Friday 3 February 2012

Button joy

If you suffer from koumpounophobia look away now! Not my idea of fun when it comes to phobia's as in fact I suffer from button-philia{Ok, so I just tried to be clever and made up a love of buttons word!}.

You can always find me rummaging in the button section of a haberdashery shop or in a charity shop or car boot sale for the old battered ones and the shiny newish ones. I just get so much joy from these little things, they can completely transform a shirt/cardigan if you replace them and for a fraction of the cost of buying something new.

So, last night whilst we sat in A & E for 3 1/2hours waiting to see if Alice had broken her finger {poor thing fell on the playground at school and came home with very painful, swollen finger} I started thinking about buttons and what I could do with my hoards of these joyful beauties and hey presto an image popped into my head....this image to be precise that I had pinned on my Pinterest a while back.

When we got home, much relieved that our Alipops had not broken her finger, sprained it rather badly instead, I suggested we have a little fun with some of my red buttons I bought in a charity shop some time ago. So armed with the materials in the above photo (oh and a comfort hot chocolate each) we set to work, with me sticking {there was no chance I was going to risk Alice sticking her fingers together!} and Alice waiting patiently to pin them on her board.

Red buttons equals red heart we decided and so it was.

edited with Picnik

What fun, it's the easiest way to create some button fun for your home, takes minutes to make and the plethora of opportunities with this are endless as far as my button loving self is concerned :0)

Just think of the rainbows of colour you can bring into your home with such a simple thing. 

They are almost edible, almost, but not quite!

Have a lovely weekend and 
I look forward to showing you my finished hotty soon, we are going to need it if it snows, as predicted tonight xox


  1. Love this idea! I dropped a drawing pin in my daughter's bedroom and it took me ages to find it... if there'd been a button attached it would've been easy.
    Hope Alice's finger is less swollen/painful now. Have a great weekend x

  2. Ooooh spooky...I have a bit of a thing about buttons too & also did a post about buttons (Grandma's buttons)& I started my post with with the same sentence...(but I didn't attach them to drawing pins- might well do now though!)

    Good Luck with the hotty!

  3. That's a great idea and it is a fab idea for brightening up a dull pinboard! Glad Alice's finger isn't broken - I hope it gets better quickly XX

  4. Glad to hear that is Alice is ok always a worry with children bless them. Your heart is really sweet. dee x

  5. Hello,
    I visited your blog today. I have to say, your name caught my eye, as I think LOVE is one of the greatest gifts of all. Your blog is so pretty and colorful, and you have many creative ideas. Me and my daughters started a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you. Your blog is filled with colorful beauty. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. I am also a bit of a button lover. But usually my op shop scores disappear with my oldest daughter as she is more of a button phobic than I am. She has been known for taking off with my buttons, my overlocker, ALL my cotton and fabric just to mention a few things. She really takes such joy from vintage buttons that how could a crafty lovin mama ever refuse her? Beautiful Beautiful pictures as usual lovely! Gorgeous button hearts!

  7. You are a lovely mum. I read this and it made my heart warm. Alice will remember things like that forever. When I was a child and was ill, I would always wake up to a new knitted jumper for my teddy at the end of my bed - it was so magical having my mum make something nice for me. Lucky Alice..get well soon wishes to her.xx

  8. Oh dear, poor Alice. What a week it's been for folk in the wars. I'm glad it was nothing too dire.

    LOVE the red button heart. But watch out for the hotty botty ... as I discovered just the other night those things can be dangerous!

  9. Fabulous idea. So glad Alice's finger wasn't glued to them as that would have been a truly disastrous end to the day.


  10. I had to laugh as I'd never heard of this phobia until recently when a new colleague at my husband's work announced that she suffered from it!! I adore buttons so am the total opposite just like you. Thank you for such a wonderful idea - I am most definitely going to make these as I have gazillions of pretty buttons waiting to be used. I've glued lots together and added magnets to stick on the fridge but push pins are a fabulous idea! Thank you again for the inspiration hon. So pleased Alice's finger is OK - poor wee thing. Have a fab weekend.

  11. PS. I have passed on an award to you at my blog.

  12. That's such a pretty idea, and looks so much more interesting that boring map pins. I did some a while ago with covered buttons which were much more fiddly but these are simple and effective.
    I'm so glad Alice didn't break her finger but I'm sure it must hurt. Tell her Higgins sends a big lick!
    lots of love,
    Penny xxx

  13. What beautiful mouthwatering button photos. I am so glad your little treasure's finger is not too injured. It is so adorable to think of you whiling away the tedious hours of worry in a casualty corridor thinking of buttons.

  14. I so have buttonphilia too, I love plunging my hands into a pile of buttons and letting them tumble through my fingers - yum. Almost like playing with non-fattening sweets!