Wednesday 25 January 2012

Gentle fun


Thanks for all your lovely encouraging and lovely comments, it is good fun having a rapport with other bloggers with similar interests. When I started my blog, I genuinely thought it would be a great place to log my new found love of crochet and knitting, as well as logging a teeny tiny fraction of my/our lives to look back on when we are old and grey.Never did I think that I would meet such a great community of "virtual" friends. So, what I am trying to say is thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it.

I am at home today with sweet girly Alice who is all snuffly and blocked up with nasty cold and sneezes. It's a juggle with work but it's also kind of special as we get to do nothing but snuggle, read stories and be gently creative on sick days. 

We were looking through a jar of some of my badges that I've collected over time. I really like badges but know that some people see them as a childish thing for a woman to wear but then again, have I really bothered about such things... maybe when I was younger but, now I feel I can be a little bit frivolous wearing a badge or two on the right occasion.

I think I probably would have been through a political, vegetarian, feminist and hippy badge stage if I had chosen to wear badges when I was younger but now in my forties it's more gentle and less of a statement...just some gentle fun. What are your thoughts on wearing badges on your bags/ shirts/ jackets?

I'd like to make some of my own badges one day and I am sure there is some super duper gadget out there which will enable me to. I also want to learn to cover buttons in fabric too, something I have never done before. Maybe someday soon...

After a little scouring the net I found this very sweet and gentle Valentines idea on Funkytime blog which was perfect for Alice and I to do this morning. 

Valentine tea bags we heart you

I did the tea bag sewing while Alice cut out hearts from the old musty music sheet

A bit of cheap and cheerful fun to make for your loved one if they like a cuppa or two

We used herbal tea 'Wild Berry' Clipper tea bags 

It smells divine and is pinky /red when you make a cup
which is exactly what we had to do in the name of quality control you know :0)

Only problem is that your camera lens gets a steamy facial when you try to take a photo 

A rosy glow of gentle love


ps. We plan to sew our music sheet hearts into a window hanging of sorts ~


  1. Ooh lovely badges! Like you say, who cares what others think- they're just jealous they took look so bright and jolly! I got Flora a 'badge it' machine from argos for Christmas and it actually makes really nice quality sturdy badges- a fraction of the cost of a professional machine. I had to buy two more packs of the replacement badge bits as i wasted so many of hers making badges for myself! xx

  2. I think your music sheet hearts will be lovely as a window hanging but all the way through that post I expected to see them as the tags on the tea bags!

    I do hope Alice feels better soon x

  3. Beautiful idea, love the music hearts :)

  4. Nice idea, I was a little worried the sheet music would be dunked in the tea aswell, so rather glad to see it wasn't ;-)

    Great badges, I like the Robin one.

    Hadn't seen your last post, but the cakes looked scrummy and the new socks are very nice, what nice colours, Alice is a very lucky girl. I do hope she's back to tip-top health soon!

  5. Love the tea bag idea! Cute badge collection, I say wear 'em. Or you could group them all together on a bulletin board or in a frame where you can see them all the time!!

  6. Love those heart shaped tea bags, what a great idea! I've had lots of fun with my Button Factory kit which a Christmas present from Tom and Celia which you can find here but it's really only for fabric. Benjy has the 'Badge It' mentioned above and the results are really professional. And it's loads of fun, I think you and Alice ought to treat yourselves to one for girly fun when she's home from school! Hope she's on the mend now, lots of love,
    Penny and Higgins xxx

  7. I like badges too, I used to wear them all on an otherwise pretty crappy denim handbag. I'm still slowly trying to make one of those pictures on canvas using them all. I had loads more when I was a child but sadly I think they all rusted and are long gone.

    The heart teabags are cute. They'd be nice on a Valentine's card - 'You're my cup of tea' kind of thing.

  8. I love the tea bag hearts - unfortunately I'm the only one who really likes tea and it seems a bit sad making them for myself!! I really like your badges, and I have seen a huge heart made from badges and then framed but I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it. It was a fab idea tho. XX

  9. The buttons are ever so fun!....and I looooove your idea for tea bags.


  10. aahhh what a gorgeous idea with the heart it would indeed make a lovely gift ;-)) Great badges you have a good little collection going on there. Its fun to wear something different on your coat. Enjoy your week and i hope your little girl is feeling better. dee x

  11. Such sweet little tea bags! I love your badges. Way back when I was a teenager, I had a denim jacket with lots of badges on it. Not sure what ever happened to it. One of my daughters is now an avid badge collector. She keeps them on bags mainly and is always looking for new ones. Hope your little one is feeling better, sending along some healing vibes. Hugs xoxox

  12. Love your tea bag hearts- so cute!
    I like wearing badges, and believe i am around the same age as you. My favorite bag is one with a pair of scissors that says: RUNS WITH SCISSORS!
    I love it!

  13. Hope Alice is feeling better. We love badges. Both my sons have quite a collection and a lovely friend in Canada sent them a box of wonderful ones recently. I added to my collection at Made by the Sea when the pop up shops were on the seafront before Christmas. If I spot you wearing them around town I'll say hello! Karen X

  14. What a fabulously gorgeous post!!!! I adore your badges and I love the background fabric - stunning. I won't be able to look at my boring teabags in the same way again!! Clever ladies aren't you. Have a fab week hon.

  15. they look so lovely! what a great idea for a gift, I may have to make some one day!
    hope Alice feels better soon XXX

  16. Such a lovely idea! I love your badges too!!

  17. Hiya - they are brilliant and beautiful all rolled into one.

    I hope your little Alice feels better soon. I'd like to say it's 'that' time of year, but these things seem to happen all year round when you have little ones.

    take care,

    Nina x

  18. Your music sheet hearts are delightful and sweet. I was googling clipper tea and stumbled upon your blog. What a lovely suprise!