Thursday 7 April 2011

Zen and the art of crochet

Hello lovelies, how are you? Had a good week so far? We have been so fortunate here in the South of England these past 2 days, the sun has been shining in all it's glory. I love it when everyone peels back all their winter layers and the feeling of being care free in the sunny breeze, it really confirms that summer is truly on it's way ;0)

Yesterday I went for a cycle along the coast after work in the afternoon on my new bicycle that my beautiful husband bought for me, it was glorious and so lovely to ride a bike that works!

The sea was calm and very inviting, I saw a few very brave people swimming and the smell of BBQ's in the air was so summery xox

There were some gorgeous old boats and beach huts along the way ...

Tangled fisherman's nets

Such beautiful sea side colours

I Had to stop in St.Leonards-on-Sea for some tea and cake which was scrummy, gluten free and almond based. I also spotted a newly printed guidebook for St.Leonards-on-Sea and Hastings which talks about all the rich history of these places and the modern day attractions and festivals etc. that happen throughout the year. A few lovely events to look forward to xox

Now for some (promised from the last post) zen hooky reveal...

Ta da......

This very easy and simple Lotus flower bracelet that I hooked up was inspired from a lovely new blog I discovered via ravelry called Creative Yarn and and the pattern can be found here.

You could make this up in any wool or cotton and embellish it with fun buttons or sequins if you like? I wore it to work today and a few people gave me a compliment or 2 which is always fun.

So maybe this has inspired you to make a quick bracelet for yourself or someone else, it's a straight forward pattern and super fast to hook up and I think looks quite impressive xox

Well, that's me for the next few days, Alice's school broke up today and I have some time off with her this Easter holiday. I'll be blogging about what we get up to no doubt!

Just before I go I would like to say welcome to all the new followers who pop in to my blog and read my yabberings, I do try and visit your blogs too, great that we can share our love of life ad inspiration over the net. Thank you also for all your generous comments, I love 'em xox

 Hope the sun is shining where you are, until next time toodle pip xox


  1. That is very lovely!

  2. Gorgeous post Penelope , love the seaside views and that cuff is adorable :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Yes, haven't we been lucky here in the South East? I hope the good weather stays around for a while. Its so lovely to get outside! And, without a cardi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a lovely weekend and time off with your family. xx

  4. What a lovely day to be out enjoying spring! I can't believe people were swimming! brrrrr!!!
    your breacelet is just lovely! It would be very cool hooked in wire too, I've never tried that, but maybe am inspired to have a try!
    In the meantime, I need some wooly ones for here right now!!!!! :O)
    Enjoy your easter break with Alice XXXXX

  5. Oh, lucky you! :-) Still lots of snow where I live... Beautiful pictures!

  6. What lovely seaside pictures! Those colours are wonderful - I especially love the fishermen's nets. There's beauty everywhere if you just look! Have a great time with Alice x

  7. Your photo's are so lovely. I've never been to that neck of the woods but would love to go one day.
    Your crochet cuff is gorgeous.

  8. What a beautiful day, I love days like that, makes you feel so alive, we are having blue, warm days here still and I love it. Your bracelet is so cute, has Alice asked for one yet??
    x Sandi

  9. The crochet bracelet is great!
    Isn't it lovely to have such good weather? It's been like Summer here today.

  10. What a nice crochet bracelet. Anyone would be the envy of the party wearing this one!

  11. I love that bracelet, what a beautiful colour it is, and your photos are just gorgeous

  12. Hi Penelope, just had to pop back to say, you lucky thing! 3 good yarn shops in your town, and 2 more a few miles away? AND the sea? Life doesn't get much better! :)

  13. What fabulous photographs!
    I like the crocheted bracelet too.