Tuesday 3 January 2012

Strange beauty

Hello again,

We have today off as Alice's school has an inset day and it very wet and blustery out there. Typical grey, miserable January weather? Ho hum, well it's warm and cheery and cosy inside as we do bits and bobs getting ready for the new term at school.

Alice's learning journey this term is World War II and I am so interested in this part of history too and look forward to learning and sharing with her. When we were away over New Year in the Midlands we went antique browsing and came away with a couple of old WW II newspapers and some Land girl bits {hhhmmm a bit of my influence there as this is my real interest!}. I liked this little Bambi dish but Andy was not best impressed since we are on a de-clutter mission so I quickly snuck a photo for my keepsake :0) I love 1950's design especially and watched  Revolutionary Road last night again, not only for the plot but also for all the costumes, design and interiors.

Andy has finished patching up, glossing and painting our room and we are excited by the strange beauty of the changing colours of the Fired Earth paint. We chose Moonstone which is a light duck egg-blue with a careful combination of different pigments, minerals and resins causing it to change it's colour depending on the type and amount of light in the room.

It changes a bit like our moods I guess, from grey to bluey to white and greenish ... Amazing stuff and environmentally friendly too. It's so nice to have decluttered whilst we have been doing this but now I need to be very disciplined and selective about what goes up on my chest of drawers! Hmmm, I am trying my best to Live Simply.

Can I share the above joyfulness with you my dear fellow bloggers. Can you feel my sheer amazement at having achieved the above? A traffic jam on the M25 orbital around London led to this triangle of sheer delight. After watching umteen you tube video's and reading umteen "learn how to use DPN's" books something happened in my grey matter, the pieces of the puzzle added up and whether it was force of circumstance or not I'm over the moon at achieving this...now I can REALLY knit socks {I have knitted socks with 2 needles before but think you have definitely "arrived" in the knitting world as far as my personal goals are concerned, when you can knit socks with double pointed needles!}.

It was all down to these needles found for me under the Christmas tree this year. Thank you Santa. I think the facts that they are square rather than round needles has helped in some way? What say you very clever and experienced knitter's?

Maybe sad but true I love me a bit of strange beauty xox

Oooh must go I can smell Alice's butter biscuits baking.
Well done Alipop for researching, preparing, making, baking and now decorating your sweet biscuits.

Growing up has it's own strange beauty, don't you think?


  1. DPNs are the bain of my life! So good to hear that someone else was struggling and has conquered them! I should make it a new year's resolution maybe? Revolution Road was excellent wasn't it...wonderful drama to hook to :)x

  2. Aww sounds like you are having a very calm and cosy day at home. My Boo's very reluctantly went back to school this morning, it was very wet and windy here too!

    I love the colour of your bedroom walls. As I have grown older really love a more netural backdrop to all my clutter!

    Well done on the sock knitting. Afraid I am only a basics when it comes to knitting so it all seems terribly clever knitting with DPN's!

    MBB x

  3. Congratulations on you DPN success! A few years ago, my darling John, purchase me DPNs, a book on sock knitting and some yarn. It took me three years total to knit one pair of socks. I have yet to wear them as they seem to precious, mistakes and all. :) ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  4. lovely colour choice for the bedroom...think i need a january spring clean ;0)...i love how you said the colour changes with certain light= wonderful...happy new year x

  5. Your room looks amazing- what a pretty home and that colour yarn is dreamy x

  6. I have just inherited a bambi dish very similar to that, it was my NAND. A photo keepsake is a great idea x

  7. Ah sweet knitting, am in the throes of learning and the thought of knitting on circular of heaven forbid SQUARE double pointed needles makes me grind my teeth, currently struggling with a standard knit and purl. I salute you in your sock making, and wish my daughter was also making biscuits...

  8. Horray! Knitting with DPNs is a real achievement, I've only managed it once but that's enough :-D Well done :-D

  9. Sounds very similar to our day here. We did manage to walk out to the village shop in between showers. When I went to lock up the hens I couldn't get in as our old apple tree had fallen across the door - poor hens are safe for now and there's an interesting job for tommorow.

    I loved the wee deer by the way.

    From a sock knitter of one sock experience I have a tip I read on the web and is really good. I find the getting going bit between the first and next needle really hard to keep the tension tight. Tip was to cast on on two needles and knit a row, then share out between the three needles. Made it all a lot more tidier. Have fun and look forward to seeing those socks.

    Happy New year too by the way.
    Lisa X

  10. I'm a lifelong knitter (I sometimes say from the womb but must admit that is a slight exaggeration ;D ) and I still salute your DPN triumph ... I hate the darn things and use two short circulars instead, whenever I can, if I'm knitting something small in-the-round. So woohoo, way to go you!!
    Square knitting needles I've never tried, but I imagine they might be easier to hold? Can I ask where they were bought?
    I'm facing my own nemesis here ... I'm finally getting to grips with crochet! Wish me luck, pleeeease!
    My mouth is watering at the thought of those butter biscuits, any left? ;D

  11. Hooray for sock knitting! I knew you could do it! It's very addictive once you get into the swing of it. I'm trying to find time to fit it in as all my original pairs are looking a bit sad from old age and Higgins! I've never tried square needles, they look beautiful in that dark wood. Looking forward to seeing the finished socks! Penny xxx