Wednesday 3 August 2011

Coordinated knots

Alice is a very keen Summer Diary girl and has kept one for school each summer. I squirrel them away with all her special school work we've kept and its great to see her progression throughout the last 6 years.

It's hot hot hot here on the South East Coast of the UK and we are just about to go for a dip in the ocean, but before I go I'd like to show you my little triumph that I completed last night despite the heat!

It is a triumph of the woollen kind, pink mind you. Not my favourite shade of pink but when you are teaching yourself new skills and pattern mastery(or maybe not!)and allowing yourself to make mistakes first time round, I don't really think it matters what yarn or colour you use. 

I know that in this throw-away society it's rather decadent and probably in some people's minds wasteful of me to have done this, but you see it's a confidence thing with me. I need to practice new skills with patterns if I want to start knitting more complicated garments. The yarn I got at a super bargain price (I would never have spent a lot on "practice" yarn) and the way I see it when I knit this again in round two it will not only be done accurately but will also make me confident to knit garments once, and only once. I certainly don't have the time and patience to be knitting two rounds each time for sure...

So here goes... 

Ta dahh, what do you think?

Don't look too closely as you will spot numerous mistakes but all-in-all I feel a little triumph on my knitting notch - is there such a thing?

 I will wear this little cardigan around the house this autumn and winter as it is super snug and soft and will bring comfort on a chilly evening. After taking 3 weeks on and off knitting it I wouldn't dream of not using it.

 The pattern is very well written and can be found here on  ravelry. It's free to download and would take much quicker than my 3 weeks if you had more time and are an experienced knitter.

Yay, I really have got a serious thrill out of making myself a garment from a series of reasonably well coordinated knots xox 

Thanks for popping by, I'm off for that dip in the ocean ~ P 


  1. Practice makes perfect ... although you don't look to need that much more practice ... it's lovely :D And very pink!

  2. Firstly, it's pretty and a lovely colour and you should totally wear it. Secondly, I think the *frugal* thing is to use it and enjoy it! ^_^

  3. Wow! I'm impressed, so pretty. You do know that if you don't point out the mistakes people won't actually notice them?! Enjoy your dip in the ocean x

  4. It's gorgeous, I love it! I like that dusky pink colour. Well done on achieving another knitting notch! As a fellow novice, well I'm a complete beginner and aspire to your cardy, it feels great to complete something you couldn't previously do doesn't it!

  5. Lovely. I don't notice any mistakes there so far :)
    So what's the follow up going to be worked in....and when?

  6. hey my lovely - well done - what a fab jersey and I think the pink suits you. So nice to see snippets of your lovely life.

  7. Wow! Well done you! It's gorgeous and hardly wasteful if you are going to actually WEAR it! Wer it with pride my dear!
    I had a lok at the pattern from the link you left because I love it and want one for meeeee! But I noticed that it is made in sport weight, what weight yarn did you use because sport is reeeeeeally hard to get in NZ so I was thinking about just trying it in DK anyway.
    Lots of love XXX
    p.s LOVE the new look, very vintage cool Penelope!

  8. I like your new header.

    And your cardi is great - hats off to you. Knitting is not my thing and I admire anyone who can make stuff like that.

  9. Well I can not find any mistakes and I think you have done a great job, and it is hardly wasteful if you are going to wear it. I love your header too, oh and I am finally making an apple cosy :)
    x Sandi

  10. Lovely, lovely. Seems to be the perfect pattern. :-)

  11. Oh my gosh! Your cardi turned out amazing! How I love it! Thanks for sharing the pattern link, I must give it a try one day when I'm self-confident on my knitting enough! Very beautiful, sweet color by talented Penelope!
    Enjoy your dip in the ocean!
    LoL, xoxo

  12. PS: I love your new blog header, simply special! :)

  13. Well done on finishing the cardie - it looks fantastic. I love the buttons you have used too. x

  14. wow thats gorgeous

    I like the patern

  15. So so pretty! I think I will take the time to learn to knit. But right now I have a bit of an obsession with spinning. I must confess I usually do the same when writing a new pattern I have in my head. I just grab any old yarn I have laying around and stitch away. Wishing you a happy Monday. :)

  16. wow, its lovely and i adore the color...Wish i could do it...:-)
    take care,