Wednesday 20 April 2011

Stanley gone retro

Oh, are we not just having the most amazingly warm April so far? I have simply loved the long sunny evenings and going for bike rides along the seafront with Alice and Andy. Here is a photo of last night's sunset, this photo doesn't do it much justice, the sky was covered in perfect hues of pink and orange.

It's been so warm infact that I have done very little knitting or crochet, just haven't felt particularly inspired or motivated these past few days. Work has been rather demanding and I have found myself dog tired most evenings, I dare say it might even be this sudden sore in temperature that's making me feel so tired or I might be becoming a little anaemic, must ensure I get my iron in these next few weeks.

So, back to this post.... I found myself doing a spot of sewing on sunday afternoon and completed my little gift I made for new baby Nathan (my friend Penny has just had her number 2 baby) last night. It was lovely to climb back up in the attic (we call it our snug) and potter around my stash of vintage and contemporary fabrics, ribbons,buttons etc that I store up there. I tend to sew mostly in the spring and summer months as the attic is COLD in the winter with no insulation and heating. It's partially converted with a little window and electricity and Alice and I chill out up there in these warmer months and enjoy being creative together up in the snug.

Cath Kidston created Stanley, the gorgeous terrier dog pattern which many of you are familiar with

Google images

I was fortunate enough to receive Cath Kidston's book called Make a couple of years ago as a Christmas present from a dear friend which has the template for Stanley in. I traced it and cut it out of an old retro patterned sheet I picked up ages ago at a car boot sale and so my retro Stanley was created xox

I attempted for the first time to embroider Nathan's name on the spotty cushion and know it's not perfect but I was kind of happy with it as a first attempt.

Some floral decoration for Stanley

And voila! a little cushion for the new baby boy xox

I did enjoy picking and choosing the different bits of felt, ric-rac, fabric and buttons for this little cushion and found it rather good fun and relaxing to make. My favourite bit was buying and sewing the bobbly edging on

This bobbly edging gives the little cushion a groovy finish which I hope Penny and Carl like :0)

I am so looking forward to some good quality family time this Easter and hope you have some relaxing times planned for this coming bank holiday weekend. I am looking forward to helping out at art workshops on Saturday that we are holding at out church in Eastbourne as part of the Eastbourne Arts and Culture Festival, so that should be a fun day for the kids taking part.

Wishing you all a blessed and happy Easter xox

I will leave you with a pretty picture of one of my absolute all time favourite flowers that a friend picks for me from her garden at this time of the year, Lily of the Valley.
I adore these delicate and so beautifully fragrant flowers which always bloom around my birthday.


  1. What a lovely present :)

    I love the Stanley fabric and managed to make the 1/2m I bought last for several projects.

  2. Hej Penelope
    I LOVE your retro Stanley!
    What a fabulous cushion for a darling baby boy!
    You have inspired me...
    Our mini-schnauzer is called Stanley I think I will make him nice cushion to sit on...
    Have a Blessed Easter

  3. What a lovely cushion, the bobbly edging is indeed groovy.
    I didn't realise that Lily of the Valley were fragrant. The ones in our garden are not in flower yet but I'll bring some indoors when they are.

  4. how clever are you! what a gorgeous gift for Nathan! I'm sure his mum will treasure it always!
    is it your birthday Penelope?

  5. Your retro Stanley is just lovely! And the flowers look beautiful in the sunshine. Have a great weekend
    Jane x

  6. Such a lovely gift! I love the cushion so, really gorgeous! You are so clever and always inspire me with all your beautiful handmade stuff!
    Hope you and your family a very fun filled Easter! x

  7. What a lovely personal gift. He'll grow up remembering you because of it.
    I've been to some of the previous years' event at the Festival and really enjoyed them but didn't realise it had started so early [or is it me being late] this year. Will have to get along before it finishes if I can.