Tuesday 16 July 2013

Orange Summer

Are you all buzzed out with this hot weather and vitamin D overload yet? Na-ah not me, nope not one iota. I am loving cycling down to the seaside after a hot days work and dipping my hot head into the cool waters of the south coast, the water has been like a mill pond over the last couple of days and I am like a lemming to the sea, can't help it. The best bit is that the water has been crystal clear and you can spot your painted toe nails in amongst the jewels of muted pebbles through the water.

When I came home last night after my netball session I couldn't resist a bit of spray painting, especially when there is one last bit in the can begging to be used! The "victim" of my spray painting jaunt was this...

Yep, that poor impala was destined to turn a shade or two brighter than what it originally started out as.

As you can see this carved impala has angles and obvious carved bits all over, I was hoping that this would make it a bit more interesting when I spray painted it. I was a little bit disappointed that it turned out a quite shiny, but that will serve me right for choosing spray paint for glass and not wood!

So here it is...

Looking bold and angular and shiny in front of my mosaic mirror!

What do you think?

I think it's going to take a little bit of time for me to accept that I might have raced too enthusiastically into playing with spray paint :o) Poor impala, I love you anyway, orange or not, I'm not going to let anything drag me down this Summer.

Happy week lovely people. See you soon.


  1. I quite like the orange it looks good next to your mirror. I have a similar figure which I painted black. Xx

  2. I like the Orange I think it looks really cool x

  3. I like it. I like the way the light glints off the high spots. Good job.

  4. Ooh, I like it. I think he looks more distinctive this way.

  5. Great job Penny! I love the orange colour, and by spray painting that Impala, you have given him a new lease of life! And...I like the shine. It's modern and quirky! Tania ♥
    P.S How blessed are you to be able to cycle to that lovely beach and have a splash! Enjoy!

  6. Well I love the sound of cycling home from work and then sea dipping too. Amazed that after all that you then get in and get all busy. Your energy levels obviously like the Vit D they're getting as you sound really happy and buzzing Penny.
    Love Lisa X

  7. I kinda like the little orange Impala maybe he needs a bit of Essex bling to go with his spray tan ... he's funky and modern. I so wish I Iived closer to the sea and could cool down with a dip after work ~ Sarah x

  8. I actually really like him Penny. I like how shiny he is... Myabe that's the magpie in me but i really do. I love also that you live by the sea... I am convinced I was island folk in a previous life so the sea draws me all the time! Have a great week, Hazel x

  9. Very funky impala! I love orange.

    Love the sun and sea too....oh if only we could have weeks and weeks of this! We also go to the beach most evenings ..irresistible!

  10. this is AMAZING Penny! love it


  11. Oh you are soooooo lucky to live near the sea, Penny - oh to cycle down to the shore to dip my toes it - I've had to resort to going to the swimming pool these last 2 weeks, it must be hot to find me swimming!
    Em x
    P.s. love the impala!

  12. I love the impala, the orange shade is glorious! Yes it is shiny but I like that. You could always re-spray it if you're really not sure.

    That first photo of the sea...oh wow. So calm! I can just imagine how good it feels to swim in it. My parents have been escaping to their beach hut every night after work for a swim. I'll admit it, I'm jealous. xx