Sunday 26 February 2012

Presents and Parcels

While the down stairs of our home is one big dust ball of drilling, measuring, (ahem) cursing and rejoycing, I am staying upstairs where it is calm and comforting.

Away from 3 men and their copper pipes! Our kitchen is being fitted at long last.

Instead, I will pretend there is no drilling and fitting and fixing going on and take pretty pictures of my pressies and parcels like this one below that the lovely Speech and Language Therapists gave me to say goodbye on Friday (I am fortunate enough to share my second office with these lovely ladies).

Look at the gorgeous potato printing that V and A made on Thursday night to wrap up my pressie. I want a whole alphabet in this font please ;o)

Thank you so much for this delightful and thoughtful wrapping paper, I shall treasure it x

Inside the rectangular shaped present was this little lady...

Isn't she the sweetest timer ever? She can join Alice's Russian doll measuring cups {made by Fred}on the shelf of our brand new shiny kitchen. Oh, I can't wait to use her to bake a cake, we haven't baked for a month now and it's killing me!!

Not only did I get the lovely timer but sweet V also wrapped up another surprise for me. The present was wrapped in tissue paper and tied together with this beautiful beaded copper wire.

Lucky 'ol me to be spoilt so with another perfect pressie, this cotton bag from the De la Warr, thanks so much V, I shall enjoy using this in my new job for carrying all my extra bits and bobs around.

Friday afternoon brought another very exciting parcel to my door, this beautiful rainbow of cotton yumminess I purchased from Planet Penny's Cotton Club you can find details about here if you'd like to join in.

Are these not the most cheerful and happy colours you ever did see?

Such good quality too, I think I have the perfect project in mind for these cotton's this summer (or maybe sooner?)

I have felt so blessed amongst the chaos of saying goodbye to my beloved work colleagues and not having a kitchen and arranging our lives to suite our new daily schedules. Thank you all so much for your sweet words of encouragement and support. So well appreciated!

So, while I smell my beautiful lillies from the bunch of flowers I received on Monday...

I've been relaxing on our bed crocheting away

On a little present I am giving away to A, one of the Speech and Language Therapists who is moving on to other ventures in her working life.

Using this soft Swedish Yarn x


I promise to blog my little gift soon. An easy peasy crochet handmade with love gift which beginner crocheters can easily do. 
See you all soon xox


  1. I absolutely love the vibrant colours of your new Planet Penny cotton ~ I can see some of that slipping into my stash sometime in the future. :O)xx

  2. Gorgeous gifts and that yarn sure packs a colour punch. Every good wish that your new job is all and more than you hope for x

  3. Gosh I hope your kitchen is done soon, so you can bake again! I want that little timer for my own and the yarn colors are glorious. I love cotton yarn!

  4. Easy peasy crochet sounds good to me. I love using cotton yarn, it feels nice and doesn't split and those are gorgeous colours.

    Lovely gifts, good luck in the new job x

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  5. That Merino yarn looks gorgeous, Oh I wish for another 12 hours in every day to fit everything in! Lots and LOTS of luck for the first week in the new job, I know you will be ACE! xxx