Friday 19 August 2011

Seeing the beauty

Aaahh it's good to be home again, sat in comfy couches, sipping tea and catching up with all your blogs. We've been happy campers this week and despite the odd shower of rain we have been relatively well blessed with sunshine and cosy nights in playing cards and various other board games. Camping is often a "love/hate" thing, I know it's not everyone's choice of a holiday but we like all the plus things about it and tolerate all the weird and wonderful things about it like having to accept that you have a piece of canvas between you and the elements and other people's lives which can either prove to be fascinating or darn right irritating!

It's all about seeing the beauty

Someone once asked me if we camp or glamp (ie.glamarous camping)?

I suppose we do a bit of both if you look at our luxurious bed clothes versus the good old faithful sleeping bag. I NEED candy strip sheets wherever I go. I had them in my childhood and believe they are essential in Alice's {call me crazy mama but that's just me}

Of course we all need a granny blanket or two to keep the midnight chills at bay

Pick some flowers on a countryside walk

Carry on knitting this beautiful pattern here before the sun sets

Not to forget the English hedgerows and the potential for blackberry and apple crumble making when we get home

Tin cups of tea

And visits to pretty places

All in all I think it's about seeing the beauty in all of the small things that make life worth living xox

Happy week-ending and see you soon xox


  1. Oh glad you had a fab time- I adore camping x

  2. It looks like a beautiful camping experience. I love your beautiful bedding. The little cottage is a beauty. x

  3. The bedding looks very glam I think, I just had a nose at that pattern for the cardigan, it looks lovely, and what a nice choice in yarn. Sounds like you had a fab time, I can only dream o f camping because it is definitely a no-no with my hubbie.

  4. I'm slowly working on getting my husband to agree to buying a tent - I so so so want to go camping again. But like you, I'd now use sheets, duvet and fabby granny blankets, and an air mattress, instead of a sleeping bag on a ground sheet.

  5. Couldn't agree with you more, glamorous camping is a definite, who said you can't do it in style and in prettiness!! Lovely blankets colours!!! Lv Janine

  6. OH I could just slip into that bed and be away dreaming right now. Love your camping trip and the pretty flowers and to sit a gaze at that sunset.
    x Sandi

  7. ohhh Penelope I so totally agree with you. We love going away in our caravan, absolutely love it. I love all the little things that can be annoying ie, bolting to the amenities block in the driving pouring rain with a child at 3am. But then you have the escaping from the world and days of hanging out with each other more than makes up for the other. Have a wonderful weekend at your place.

  8. I love your take on camping. I'd never get away with it with Tim as he's a bit of a Ray Mears when it come to the outdoors! Looking forward to travelling your ways soon, but disappointed that the Kaffe Fassett exhibition will be over when we get there. love Penny and Higgins x

  9. We tend to take sleeping bags as they take up less space - but for me I add - a sheet to cover the mattress and plenty of blankets & quilts!

    No more camping trips planned this year which is a shame :(

  10. Oooh, I like your version of camping! Lovely, lovely photos :)
    Jane x

  11. It's a good while since I slept in a tent. Reading this I (almost) feel nostalgic for it.

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  13. Hello, Just discovered your blog.

    Have not tried camping/glamping with my little family as yet but have tried caravaning which we loved.

    Will definately try camping one day.

    Happy Sunday

    Leah x

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful time! And very cozy and snuggly, it's funny to think of a thin sheet of canvas separating you from others!
    I'm off to check out this new cardigan pattern to see what you are making before I head to bed!
    Have an ace sunday XXX

  15. It does look a very glamorous way of camping. Very comfortable.