Thursday 5 January 2012

Moody matters

I made a realisation today that when it comes to my mood I can be quite fickle and yesterday I had the serious moody blues, what with the curiously vile weather we are having here and going back to work after about 10 days off or so. Don't get me wrong I love my job but I know that I have a new exciting job lurking in the near future for me but no starting date decided on by yesterday, so this was starting to bug me especially when people ask out of interest and not malice when I am starting my new job and I can't answer them! I think I was starting to feel a little self doubt or irritation with not being able to move on with it being new year and all. TODAY however, I am a moody happy as I have had a meeting with my manager and it has been decided that my starting date will be 27/2/12. Hooray, it now means I have short sharp goals to achieve before then and tying up of all my current neurology clients and clearing out my office for the last 9 & 1/2 years. 

I'm a fickle moody thing at times and feel a little embarrassed to admit this here on my blog but it's all about being human and infallible I guess. I think it's also that I am a bit of a control freak as I like crisp clear resolutions and completion of current work and projects when it comes to my professional life. 

So... today I want to take part in Penny's {of Planet Penny} 10th post on Reasons to be cheerful because ultimately I am a rather  happy-go-lucky girl and don't like feeling the moody blues or irritable for that matter :0)

So, firstly I need to celebrate trays of tea, scones and jam and a lovely lemon drink for Alice. I am a real "teapot" in winter and relaxing in a cafe wit a scone and jam is even more of a treat during our holiday break.

Then there is the beauty of ceramics from the 1950's, unfortunately I only admired this pretty cup and saucer /side plate (can't remember if it was Meakin or Midwinter)despite it being priced £7 and in view of our de-cluttering mindfulness, I was actively encouraged if I NEEDED it rather than WANTED it, hummmppphhhfff!!!! I do love a deer I do. Goodbye sweet deerie.

Oh and to make up for lack of above 1950's beauty some pretty yellow floral replacements cheered me up somewhat :0)

I'm very excited about the thought of spring flowers to embrace the sheer delight and bright colour's they bring to drab dull days. 

Buying some olive green zig zag self striping sock yarn and getting on with starting to make my first pair of DPN socks. So exciting, sorry if you don't knit but this gets my endorphins pumping!

I nearly forgot about these ceramic heart buttons and after reading Planet Penny's cheerful post it triggered a memory of me buying these buttons at the V & A museum we visited last week. I'm a sucker for buttons and love to collect all sorts. Not sure what I will use these for maybe sew them on some heart bunting in the Spring time?

I know I have been moaning a rather lot about the Northern hemisphere weather and now it's time for me to zip up about it but to make the evenings more atmospheric I know that a lot of us use candles and I am a lover of candles too but I have taken to cook by candle light and refuse to put lights on in our kitchen as it somehow cheers me up more. Strange but true.

Last but not least this postcard I bought at the V & A museum shop last week after seeing the Power of Making exhibition cannot but make me smile

This, my yarn and crochet loving friends was a stunning life size bear made by the amazing artist Shauna Richardson who created crochetdermy (rather than taxidermy) and this is a quote from her wesite:
"She uses crochet to sculpt realistic life-size animals – uncanny taxidermy-like forms. Crochetdermy combines themes such as objects, collecting, craft and realism and experiments with accessibility and audience".

Do go and have a look at her fabulous art, I was really taken with her bear in the exhibition and will definitely look out for more of her exhibitions. 

So there we are, after moody blues came the moody happies.
I must stop being so fickle!


  1. I think if it were to be looked at every bodies moods swing around a bit. I sometimes feel a bit cross about something, but can't quite put my finger on what it is....very odd feeling!

    Those buttons are lovely, and do rather remind me of th lace imprinted Christmas tree decs in fimo and and Alice could rustle up some more just like those I reckon. I love the crochetdermy, very clever. My in-laws hav some stuffed heads in their hall (very un-pc I know!) but mayb I should crochet a Lucy attic24 head to go with while they are out of the country!

    Glad you have a date on your new job, that's much more settlin I should think.

