Saturday 27 July 2013


Hello there!
It's time for my weekly moments of happies and I can promise you that quite a few happies happened this week but boy have I been busy and super stressed at work trying to do my job and then tie up 101 ends before going on annual leave. As a consequence I haven't been very snap happy with my camera so I only have a few bits to log here today.
The first gorgeous surprise was from my darling friend Bronwen who lives in Australia, she sent a lovely parcel with pressies for me and Alice and to my utter delight I received these pretty buttons. I love the colours Bron, thank you so much. Alice is at that age where she can control the urge to open a present before her birthday, so we have safely stored them away until her special day.

When I was taking a quick snap of these with my phone a flash of an idea went through my cluttered brain about a button collective type swap. I think I might just muster up the energy to talk more about his when we get back from our holiday, what do you think? For all you button lovers out there fancy a swap of sorts?

The next couple of snaps were from last Sunday after church, we lolled about on the beach and I enjoyed paging through this book I borrowed from the library. I adore anything art deco and our dream  would be to live in an art deco house one day...we can only but dream!
We live in Bexhill-on-Sea which houses the listed de la warr pavilion and I am always in awe of this beauty being an icon along our coast and being able to access it by means of a 10 minute walk away.

I'm quite impressed with my phone camera in this shot of it, I love the way the Seagulls congregate on the roof, no doubt eyeing out left over fish and chips from the day trippers!

Later on this afternoon I'm going to see the latest exhibition which opened last weekend, according to the newspaper some 25000 people have visited the exhibition entitled The univeral addresability of dumb things curated by Mark Leckey, 2008 Turner prize winner. I'm very curious and excited to understand this exhibition, no doubt I'll feed back here.

Loving an evening stroll on these heady heat wave evenings and releasing all my stress of the day whilst chatting to Andy.
The beginning of the summer holidays for our girly, she so deserves a break from being so disciplined about getting up at 6.30am, leaving the house by 7.10am to catch her bus to school and only getting back after 4pm each day. We are so proud of her achievements in her first year of high school and seeing her grow and deal with the twists and turns of early teenager years so far. Happy summer holidays my gorgeous girl, have fun!
We can also say cheerio to your list you so cleverly wrote and pinned up last September, it's now forever etched in your memory!
 The other little happies that there are no photos for include receiving some homemade blackberry jam from Helen who has been picking fruit like crazy on her allotment. Meeting up with friends for Pimms and nibbles on Wednesday evening and loving the little pots of chilled watermelon, mint and feta cheese crumbled into this mix, thanks so much Celia...delicious on a hot evening. The tunic pattern lent to me by Lindsay which I can't wait to sew and of course your comments on my latest shawl and casting on a cardy for myself.
Thanks so much for visiting and welcome to new followers.
Happy weekend to you all


  1. It's sounds like a lovely week, Penny and I'm loving the photos of the Pavilion and the fishing boats, I can almost hear the seagulls!
    The button swap sounds like a fabulous idea. I hope Alice enjoys the summer holidays, let's hope the sun keeps shining!
    P xxx

  2. Fabulous photos! Love art deco buildings.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. You truly have the ability to find happiness in your homelife and your surroundings, Penelope! You are a wonderful person and I wish you the most wonderful holidays together with your beautiful daughter and sweet husband.



  4. Lovely happies ... I love the list ... I think I may need one just like it when my little ones get to that stage ... hope you really enjoy your holidays ... Bee xx

  5. Hi Penelope (well it is Sunday,) just catching up...lots of summer here! Love those buttons, and you're shawl is amazing! :) x

  6. Phew, you've arrived, all the stress was worth it! Great photos, by the way, from your phone. Have a lovely holiday and relax and refresh yourself! Lx

  7. Hi Penny, love your happy things. Just wanted to say have a glorious holiday. the google images of Tossa de mar were stunning...please share loads of photos with us when you get home.
    Jacquie x