Saturday 20 July 2013


How glorious the sunshine and blue skies have been this week. I kept reminding myself about what a horrid Winter we have had and tried to bask in the beauty of real Summer of 30+ degrees. I have one more week at work then hip hip hooray 2 weeks off when we will be going to Barcelona and up the coast to Tossa de mar. I can't wait! 

So, how has your past week been? Mine seems to have developed into a funny little pattern of it's own, working then getting home to cycle down to the seaside for a dip and cool off and lie down and relax on the beach followed by alfresco eating and sitting outside with my little family and our bunny until the sunsets. It was almost like being on holiday :o)

Here are some of my little happy moments from this week....

Never being just satisfied with soaking up the sun, I always set myself a little challenge of finding pretty pebbles and shells that are in my immediate reach and making pretty collages with all the patterns, textures and shapes.

I can promise you that I never take it for granted that we live by the sea and I embrace and celebrate this always.

Alice and I made some thin crispy pancakes for dessert this week and filled them with cinnamon, honey and vanilla ice-cream, yum!

Squeeling with delight with all my guerrilla gardened poppies (in the front of our terraced house we have a pebbled garden which was crying out for me to scatter seeds a couple of years ago)flowering this week. I love that these self seed and cannot wait for how many more I may have next year.

Happy happy to see my roses coming out on our front door step. I planted them in an old watering can I bought for £1 about 2 years ago. It already had a few punctured holes in the bottom, so perfect for planting in. One day, I'd like to treat myself to a David Austin sweetly scented rose to greet us each morning as we head on our way with rose scented air. The other flowers were picked on one of my cycles.

Loving this delicious magazine a friend bought for me for sewing her a couple of cushion covers.It's £8 a pop, but only comes out every other month and feels more like book rather than mag quality to me. I shall treasure this Summer edition.

Being a little bit heart pounding when Alice casually told me that she was one of six who had been chosen out of 205 children in her year for an excellence in drama award and performing in her showcase last night was a wonderfully proud moment seeing her express herself so well and surprising us that she had had this little talent hiding away. She has had a difficult last term at school with some jealousy related picking on her and its been a very emotional time for us. I don't want to go into it too much here on my blog and it won't be easy for me to hold back the tears, but I wanted to log that last night I saw a new confidence, I saw our girl in her element and I saw her skipping down the corridor. I could not have asked for anything more.

I hope you have yourselves a easy and joyful weekend
See you soon.


  1. Gorgeous happies ... your cool offs in the sea sound heavenly ... perfect for this hot, hot, hot weather ... and well done to Alice for her achievements in something she loves ... no need to worry about those who begrudge us ... she is already on her way to better things ... Bee xx

  2. Hello Penny

    Is this your first visit to Barcelona? You are so going to like it because there is loads to see. One of the places I liked most was the Sagada Familia cathedral and Gaudi's house,so impressive. There are also some seriously fantastic yarn shops in Barcelona centre too.
    Congratulations to Alice on her award and also for coming out tops after a difficult term at school.

    Enjoy your holiday

    Amanda :-)

  3. Oh well done Alice! Clever, sweet girl! Hello Penelope and thank you for sharing your moments of bliss with us! I do recall that, even when working, living by the sea always made it feel as if we were on Holiday all year round.

    That magazine does look rather tempting and I am thrilled for you you are off to Barcelona! What a happening city it is!



  4. Love your happy things Penny. Your shell and pebble collections are adorable and BIG congratulations to talented Alice, no wonder you are a proud mum.
    Have a super Sunday.
    Jacquie x

  5. Yay, go Alice!! You must be so proud of her. What a star. I love your happy things and your daily rhythm of beach and garden sounds lovely. I was saying to someone yesterday that this weather makes us all feel like we're on holiday even when we're not! xx

  6. So much easier for us to be happy when our children are. And hurrah for Alice, that is some achievement :)

    I also end up with pockets full of pebbles every time I visit a beach ... I don't know why I find them such compelling things to collect, but I'm clearly not the only one who feels that way!

  7. Well done Alice! You must be so proud of your lovely girl. A lovely seasidey post, I never return home from the coast without a pocket full of pebbles and shells. Last time Thomas came to stay I got him carrying a large rusty metal bolt which now resides with a small pile of drift wood I've dragged back on occasions! Have a lovely week, Penny xx

  8. trips to beach , picnics and collecting - sounds perfect! xx lovely pics. x

  9. I do this with pebbles and shells at the beach too! I can't help myself. Those pancakes look so delicious.
    M x