Monday 11 April 2011

A little cardigan for Bethan

Hello all you lovelies, thank you for stopping and having a read of my musings. I do so enjoy all your comments and positive encouragement.

Do you like the look of the above pink lemonade? As you've probably gathered it's from France and absolutely delicious with ice and a slice of lime. We discovered it in Bills cafe in the lovely market town of Lewes when we visited last Friday. Perfect for having a rest on a sunny day and watching the world go by :0)  

Today a short post about my little accomplishment over the past few days. I have loved loved loved knitting this sweet cardigan for nearly 1 year old Baby Bethan, one of my friend's children. The original post about it can be found here, just scroll down and you will see where my inspiration came from and the link to the easy peasy weasy pattern. I don't consider myself a particularly good knitter, it's all quite new to me reading patterns and teaching myself new skills in knitting but I promise this pattern is a definite for beginners like me xox If you look closely you will see some obvious mistakes but hey ho that's me.... learning still and perfection is one of lesser talents :0) will must work on that !

So here it is, all pretty and pink and warm and chunky feeling ....

Decisions decisions about what button to choose

Oh I can't help it, it's all hearts and girly like

Such a candy floss colour

I really heart you little cardigan

I wish wish wish I loved yarn when my Alice was little, she would definitely have had one of these knitted up for her

Thank you for tolerating my joy this afternoon xox

Ending off with a little more pink, my apple tree blossom making it's way into the world. I rescued this tree 3 years ago from being thrown out in B&Q and it ( aka Murial) now grows in a large ceramic pot in my courtyard garden, she never lets me down by flowering each year and last year Murial produced 3 wee apples, I was over the moon.

I guess talking to and praising her beauty does pay off in the long run Please tell me you talk to your plants !!!!! ;0) One day I will set you free Murial xox


  1. Hi. I just found your blog. The cardigan is so sweet! Lynda xx

  2. Hej Penelope

    The cardigan is BEAUTIFUL
    I HEART it!
    You are soo clever...
    & FRENCH PINK LEMONADE too and of course that bottle packaging...eye candy too!

  3. The cardigan is so sweet! And I love the button :) The apple blossom you've pictured looks just like mine - just the prettiest blossom around at this time of year. Jane x

  4. The cardigan is beautiful, well done! I keep getting pressure from the ladies at knit'n' natter to learn to knit, how long have you been knitting? xx

  5. blast! I just wrote you a comment and then lost it! I said, rambling, that the cardigan is just adorable and how clever are you, teaching youself new skills, it's not easy to knit I don't think, and you are awesome! Theres nothing like that knit factor is there!
    I'm defninitely going to make one of there, it is the pattern of my baby dreams and I love it, and the button is perfect for it!

  6. Lovely pink post -that is such a sweet cardigan and I love the button.

  7. That little cardi is gorgeous and made with love, oh and the little button. That pink lemonade looks gorgeous too.
    x Sandi

  8. The cardigan is amazing! How I heart the heart buttons too, look very cute! Love the post filled with pink, so lovely, so sweet!
    Hope you have a pink week! :)

  9. I love Bill's too - well it is food-related after all ...
    Why don't the lady-size patterns come in such beautiful designs as your cardi? I'd wear that - and the sweet little button - irresistable.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I'm studying the book s-l-o-w-l-y [like I do everything, aside of eating]. It's in US terms but when you are as bad at crochet as I am I don't think it will make too much difference to the finished article somehow!

  10. Loving the way my comment looks - what's this font? I want one ...

  11. What a sweet little sweater you knitted and the button is just the right touch to finish it off. What a nice gift!

  12. Hi! would you have a desciption how your made this lovely cardigan? :)