Friday 12 August 2011

Bunnies and Blankies

Oh hello, it's me squeezing in a post on my blog before we go camping next week. Looking forward to the joy of breaking routine again, feeling free spirited, getting fresh country air and good quality family time. Yay! I manically finished off letters, phone calls and faxes this afternoon and despite having been out on home visits to patients the whole morning I managed to leave work reasonably well on time. Hooray I can now take a deep breath, STOP and chill for a while.

Now, I must say that while Andy has been away on business the past 3 days Alice and I have been doing some girly plotting. Two against one, that's fair isn't it? We or should I say more Alice than me desperately wants a bunny. She wants a baby bunny from our friend Beth who has about 9 to give to lovely homes. She wants a bunny so she can call it Pencil and love it dearly. I'm convinced, but I'm not sure about Daddy! We will work on him next week and sew seeds gently and hopefully win him over :0)

Speaking of bunny rabbits do you like bunnikins, did you have a bowl or cup or plate or statue when you were little? I was fortunate to have a plate and a set of children'r cutlery. Unfortunately these got lost/broken along the way and I don't have them any more but that hasn't stopped me from loving them. Some are very collectable indeed but I just like them from a childhood nostalgia point of view.

The other day I discovered another junk / antique type shop in my town and was most pleased to have a rummage and had to smile when I came across this sweet mug for 50p. I had to buy it despite not having a baby/toddler anymore simply because of the sweet bunnykins scene.

How sweet is that? I'll probably use it to pop my vintage knitting needle collection in, so it will be functional and sweet.

It was a Royal Doulton mug to celebrate the marriage of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson in 1986 as is in scripted on the inside of the mug. Not worth much but I don't care, I'm just delighted to have knitting bunnies xox

I am planning to take larger pebbles camping with me next week (weird eh?) so I can master my crochet pebble covers. I think they would look nice in a mossy part of the garden and also to allow them to go green and get weathered. Thanks for all your comments on my sleep-less-ness, I am feeling well rested now and hope to regain my natural rhythm next week.

I am also taking my new hooky joyful blanket that I am making with me, here is a sneak peek

I started this a few days ago and have ummmed and ahhhed over my colour choices of lime, plum, pink and grey and have decided they do kind of work. I have never gone for lime before but it just seemed right and I was itching to get stuck into making a blanket again and did my usual irrational, don't think about it too much thing and bought these colours.

Trust me to buy my first knitting book,  The gentle art of knitting and chose to do one of the two Jane Brocket crochet patterns! This book is stunning by the way and being sold el-cheapo on Amazon at the moment!

Jane Brocket's colour choices are beautiful but somehow I wanted a uniform blanket his time. Who know's why...

I am being very disciplined and weaving in my ends as I go and sewing the squares together too. Not sure what's got into me, maybe it's a little bit of influence from the lovely Alice at Crochet with Raymond's blog where she did just this whilst making her labour of love Gypsy Caravan Blanket here

Before I go I must share my great excitement about a day trip we have planned next week. We are going to the lovely town of Chichester which is hosting an exhibition of Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera's masterpieces in the Pallant House Gallery. Ooohhh I can hardly contain my excitement. I was first introduced to Frida Khalo's work by my beautiful friend Bronwen who is a fine artist living in Durban, South Africa {do go and have a look at her incredible art here and her fab blog, Hey Cherry she shares with Sam here}. For this I am eternally grateful and was very fortunate to see Frida Khalo's work when I was on holiday in Paris in 1998 for the first time. It's going to be a huge privilege to see her paintings again. I'll be blogging about it no doubt. 

Hope you all have a marvellous and frivolous weekend and see you all soon xox


  1. I'm in love with your Bunnykins mug! I have a birthday coming up soon and I've just set my hubby the challenge of finding one for me ... I won't hold my breath ;) Lucky you to have stumbled across it, what a super find.

    Happy camping, I do hope you can catch up on all that lost sleep while you're away x

  2. I love your colour choices they go really well together and look a bit like flowers with the pale centre and purple petals :-) Weaving as you go is a great idea, you'll be so glad you did when you do the last square and it's actually done! xx

  3. That mug is so cute!! I had bunnikins sets as a child, and I bought them for my children too! Love them!
    Also good luck with the persuasion about the bunny!! I'm with you and Alice, I really hope you get one, and Pencil is an awesome name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oooohh Chichester. That's where I am! :-)

    I really love you new blanket, the colours are lovely. I've had my eye on that book for quite a while now, it does look rather lovely..

    Ashley xxx

  5. I love Bunnykins things. I think I had a little cup when I was little, and possibly a bowl. I don't think I was allowed to use them, they are in a "special" cupboard at my mum's now. I did notice that in House of Fraser they have re-released them again. I like the original ones best :)

  6. Your blanket colors are great together! Love the Frida Khalo exhibit! We saw it it San Francisco at the Museum of Modern Art. It was Awesome! Oh yeah, and I have a Bunnykins bowl. Such cuteness!

  7. Ooh I love your grey squares, I am gathering lots of insertion for my daughters blanket next, it's def an "in" colour, beautiful, I like what you have done. Have a lovely weekend, lv Janine Jhb SA

  8. Oooh, where to start! LOVE the bunnikins mug, especially because they are KNITTING BUNNIES! Funnily enough, KB loves anything cute with bunnies and little animals on it, she is so sweet even though you might expect me to be the one who loves cutie little things like that of the two of us!
    Nice work with the weaving in of ends!!! I swear by it and glad my smug ends-weaving as I go has worn off on somebody! I teach my monday crochet class to weave them in or they will get in trouble next week ha ha meanie! Love the colour combo for the blanket, it is lovely and will be nice all uniform, make a random one next time!
    Have a most wonderful and rejuvenating week away XXXXX

  9. I love the bunnikins mugs, and isn't it adorable that is shows a mummy rabbit knitting?
    Your throw is adorable, I am working on similiar one right now. I am having a grey to out-line each granny circle too. Beautiful blog.

  10. I see you are joining me with the Jane Brocket blanket! Lovely to see how the same pattern looks so entirely different when you change the colours! Have a lovely time camping, hope the weather is kind, and good luck with the bunny persuasion! Penny and Higgins xxx

  11. I love the idea of owning a bunny rabbit, so I shall be sending "I hope Daddy agrees to having a bunny called Pencil" vibes your way. I would love to know your tactics for persuading him! I love your bunny mug, and especially love the idea of vintage knitting needles in it, LOVELY! And oooohhhh, lovely colours for your blanket, it's going to be stunning. And the link to your friends work is great, her work is beautiful, I'll return later to have another look at it. Have a wonderful week camping, forgetting about the everyday, and relaxing to crochet. Vanessa xxx

  12. Found a tiny injured bunny at one of my jobs this summer. I brought the little guy home and we nursed him back to health and released him back into the wild. It was so much fun. My girls just loved him but understood he belonged in the wild. Would be lots of fun to have a domesticated one. Hope you can convince daddy. The new blanket is looking stunning! Wishing you a happy Sunday. :)

  13. ohhhh I love your bunnykins, I have mine from when I was a bub and my little boys have their own set each too. As for your new blanket, ohhhhh beautiful. the lime is perfect in this. have a wonderful time away.

  14. These colors are marvelous together! <3 it!