  2. I'm pleased you are feeling more positive today. I'm sure this foul weather has a lot to answer for with lowering our mood, but it's not helped when you feel in a limbo about one's life so I'm glad you've got a date for the new job. That bear is completely amazing, what a work of art, and what dedication too. I'm longing for those first spring flowers, I always start with daffs or narcissus, and then work up to the tulips, which I adore. Thank you for joining in with Reasons to be Cheerful, it's a big help reading about other peoples' positive thoughts!
    lots of love to you all,
    Penny x

  3. Ah well as I am cancarian star sign my life is one big mood swing. From one mood arc to another do I swing.January can be a hard month to deal with. It could be that we have the ghostly tune of christmas hauntingly echoing in our ears or just that january and febuary are just slow months. A return to normal and the reality of dark mornings. (its weird but dark evening don't bother me as much at this stage). It's good news that you now have date for your new job I understand the importance of knowing where you are and what you are at. And glad your mood has gone from down to upbeat.

    Lol had to laugh at that amazing bear, just imagining finishing that off in the livingroom and DBB and the girls come rushing in. A crochet project to far I fear they cry! lol. Amazing though i had to look twice to realize it was made of yarn and not a real bear skin.

    To more uplifting moods and an exciting new year to you.

    MBB x

  4. Human and fallible - aren't we all! It's good to remind ourselves. Glad you found so many things to be cheerful about, and great that you have a start date for your new job! Love that you took a picture of the 50's china instead of buying - what a good strategy to keep the clutter away!

  5. Isn't that crochet bear wonderful! I think we are all moody and down at this time of year, such high expectations and hopes building up throughout December, it seems only right that Januaury is the time to come down from that high and the meantime the weather seems to be wallowing too. I for one will join you in the grumps but also feel joy in the pretty flowers you bought, the awesome crochet bear but most of all, the shells outside your window..because I also do that and have never seen another person do it. It gave me a lovely warm feeling to see them. Best of luck starting your new job :)

  6. I love that ferny button, and the deer plate - but keeping clutter-free is very important (sigh) so kudos to you for resisting temptation.

    Congratulations on a new job and a firm date. (I'm new to your blog so I have to say your old job sounds fascinating - my husband lives with the permanent after-effects of a brain tumour which was removed in the 90s, so neuro-anything catches my ear.)

    Candles are VERY cheering, as are giant crocheted bears.

  7. ooooh super exciting to have a date of starting your new beginnings! Yay for you and plenty of time to finish up with your current clients and tie up any loose ends.
    Loving those buttons, they are ACE! And yay for socks, I find that if I knit inside out I end up with no ladders. Still doing it, don't know if I'll stop! Cant wait to see those socks on your feet and I totally understand what you mean about arriving into the knitting world when you knit socks on DPNs!

  8. Not knowing when I was to start a new job would have driven me nuts. I'm glad you have a date now and can get all your ducks in a row.

    That crochet bear is awesome. How dedicated to your craft do you have to be to do something like that! I couldn't - I like things that are quick to carry out and don't require precision. Sloppy lazy mind, I have.

    And the deer plate...well I don't know about clutter being a deterrent for me - I am surrounded by it - and as well-intentioned as I am, a bit of mid-century beauty would win the anti-clutter battle every time.

  9. I'm pretty sure mood swings are normal, I find my ipod helps immensely with cheering me up when I'm having a down day. That said, I'm really irritated that I didn't make it to this exhibition, I've seen loads of pictures and posts on it and it looked really good!

    Happy new year, btw.

  10. That bear is crocheted??????? Fantastic!!!!!! I love our sock yarn as well. I know what you mean about your job - needing something concrete and then having all your i's dotted and t's crossed. That sort of thing just makes me grumpy. Glad you are more cheerful now that the goal is in sight! Happy week!

  11. Oooh, lovely, lovely bear! How clever.
    I'm glad you have a start date for your new job, I think that would be enough to make most people feel rather unsettled, especially at this gloomy time of year.

  12. Oooh ooh ooh - loving the sock yarn! What gorgeous colours! I'll look forward to seeing the socks grow.
    Here's to yarn, buttons and candles to fight off the winter blues!
    Jane x

  13. How did you resist that plate! And you were encouraged to buy you say? You sound like a pretty strong character to me, not fickle at all, just bending and swaying in life's breeze's and squalls, as we all do :D

    Happy sock knitting!

  14. My mood would have certainly lifted if I had seen those buttons - they are exquisite little pieces of art. Am sure you will find the perfect use for them.