Wednesday 1 February 2012

Ridiculous excitement

Ok, so you are wondering why on earth is she ridiculously excited? Right? Well, I have found a little something that has made me giddy at the knees and fuzzy with happiness at the joy of childhood memories and old things.

I found these beautiful Beswick Flying Ducks this afternoon, after work in a local charity shop, Age UK.

To say that I am excited is an understatement! I have always LOVED these flying ducks ever since I was a little girl in the 1970's when I first recall seeing them on my Grandparents wall. Sadly, I do not know what happened to them when my grandfather died and my grandmother had to have extra nursing care and be re-settled into a home. 

I was 20 at the time and didn't realise how very much these meant to me and as the years have rolled by and my love of all things old became apparent, I wished that I had taken more heed of what happened to them.

I have always been on the look out for them and have on occasion found the odd one here or there or broken, cracked, glued together ducks, but never 3 perfect harmonious ducks all in a row. Papa, Mama and baby duck.

The mama duck has a tiny chip on the underneath but not visible from the top which I can certainly live with. These have made me ridiculously excited after always searching, keeping an eye out for one of my childhood memory makers. Time with Granny and Grampa in their Port Elizabeth home in South Africa and my Grandfather's stunning huge garden full of Proteas.

Thank you Age UK for fulfilling a little dream of mine, thank you to the fabulous person who donated these to a charity and thank you to my purse having the £40 to purchase them. I don't know what they go for on e-bay or in other auctions/vintage/antique shops but as far as I am concerned these are priceless and although it was a little luxurious purchase for me, I will treasure these beauties forever and who knows one day may have grandchildren myself to continue the memory making. 

Thanks for sharing my excitement with me today xox


  1. they are lovely Penelope and priceless in terms of fond memories. Save some, share some, spend some and give some away, that's my philosophy each pay day to keep the abundance rolling on in!
    Enjoy your ducks

  2. I'm very happy that you're ridiculously excited...your ducks are lovely and obviously meant for you.

    I was reading your previous post and hope that you are already feeling a little more settled....I'm a big list writer too and it does help feel more on top of things when everything is whizzing round your head. I love those blue squares, gorgeous colours....I know you'll work everything in balance, family, work, crafting and blog, I think maybe it's best not to think how everything works together just know that it will! Rather like driving a manual car, if you started thinking about the gears you start changing up and down at the wrong times, but when you just drive it happens right....gosh what a weird analogy! But I hope you know what I mean.x

  3. I once saw a photo of a whole wall covered in 1950s flying ducks. It looked amazing! I think your find is extra special because of all those attached memories... enjoy them!

  4. I've just caught up on the last two posts, Oh, and the mosaic! Yours is lovely, so many pretty things!
    Those ducks, it's so funny how things come around. As I grew up they were the last word in naffness, and now they are sooo cool and fashionable in a vintage way. Congratulations on finding them and revisting all those memories.
    Don't worry about the next step in your life, it's always worse when you look ahead, when it happens it'll all fall into place. Faith got it so right with the car gears analogy!
    love Penny xxx

  5. I've always wanted those ducks too - how wonderful that you found them .... and £40 is a good price - those are highly collectable. Well done you! :)

  6. Hello Penelope

    Aww lovely post! Thank you for sharing ;-)
    They are beautiful.
    It brought to mind one of my favourite films about geese that I used to watch with my daughter 'Fly Away Home'
    I believe your family of ducks have found their way HOME!

  7. Score one for Penelope! Those ducks were just sitting in that shop waiting for you! I love them!

  8. These are truly superb. My walls are so, so jealous. I too have been looking out for some of these mighty fine flying ducks but have never found any quite as wonderful as these, and, as a result..My walls and I are duckless. You must be so happy to have found them :D xx

  9. They are beautiful- so happy you found them!!
    They actually look exactly the same as the ones I have, which were given to me by my grandparents, and which I treasure!!!

  10. I'd be ridiculously excited too ... wow, just wow!!!

  11. They are lovely, and it is so fab when you find a real treasure in a charity shop. I'm glad they have given you happy memories. XX

  12. aahhh those are fabulous and have made me smile to ;-)) Its great when you find something you will love and treasure. They were a great buy ebay they do go for silly money for. Enjoy them. dee x

  13. Oh how lovely! I know just what you mean. My grandparents had a soda syphon which caused great excitement because we could have fizzy drinks any time, and I'd love an old one like theirs!
    Jane x

  14. Hello Penelope, I found you via Wendz and had to write whan I saw your gorgeous duckies. I love flying ducks/geese too. Pigs, cows etc just can't compare in my opinion. If you pop over to my blog you can see our set in my header pic, although they are made of plaster not glossy china like your lovely ones.

  15. Oh wow! What a fabulous find, real treasures those, so beautiful and so cool. WONDERFUL! I just have to say congratulations on a truly wonderful purchase, I share your excitement Penelope! Vanessa xxx

  16. Oooh my grandma had them as well, not sure what happened to them either.....enjoy the memories Penelope.
    xx Sandi