Friday 1 April 2011

I spy with my little eye

The need for some sorting out of my mossy pebble collection from our beach

Some outdoor washing to dry with my new citrus zing pound shop pegs

Some growth in Alice's seeded wild flower pot

Some more hooky business this weekend

A ripe avocado to be eaten (yummy)

Rainbows being created in our dining room (ooh and a spider web outside too :0)

A cowl of mohair madness (+ headless me... and wierd looking chin!)

Little person in our house going green and needing this badge to be sewed onto her backpack

Thai green curry to be cooked this weekend

Some new merino anti-tickle yarn.... what is it with me and pink at the moment?

Alice's sleeping companions all tucked up on her (unmade!) bed together, Scamper, Rose and Bashful.... so sweet to see how she arranges them in the morning "so they won't be lonely mum"

Some dying Daffodils...oooooh I've just remembered it's Mother's day here in the UK on Sunday... maybe I'm in for a treat?

It's been one mad busy working week for me and I plan to wallow in that friday feeling now.
Wishing you all a dreamy weekend xox


  1. Hi Penelope , your treat looks much healthier than mine :0)
    Love the snuggly softies and the cute cushion with Alices initial.
    Hope you do get some hooky time , have a great weekend :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. I love the way your Alice has her cuddlies hugging each other :) Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Hej Penny

    What a lovely post and thanks for sharing an insight into your week...
    I LOVE your new zingy citrus pegs
    I LOVE avocado's mashed on toast with loads of freshly squeezed lemon juice and coarse ground black pepper ...
    Have yourself a wonderful weekend
    I am sure your lovely girly will bring you flowers and much more...

  4. Great post & pictures.

    My youngest used to leave his bed toys all cuddled up together when he was smaller.

    Have a good weekend - there's a rumour of sunshine :)

  5. Have a wonderful weekend Penelope! Can't wait to see what's happening with that blanket, and what you're making with the merino!!!
    I've just finished work and have two days off and am planning to finish my socks and relax in some (hopeful) autumn sunshine!
    Lots of love, Alice XXXXX

  6. hope you manage a bit of R&R this weekend Penelope, i bought the same pegs last week too!!

  7. Lovely post as always Penelope! Sounds you had a wonderful and happy week! Your knitting is so adorable and I love your crochet work too! Very comfy reading you and thanks for sharing so many lovely things in your place! Oh how I love the way Alice made with her cute friends, so sweet!!! Hope you have a very happy new week!
    Much love, x

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