Tuesday 31 January 2012

Little stacks and large lists

Hello again, I've had a few very tired days not being able to sleep very well, a hundred and one thoughts swirling around my brain about all I need to and have to do in the next month or so. I panic a bit when I feel out of control, I like to know where I begin and end with my work-life balance and lately I am having to pack up a job I have been in for 10 years and dot the i's and cross the t's tying everything up whilst juggling a busy home life too. 

In amongst all of this I have felt fretful of not having enough time for my creativity. I guess something will have to give when I go to full time employment in March but I can't/won't allow my blog to slip away into pale insignificance as the pro's far outweigh the (if any) con's. I think I am just a little anxious about how all things will pan out with juggling Alice and her activities, her growing up and having to walk home to the child-minder's for the last 6 mounts of her Year 6 and spending as much time as possible with her and squeezing in some me time. I know it will be just fine, I will just have to be a little more selective as to what and how much I can do :0) I'm writing large lists to say the least which I always find helpful as the thoughts don't swirl around in my brain for long feeling impossible to conquer and I can gain perspective when I see them in black an white and can slowly tick things off.

Anyway, more about my little stacks. I went to The Owl and Sewing cat in Eastbourne on Saturday afternoon when Andy and Alice went to watch football in Brighton. It was lovely to peruse the newish extension into a yarny shop as well as fabrics galore. I treated myself to 3 merino Rowan balls in these lovely mute blues/green. I had pinned an image on my Pinterest page here under my "must make" inspiration board. Namely, this pretty thing....

Ravelry Source
Is it not just exquisite? And such a fun and easy thing to make for beginner's and the more advanced hooky people? 

I found a small hot water bottle for 50p in a charity shop on Saturday morning so I plan to cover it with the tiny granny stacks I have been creating in the photo's above. Just in time for this icy weather we are all of a sudden experiencing. A bit of good granny fun don't you think ?

My other little stacks that are forming are my hand sewn hexagon's which I really am enjoying watching these grow and choosing which fabrics to add when making Alice's quilt. It's all good hand therapy as far as I am concerned and a brilliant "de-stresser" for the evenings.

I also had to buy my first daffodils yesterday, they were calling out to me in the supermarket and I am so loving the simple bright yellow and sweet fragrance they are providing today. I hope I haven't come across as too stressy in this post, in fact I feel quite the opposite now I've had a bit of a moan. Thanks for listening and hope to be back soon with a 
hotty botty in my hands.

ps. a cheeky edit after reading Planet Penny's post and being inspired (thanks Penny x)to make a January mosaic here's my first attempt.....take a look at Alice's end of the month catch up too. It's good fun, you should have a go!


  1. I hope things calm down a bit soon. Lists are good - the best way to focus the mind I find. I bought my first daffodils today but they have yet to open. I can't wait to see that splash of yellow... I always love having yellow flowers around. I made a crochet hot water bottle cover a couple of years ago (striped rather than squares) and it's much nicer to use than a bare hot water bottle. x

  2. Oh Penelope, it's very hard, giving the right amount of time to all that we love, isn't it? I'm sure you will find the right balance once you actually start the new job. It'll all settle down once you're actually doing it, have faith in your ability to find the balance.
    Love those muted Rowan colours - gorgeous!
    Jane x

  3. you will find balance Penelope, its just a process of getting used to what is new and processing the change! Alice may really thrive on the independence at her age and it being the time of finding autonomy :O) Your granny squares are gorgeous colours, loving them and looking forward to seeing the final result, I made a granny stripe hottie cover once but keep forgetting to put in on my hottie!
    Have a wonderful week and take care XXXXX

  4. Lists are a great way of managing everything when you are juggling work and kids. There was a time when I was working 60 hour weeks, had four young children, and although I did have a cleaner coming in once a week and a helpful other half it was lists that made it all possible. And the odd half hour with my knitting needles so I didn't lose touch with me.

    Love the look of the crochet in those gorgeous colours :D

  5. The blue and green merino squares are lovely!

  6. Good luck with the balancing, I agree lists are a great way to get organised! Love the hot water bottle cover, and good luck

  7. oh your hot water bottle cover will be darling in those gorgeous blue/green shades, such lovely colours and sweet little squares you have made :)
    the inspiration behind you making yours is so pretty as well!
    Your post reminds me to make more lists, they really do help one sort through all the things that swirl around in your head ;)

  8. Wonderful idea for the hotty cover - it will look smashing.

    I know what you mean about making lists to relieve the mental whirlpool - I have to do that too or I also can't sleep. I do hope you feel calmer soon and get some proper sleep.

    And your mosaic is great - fab to look at.

  9. I would miss you if you stopped blogging, it will take a little adjusting I know, some things will just go by the wayside and it will all just fit in.
    Love the little crochet squares, very pretty colors.
    xx Sandi

  10. what cute little hexe's!

    I completely get what you mean about creating lists - I seriously need to do it! I have such a crazy head with too many ideas and no clear plan. It's always nice having a list, and being able to cross things off and have a sense of achievement isn't it?

    Love your granny square hot water bottle too, super sweet! I'm very jealous of your crochet skills, I am absolutely useless! :( better just stick to the sewing!
    Jessie, xo