthday (I hauled this all the way over from South Africa many years ago and am really getting good use of it of late). I store it in our attic space and only tend to sew in the summer months in view of it not being sealed and heated up there during the winter. It's a kind of creative space for me and Alice where she can also chill out with her friends when they visit. {Note the dual function of "dumping ground"/storage space too]

I've been sewing a couple more Barcelona skirts (found here) and have been experimeting with free embroidery on my Elna.

Cutting up vintage tray cloths ad sewing with some gorgeous embroidery thread...

Such fun to swirl around these pretties

Once I had washed the finished skirt (as in above pic) Alice was concerned that the vintage fabric had frayed but I explained that this was supposed to happen so as to create extra texture to the flowers. I'm please with my first effort at free embroidery on my sewing machine and no doubt will be experimenting more as time goes by.

My JOY for life this weekend extends into my gift of having a child and husband whom I adore and love more and more. Love is a many splendid thing.

And then there is also the joy of doing nothing but drinking cups of tea

Sorting out bookshelves and giving excessive purchases to charity

Reading mags in the sunshine

Considering what to knit next

Despite a number of WIP's (both on the hook and needles)on the go

Ho hum ... let me start another one!

Deep Joy xox

Wishing You All a JOY for your life xox


  1. Looks like you've found plenty to keep you busy and your spirits lifted! I love the flower embroidery x

  2. You have been very busy - some lovely bursts of colour there especially that blanket :)

  3. loveing the flower embroidery Penelope! Sewing is totally beyond my capabilities but I love that you make your own clothes, its definitely something I aspire to one day!
    Have yourself a lovely day and thank you for the lovely burst of sunshine!

  4. what a beautiful, beautiful post!!

  5. Ooooh , Love that crochet's rather like the one I'm working on at the moment . Love your sewing too.
    Jacquie x

  6. I love all of this. I love those days when everything seems in perfect balance and you can truly appreciate all you have been blessed with. Wishing you a joy filled week. :)

  7. Lovely post Penelope, thank you for sharing your happy energy.
    x Sandi

  8. Wow you have been busy! It all looks absolutely gorgeous you clever girl.

  9. Gorgeous post as always!!! I love all the photos! Glad you had a great Sunday! Hope your new week will be fabulous!!! x

  10. What a lovely post!
    Very impressed by your freehand machine sewing x

  11. Liking the tea tray skirt! I have a couple of these skirts in the wip pile since humm the year before last. Whoops must get them out and finish them.

  12. So, so beautifully said:

    'heart were going to burst into colour '

    Thank you for such joyful pics & words!

  13. I love your cute tea cosy, super idea with the felt flower on the side!
    Lv Janine