Tuesday 7 February 2012

Wonky is good

You know when you get a bee in your bonnet about a creative idea and it feel oh so urgent to fulfill but you push it to the back recesses of your mind as there are 101 other things going on? Then, when you eventually after many weeks of milling about get the materials together to satisfy that idea it becomes a new obsession? Please tell me I am not on my own with this madness!

Well, to cut a long story short, I have had this overwhelming URGE to hand stitch, embroider, cross stitch ... just STITCH. I love stitched words and there are plenty of beautiful projects, art works and ideas in blog land and Pinterest etc. to get your creative juices flowing. 

A while back I was fortunate to have won this fabulous book and Alice and I were looking through it last week and this picture completely shot me into action in getting the hoops, threads and fabric together to do some stitching...

How pretty is that? Surely it can't be that difficult to stitch a little without any idea how to embroider? Well, that's just what we did and best of all my Alice really loved it and wouldn't put it down or go to sleep on Saturday night in view of the NEED to do her stitching! She went for a heart and stars design.

Made it all up herself and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Perfect for whiling a Winter in-doors Saturday afternoon away.

It's a little bit wonky but 'Wonky is good' I think and she has now hung up her little stitched creation in her room.

These embroidery hoops make great ready made frames and don't cost the earth either. 

As for me, I played too and made a little lavender scented pouch for one of my colleagues who turned 50 yesterday. I loved stitching the words and have always admired Vanessa of Do you mind if I knit who makes the most beautiful sculptures and incorporates stitched works in these. Do have a look at her amazing makes if you have a moment.

It's not brilliant, a bit wonky too but for a first attempt I am kind of happy. The label on the wrapped gift is one of Vanessa's and can bought at her Etsy shop here

Another bit of hoop embroidery inspiration came from the gorgeous Flora and Purl blog here. For a Pyrex collector it was and is the most fun thing ever on a hoop!

With the advent of Valentines day approaching, despite not really being someone who goes to town about V. day I decided it might be the perfect excuse opportunity to stitch some of my favourite words from this gentleman's poetry.

Andy will be best surprised as I can be quite slothful about Valentines day and making an effort.... 

No doubt I shall share this with you next week...in the meantime, we are counting down to half term and Alice's Peter Pan production she is in and slowly watching all the ice melt away.

Enjoy the rest of your week xox
Thanks for all your fab comments, I love reading them and I do try and visit and comment on your blogs if I can.
See you all soon.


  1. I love Alice's little stitched picture ~ it's really lovely and I'm sure it looks fabulous in her room. I also love the look of that lovely Alice book too and am just about to pop over to Amazon for a proper look :O)

  2. I love your stitching - it looks so pretty!

    Pomona x

  3. It is a lovely heart and reminds me of sashiko.

  4. Very pretty - both of them. I have hoops and fabric and when time allows I am planning on making something for myself in a similar style.

  5. Wow , Alice did a great job ....I love it :0)
    I think wonky is definitely good and it's so nice she has discovered a new talent to enjoy.
    Jacquie x

  6. love your and Alice's new obsession, you have both done such beautiful work!!
    and yes, totally hearing you about being consumed by something new like that

  7. Wow, I love Alice's embroidery. It looks great. I can't wait until my daughter shows an interest in crafting/sewing. x

  8. Wonky is very good and I love all your stitchery - it's beautiful.

    Nina x

  9. Wonky is good ... Alice that is just the most delightful stitched heart, I hope you don't mind, I've pinned it on Pinterest.

    Ah Penelope, I know and love that poem :D (But as you haven't revealed the words I will keep them deepest secret ;D )

  10. I like wonky... perfect would be machine made..the colours Alice chose are so lovely together too... how lovely to pass on your skills and hobbies...maybe Alice will keep her frame until she is a little old lady :)x

  11. Very nice! I have also been itching to do some stitching lately! Its been a while for me. I have so many frogged cross stitch projects its not funny. If only my knitting and crochet to do list was a little shorter I might actually fit some stitching in. Hmmmmm LOVE LOVE LOVE Alice's efforts. :-)

  12. Alice's heart is beautiful she did so well bless her ;-) She is a budding little crafter in the making. Love the idea of using hoops for frames. Its great when you find a new project to do, you did great with your sewing to ;-) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  13. I'm exactly the same as you. A colour, fabric, yarn or idea for making worry away in my head until I get to the delightful bit of free time I can actually try it out and make that idea real. Absolutely love the picture you create of you and Alice stitching together. She's made something great there and clearly has a lot of artistic talent.

    I bought the Alice book as it's been a wee bit of an inspiration for Little Bun's upcoming 10th birthday. Stitching with girls and a vintage tea party are on the cards.

    Have a wonderful week with all your lovely plans.


  14. What a beautiful post! I love everything about it in particular that you are stitching away with your daughter. Such a beautiful heart she has created and of course you must tell her that the most sumptuous persian rug always has a mistake woven into it because only God is perfect! Your daughter has a real eye for colour.

    I LOVE embroidery! I am a thread and yarn girl the same way some get a thrill out of paints and pastels.

    Have a lovely creative week.


  15. oh so beautiful. Go Alice, just love the little stitched heart, what a beautiful keepsake. I have not touched my stitching for many years, but I still have it all, waiting in the shadows, for one day. . . . . . . thanks so much for sharing.

  16. I love stitching too. Alice's little work of art is lovely - you can almost see her looking back on it from the vantage point of her twenties and smiling at the memories it will hold for her.

    And yes I absolutely know the creating mania that can overtake you. When it siezes me I will work on something until I am cross-eyed and dizzy.

    This trend for hand embroidery and using hoops as frames is fabulous - I hope it catches on big time - there are the most amazing artists out there who are doing this type of work now. I get googley-eyed looking at their creations.

  17. I love the idea of hanging embroidery in the hoop, it looks so pretty. I can see Alice finding a lifelong passion here! I couldn't get the link to work to see the book tho'. Looking forward to seeing your Valentine's piece next week xxx

  18. That heart is just gorgeous. There is something so much more magical about wonky and made with love. That poem is beautiful, one of the all-time greats! It makes me want to cry every time I read it - so moving. Good choice for Valentines day.x

  19. Gorgeous stitching - and the wonkiness makes it even lovelier. Your poem is such a romantic idea too. This is a really lovely post. XX

  20. Hi! You have so lovely things here!

  21. stitching-terrific! really love those designs and the embroidery is really lovely!...thanks so kindly for the thoughtful messages, you make my day so much brighter in words...

  22. Great stitching, Alice obviously has your creative talents too! I have. Hand stitching project to do for my brother's wife's 50th I have got the kids to do some pics which I am going to hand stitch onto a cushion, hopefully a unique gift!

    We, too, are looking forward to the half term , can't come soon enough!

  23. We share in that same madness. But it is a good madness & look at what comes about!...

    Perfect stitching.

  24. i love it!!! wonky is always better in my opinion! oh and you are not on your own in this madness. hope you're having a fabulous week. xo

  25. Isn't stitching words sort of wonderful! If not addictive! Wonky is good, I agree! What a wonderful embroidery your daughter created, I hope she's very proud of her talented self? And what lovely, lovely things you've said about me! Gosh, thank you! Love Vanessa xxx

  26. Wonderful blog, I've just found you. With regards to the stitching, nah it's not wonky it's unique :o)and I think it's great.

    Peg x