Monday 4 July 2011

Oh frabjous day!

A very happy hello to those of you who pop into my blog, nice to meet new followers and new commenter's, I really love reading your comments, makes blogging much more fun and interactive.

Our beautiful daughter Alice has been so sweet this weekend baking jam tarts and picking flowers from our garden for a little friend of hers. This term her Year 5 class is focusing on The Secret Garden in their daily work and Alice is smitten with this beautiful novel. I've been trying to read it to her for years but she hasn't been interested and all it seems to take is a teacher to convince her of the joys of this wondrous novel!

Consequently, she has been drawing and creating her very own secret garden that they have to create in a shoe box and being the mum that I am I've had to force myself to hold back and let her get on with her ideas for creating. I feel like stamping my feet and saying "It's not fair, I want to do that" which is a phrase that can appear at different intervals in this household!

Anyway, I shall sit back and enjoy watching her create and have her own ideas and stories attached to them. One thing I am so pleased by is her further interest in gardening and making little floral posies from our potted courtyard.

Do you like the sweet mini-trug?

Nothing like an antique Vaseline bottle to use as a vase. We now have a couple of posies in our house thanks to little Miss. Alice.

Do you enjoy the wonder of Alice in Wonderland? I have read this book so many times and still get confused by it. Our 10 year old Alice has a lovely illustrated version of this book and Through the Looking Glass which made it much easier for me to read to her last year ( the illustrations kept the interest levels up with such a kooky story)


I'm sure some of you must have come across the amazing children's book illustrations done by Helen Oxenbury ? She is one of my all time favourite children's book illustrators and she doesn't disappoint in this version of Alice and her adventures.

So shall I get on with why this is a frabjous day well it's to celebrate two little wins you see. One is this....

I opened up my e mails yesterday to find out that I was one of the 5 fortunate winners of this book on the Make Lounge blog found here. Needless to say we did the dance of joy as I never win anything! This gorgeous book will be winging it's way over to ours in the post and contains 50 magical craft projects inspired by Lewis Carroll's famous Alice in Wonderland. No doubt I will be sharing one or two with you lovelies in the weeks to come xox

(Cue... drum roll)....And the second victory this day of July the 4th 2011 is our very own Alice herself....

Well done gorgeous girl for winning the School Council vote for year 6, you are a Super Star *

I think a little victory meal is in order this evening!
See you soon and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Congratulations to you and your daughter.I'm always looking for books for my 1 year old granddaughter, I shall put this on my list, thank you
    Take care

  2. Well done to Alice - she has been very busy and productive :)

  3. Perfect book to win. Well done, bet you're thrilled. Well done also to Alice for school council. It's all taken so seriously by them which is great. My two are peer supporters and Little Bun is a school councillor. When I asked her if she was going for it this year, she said she needed a year off from meetings so she could have full playtimes again. Wish I could have a year off for full playtimes again, sounds bliss.

    Enjoy your meal - oh and love your skirt with the fly shoes, perfect. We both got hit by the American sizing didn't we.


  4. Well done to your lovely girl!

    Just loving those jam jars and trugs full of flowers, a very talented girl.

    Well done to you on your win. It look a lovely book to have.

    MBB x

  5. I attempted to post a comment the other day, but I couldn't, so here I am now. Lovely post, love all the flowers, your Alice is such a sweetie, and well done on the School Council vote.
    x Sandi
    Oh I keep looking at your apple cosy and keep telling myself 'I must make one soon'

  6. ...And a fabulous post!!! Love all your photos, they are gorgeous! Congrats on your win, the book is so lovely. Must say Alice is such a cutie, love all the flowers, sweet girl!!!

  7. Well done to you and Alice.
    Love Alice's little posies.

  8. The Queen of hearts.

    I love the little posy.

    Nina x

  9. Hello Penelope! I'm back to try leaving another comment! I kept getting bumped back to the blogger sign-in page last time :O(
    Congratulations to Alice for winning, what a legend! PM next...
    My shawl I forgot to ravel on my post (oopsie) but its very similar to the boneyard, I can't wait to see yours! I've started another in charcoal and love it even more than this one!
    Have an awesome weekend, although its probably still thursday where you are!

  10. i love the look of that book i saw it on another blog also- looks a good'n ;0)
    lovely images- the flowers look blissful ;0)
    now a follower to your lovely blog, kazzy x