Thursday 28 April 2011

Tickety boo

Hello my dear readers, hope all is tickety boo with you and yours as we embrace yet another bank holiday weekend here in Britain. Some of us have been fortunate enough to get the day off work tomorrow to watch the Royal Wedding.

Being South African I am rather ambivalent about the wedding, I do remember having a telly at school in 1981 (I was 11 years old) when Charles and Diana got married which I got very excited about and my sister making a scrap book of their wedding. Now that I live in Britain and have my very own 10 and 1/2 year old she is very keen on celebrating and taking part in our local street party tomorrow (I hope the sun shines!). So, I too have got into the local community spirit of things and bought some balloons, sewed some simple red, blue and white bunting and will be stringing hearts together with Alice tonight to hang over our front door tomorrow (all her sweet idea).

Apparently there will be a band playing music, BBQ's, Morris dancers, competitions, cream teas and cakes for all to enjoy. I think Alice will have a lovely memory of this when she is older. We need a little "pick me up" and community spirit in these difficult financial times. So if you are watching / celebrating the Royal Wedding tomorrow I hope you have a marvelous time xox and if not I hope you get to enjoy whatever tickles your fancy xox

This has been a short but intense week at work and I have hardly had a moment to knit or hook away as much as my heart would have desired to, but now that we have 4 days ahead of us I plan to get on with making a little crochet and fabric something which I hope to show you all next week. Here's a sneak peek...

Made with the glorious Debbie Bliss 100% cotton ice-cream coloured yarn

To top this bit of pleasurable making I am hoping to have a fun day on Sunday when I turn 41! Eeeeeeekkkk ! Oh well, can't stop time moving on, need to enjoy each and every blessed moment and make sure you remain ....

Love and Hugs xox


  1. No queens and princesses here, just plain democracy. But maybe, maybe I will watch a bit of BBC New to get an impression of the Royal Wedding. I too remember the wedding of Charles and Diana. What a beautiful dress she wore! However, it's not about the dress.

  2. Oooohh can't wait to see what it is your making! Where did you get that gorgeous fabric?! I love the combination of colours that you have used.
    Ashley x

  3. Loving the crochet and fabrics - really pretty colours, very curious about what you're making! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

  4. Whatever you make is going to be utterly gorgeous with those fabrics and yarn. I can't wait!

  5. We in new England will be rising at 4:00 to see the wedding!! I think it is wonderful.
    I also love your beautiful crochet!! What gorgeous yarn!!
    And......Happy Birthday week!!

  6. Hi Penelope , love the colours of your crochet and yarn...can't wait to see what you are making.
    Have a great time tomorrow .Special memories for your little girl :0)
    Jacquie x

  7. I also love your crochet and material colors. A very happy birthday to you on Sunday, 41 sounds so young to me now. Enjoy your extended weekend.
    x Sandi

  8. Ooooh lucky you getting to go a real Royal Wedding street party!!!
    If you have a chance pop over & look at my Royal Wedding mantle, complete with miniature street party. :-)

  9. Have a very happy 41st birthday Penelope!!! How exciting, I hope you get very spoiled by Andy and Alice!
    That fabric and crochet is intruiguing me, can't wait for your next post!
    Yes, the royal wedding... its on TV now but we don't have a tv so I'm not watching sadly, I'm sure Alice will have memories when she is 41 (!) of this day, how exciting creating them with her, I hope you had fun
    Love Alice

  10. I can't wait to see what you're making with that fabulous crochet and yarn.

    All your party bits sound great, and I hope you both had a fabulous time :o)

  11. Hello Penelope!
    I've got so behind with blog reading, I can't believe how long it is since I last visited, you've done so much! Love all the pictures of the seaside, it's making long to come back! I hope you enjoyed the wedding and all the partying, and a belated happy birthday to you x
    Love all the things you'ce been making, and can't wait to see the socks!
    love Penny and Higgins xxx

  12. Such a lovely fabric! How I love your yarn too! Love the matching colors you are choosing! Are you done yet? Can't wait to see what you will inspire us again! :)
    Happy Birthday to you! xox
    Enjoy your great time!
    With love, LS, x