Friday 22 July 2011

A time for...

Hello and thanks for popping in. It's been an emotional and tiring week but we made it! School is now finished for the summer and our beautiful child will soon be entering into her last year of junior school. My heart melted this morning when I drove her to school, she has grown up so much this year and is just so inspirational and wise in her little ways. It is such such such a privledge to be Alice's mum and although like in life nothing goes right all the time and we have our moments, all in all it's the best journey I've been on in my 41 years, growing her up. 

It's now a time for some rest and relaxation, time to put our feet up (once we've put our tent up) and stop, savour our time together as a family, reflect and daydream.

The result of my "Geurilla Gardening" poppy flower efforts in the front of our house

A time for making daisy chains and playing hide-and-seek.

A time to say goodbye to a very special teacher

and don't forget the apple on the top (hooked up last night)

A time to make memories and be free spirited

Some of Alice's Secret Garden and Vikings school work

A time to feel human again, break free from the moulds and boundries which define our day to day working lives

Boredom can be a great thing
And of course time for woolliness

Progress with the Tappan Zee cardy... can you spot where it's all gone horribly wrong ? I have decided to persevere in finishing it as I think it's good to compare where you have come from as you progress in the joys of knitting !?!

Look forward to seeing you all when we come back from Camping next weekend xox


  1. Hurrah for the holidays! My little one finished year 1 today.
    And yes, I totally agree that boredom can be a good thing.
    Have a great time camping x

  2. Right, here goes...

    1) Love the flowers in you garden... Beautiful Dahlia.

    2) I hope you all have a wonderful camping trip, enjoy your time together.

    3) The button on the apple cosy is so pretty, it really makes the cosy look a little more individual. It looks lovely with the blue yarn..

    4) The cardigan's looking really lovely.. I can't tell where you've gone wrong from that photo. It does look like a very complicated pattern, I'd struggle a lot with it..that's for sure!

    Ashley xxx

  3. Beautiful beautiful photos, hope you have lovely weather and an awesome camping trip and make lots of lovely family memories

  4. 'growing her up', I love that!

    Have a lovely time camping, I hope the weather's good for you.

  5. your photos are beautiful as always. Happy holidays to you, happy family time, happy snuggling and reconnecting those wonderful bonds that Mumma's love so much. Happy daisy chaining and camping, ohhhhhhh, happy, happy days to you and your family, as you live your summer.

  6. Glorious post, love the flowers and a reminder I still want to make an apple cosy. I cannot see where you have gone wrong with the cardi! Perhaps it is only something that you can see because you are following a pattern.
    Happy holidays, time to rest and take in all the sunshine.
    x Sandi