Monday 4 April 2011

Mama love

Did you all have a great weekend? It flew past here, soooo much to doooooo and so little time! I've always believed in what I call the "University of Life" and I have so much I want to learn and embrace and do but too few hours in the day and oh yes, work! I must count my many blessings though and am fortunately in a very interesting field of work (nutrition and dietetics) which is ever changing and brings all sorts of new challenges xox

Well, here in the UK it was mothering Sunday yesterday and I was thoroughly spoilt by my beautiful girl, Alice who is now 10 and 1/2 (don't forget the half mum!) all supported by my love, Andy of course. Can I be indulgent and show you what I received?

OK then.... it started with these....

All being arranged into one of my favourite glass vases Andy bought for me a couple of year's ago in a French Antique market in Dijon.

Oh I am partial to a tulip or two xox

Then came the cards with such sweet words of wonder from my girl xox

Thank you my petal your are so enchanting xox

Then came the piece de resistance, something more beautiful than I could ever have expected, something handmade over the past month at weekly after school art class

A mosaic key holder!

I love love love it Alice, such retro colours!

She managed to keep it secret all this time and I am overjoyed with it for so many reasons, not only is it functional but it's made with her love, skill and beauty xox

It will replace this piggy which my Sister gave me many moons ago, about 15 years now. Thank you Ingrid for my piggy which has been very useful in helping me to not lose my keys.

I also had tea and toast in bed and a scrummy dinner made for me. On top of all that I got to spend a long while skyping my mum in South Africa which is always a delight and brings joy to my heart that I can celebrate what an incredible woman she is x

OK, before this gets all too gushy I'll show you what's on the needles and hook at the moment.

I started knitting this little jumper I found over at Aesthetic Nest's blog here, it's a Lion Brand pattern which can be downloaded for free if you register with them and I have had my eye on it for a while now as I grow more and more confident with lacier knitting projects. The other deciding factor for me is that it was branded EASY so that made me happy :0) The pattern can be found here

I have started knitting it for little B who will be 1 in June, she is one of my colleagues beautiful children. I'm using the pretty pink merino anti-tickle yarn I showed you in my last post and it's quick and fun so far..... wait till I get to the lacy bit though!

Did you spot the pink vintage needles? Oh they are so comfortale to knit with, I don't know why, maybe it's because they are more bendy and not so rigid than the metal ones?

Some more granny hooky business happened too and then can I admit I felt a wee bit bored ..... Thisis my BIG granny hooky WIP which will be worked on slowly but gradually for next winter, but in the meantime I needed some instant gratification (greedy am I not!) and started these...

 All will be revealed very soon I promise x

Wishing you all...


  1. How clever your daughter is! Beautiful mosaic! Bet you're brim-ful with pride :) Instant gratification is a tempting thing - I'm still making my blanket, but keep getting distracted into smaller, easier to finish projects...

  2. Hi Penelope, what a lovely post .
    Your daughters make is beautiful and the tulips are such lovely colours.
    I admire your knitting ability, it's not something I'm very good at. Those little flowers look sweet too :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Simply lovely, the flowers and cards and the heart key holder, but mostly your wonderful daughter (and hubby)
    x sandi

  4. what a post Penelope! So much news and so many lovely photos! Wow for the mosaic! I wish I had something so lovely to hang my keys from! you will have to give us an action shot of it next time, all full of keys!
    And how lovely is that cardigan? I think I might have been inspired by you and may need to make it for my little fairy god daughter, I like that it says easy and that it is lacy! I'll go and have a look at the link!

    Enjoy your week,
    love Alice XXX

  5. You were very lucky - what a thoughtful caring and talented daughter you have. Gorgeous vase - looks like just the perfect vase for tulips. x

  6. I just found your blog by way of attic 24. Your daughter is certainly creative! Looks like she comes by it honestly! I am having a grand time looking through your posts!

  7. What a lucky mummy you are, the key holder is beautiful, something to treasure for years to come. xx

  8. Your daughter is talented like her mother from what I can see - very creative! You have a lovely blog - I love that picture of your beach finds in your last post.