Monday 25 April 2011

A time for

Hello! Have you all had a lovely Easter weekend? has the weather not been from heaven up above? I haven't felt so light and free spirited for a while... the weather has a lot to do with this.

We've had T***I***M***E*** such a rare and precious resource in our busy bee lives. I love time, I'm fascinated by time, it's often a mystery to me and how our brains interpret and perceive time. So these past few days we have had time for.....

Family catch ups and alfresco eating under blue heavens

Time for assisting and attending at children's art workshops at our church as part of the Eastbourne arts and culture festival....

Marbling eggs

Painting acrylic on canvas and making a collage to display in the art gallery with all our talented artists in church

Admiring and smelling flowers

Going down up to the woods and soaking up the bluebell purple haze of flower diviness

Time to kick off shoes and STOP to enjoy the green green grass

Seaside time with buckets and spades, dipping into the ocean and sand castles and ice-cream and scooting along the front

A time for some reflection

And a time for knowing my identity

And some stolen moments for learning a new skill or two :0)

I have found a pattern for 1930's style socks which are knitted on two needles and not DPN's and I am so pleased with teaching myself (via the odd helpful youtube "how to" video) this lacy technique! So watch this space I may soon be wearing these little pretties (I am knitting the heel inset at the moment and am not 100% sure if I am on the right track!!!)

I also had to find a little time to pop into my LYS for some Debbie Bliss cotton as I need a hooky project to satisfy the desire for instant gratification whilst plugging away at the socks xox

Yay, so that's me for the next little while. Toodle pip and see you soon xox


  1. I can't get over this beautiful weather we've had for the last few weeks, it's been glorious hasn't it? I'm glad you've had the time to enjoy it with your family.
    Great photos.

  2. Sounds you had a great TIME! I'm happy you enjoyed it with your loved ones, isn't it wonderful! Love all your photos, look fresh and gorgeous! Your new lace knitting looks so beautiful, how talented you are, I'm a little bit jealous, hehehe!
    Keep enjoying your new week! :) x

  3. Really love that display of little block paintings - very effective!

  4. What a wonderful post, so much happiness, so much crafting of all sorts....and beautiful weather too, we have had some glorious Autumn sunshine, feeling very blessed.
    x Sandi