Friday 1 July 2011

Knitting pleasure

Howdy there..Here's wishing you all a pleasurable and relaxing weekend whatever you are doing, I have a busy one lined up but somehow I know I will get stolen moments to continue knitting my Boneyard Shawl designed by Stephen West of West knits. His blog can be found here, he's pretty amazing in his shawl designs and even has a book or two with his gorgeous designs.

This is such an easy and SUCH a pleasurable shawl to knit. It grows so fast, by 4 new stitches each alternative knit row.

Such B-A-D photographs but Andy took the camera to work with him today! I've had to use my mobile to take pics, I think it's time to invest in my very own memory maker!

I'm using King Cole Riot yarn, it's cheap and DK, perfect for this free pattern.

I really am getting mad looking at those hideous  photos so here's one to cheer me and no doubt you up

Aaaah that's better instant calming lavender, I can almost smell it through the screen xox
Keep smiling Penelope!


  1. I think your shawl is just lovely. I want one! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

    The Heart in Hand Project

  2. Beautiful shawl, gorgeous colour yarn, lovely blog.


  3. Hello, Love knitting and crocheting shawls so I will be looking at that link.
    Riot seems to be very popular at the moment, I've even got it here in Crete....take a look at my blog to see the shawl I crocheted in Riot..I love it!
    Take care

  4. Hello Penelope!!!
    I love your shawl, I tried the boneyard shawl last week but I kept getting little holes whe I did m1r (boo hoo!)... the m1l's were fine, so I ended up trying a different pattern, similar result which was the little eyeletty thing I showed the other day! And funnily enough, I thought you would love it as I was knitting it, great minds think alike! Wishing you a lovely sunday lovely lady!

  5. Hello penelope, nice to find your blog. The shawl looks great, i am still on very BASIC knitting, being a recent convert and am very jealous of anyone who can do things like that. Love your header pic with the apple!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That yarn is fantastic! Must get some :)

  7. That shawl is really gorgeous! I love the colors and the yarn you are choosing looks fab! Thanks for sharing the link!
    Beautiful photos! Beautiful lavenders! Beautiful post! Hope you have a beautiful week ahead!!! :)

  8. It's so refreshing to see a man knitting, I love to see that, the more men knitting, the merrier. And if they were all in to knitting, there might be less wars, they'd be too busy thinking about their knitting! I can't believe you met Higgins! You lucky thing! Did you get to cuddle the little boy?! I LOVE Higgins! Your patchwork is beautiful, it really is, the fabrics are gorgeous. And your shawl is going to be lovely too, it's difficult to see it at the moment, but I can tell it's going to be gorgeous from what I can see. Love Vanessa xxx

  9. LOL Your phone pics are really not that bad! I love the colours and can't wait to see the finished result.