Monday 23 January 2012


We have had a very cake orientated weekend, what with little Miss. Alice and her new found baking skills and determination to create a recipe book for herself and the joy of sorting out our baking cupboard {yes we have a cupboard dedicated to baking - I am far better at baking than cooking if the truth be known} with the view to having a new kitchen installed towards the end of February. It's going to be fab to have all new appliances and shiny clean cupboards - does that get me off the hook with not being too fastidious with cleaning our current kitchen?

I collect / buy fun cupcake cases if I see them / feel the price is justified, some are just ridiculously expensive as far at I am concerned. I like to also go  "au naturale" with baking/parchment paper and tearing off squares and plonking the cake mixture into these and placing in a cupcake tray to help keep their shape whilst baking.

Saturday's cake recipe choice was this really simple one, free from the Waitrose Supermarket website and in view of us having packed away most of our cake baking tins (did I really think we could go for a whole month without baking a cake?)I suggested Alice use the beautiful rather large polka dot cases I won on a blog give away about a year ago from Julie at Swedish House. This resulted in 6 delicious small Victoria Sponge cakes for afternoon tea on the weekend. Perfect!

Andy was telling us that one of his brother's used to be called "Cakesy" in his cricket team as he used to be the biggest cake devourer at tea time when he played a cricket match! Alice and I swiftly concluded that we too live with our very own Mr. Cakesy :0) when we realised that by Sunday evening a certain somebody had enjoyed these cakes a rather great deal. Say no more.

I've also started on a pair of socks for Alice, unfortunately she had other ideas about her colour choices for her socks (not the Noro yarn from my previous post) and she chose this Rico sock yarn and so far is pleased with how it's turning out. I am starting to have a real fondness/love of sock yarn, I love seeing how the stripes form during the boring 'round and round you knit' rows.

I am also knitting her socks with my first pair of metal DPN's and although I find the bamboo kind easier as they are lighter in weight, I am getting used to these which I am pleased about as they are cheaper, especially if you lose one or two which is becoming a slight habit of mine. I don't know what's out there for safely storing DPN's, I must investigate.

Last but not least I wanted to show you this sweet Pebble Vest I knitted last week (as explained on this post). It is the most scrumptious thing since hot buttered toast! I cannot remember Alice being this small all those yeas ago. I've made it for my sister-in-law who is expecting her first baby in April and still need to sew some buttons on. I think I'll use a little mixture of colour's to go with this "using up scraps vest".

I do hope these colour's will be fine and dandy for a little boy or girl? What do you think? 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend? I'm being summonsed into the kitchen by a hungry girl for dinner, I'll leave you with a close up pic of the inside of one of my lilies I've enjoyed watching open. 
They smell divine!


  1. Oh those cakes look wonderful...(The knitting is suitably impressive too!)

  2. That's a gorgeous little tank top and, yes, it's hard to remember how small our own babies once were. The cakes look lovely - I could just eat one of those!

  3. Those cakes look delish! I love the tank top - so cute and it will be perfect for either a boy or a girl. I'm working up to making a pair of socks - I'm still a way off being that competent a knitter, but hopefully one day soon! X

  4. Hej Penelope!
    Happy New Year!
    How novel Victoria Sandwich Cakes in cupcakes ...wonderful, will have a go at trying them myself.
    You have a v.clever daughter. Glad the BIG dotty cases came in use and thanks for the link my lovely ;-)
    I LOVE ALL your makes, and that little vest is adorable, great colour choices.
    Have a great week ahead

    1. INSPIRED!


  5. Wow hon, what amazing photos you've taken! All that cakey goodness has got my tummy rumbling now. Not to mention the urge to bake, so I'm off now to pop my pinny on and whip up some muffins. Have a fabulosu week1

  6. Ahh I just wanted to say a quick hello i have popped over from Vintage Vicki's blog. Those cakes look delicious ;-) Love all you knitting projects that little vest is adorable. Have a lovely week, dee x

  7. What a scrumptuous post you have gifted us with here! Three cheers for baking. Baking is my very favourite form of cooking and our cupboard overflows with cake ingredients. Do you have the Fiona Crains "Bake and Decorate" book? It is a dream and so very inspiring.

    Your pebble vest is so cute. I fell in love with that pattern over at Soule Mama's many moons ago. I find your choice of colours so pretty and suitable for both boys and girls.

    Right, I'm off to polish off a (thin) slice of lemon crunch cake for the above-mentioned book.


  8. Spotty cupcake holders, yes!!!! love them. Alice has good taste in sock yarn, I still need to get onto socks. I have knitted a few of those little vests, they are so sweet arn't they.
    xx Sandi
    New kitchen sounds like something to look forward to.

  9. That vest is the cutest thing, and yes I'm sure a boy or a girl will look scrumptious in it. I so love that baby knitting these days is a million miles from white, pink, blue and lemon!

  10. Mmmm, those cakes look delicious... And I love Alice's sock! I'm being taken over by a love of sock yarn too, and have only just realised you can make other things with sock yarn, not just socks! Sorry, I'm a bit rule-bound in my thinking sometimes ;) The vest is so cute too!
    Jane x

  11. Hej Penelope!

    Have a great weekend