Sunday 15 January 2012

A picture an hour January 12

I have been inspired to do a photo (or 2) an hour blog post by Meredith of One sheepish girl who's stunning blog I have been following for a while now. I thought it might be a bit of fun on a Saturday as it's the weekend day that for me generally has something of some vague interest in it. So here goes...

9h00 Re-arrange the storage space in our Victorian down stairs 'out-house' {yes it's a loo and a convenient storage space in winter}

10h00 Cups of tea and Saturday Live

10h00 Domestic non-bliss that Saturday's bring, I have to get all of this out of the way before I can really relax into the day. Friday night's I sweep the house and do the laundry at various intervals between sips of wine. A little of the old ethanol to make house work vaguely mindful goes a long way.

11h00 Consider a shower, getting dressed and making my hair vaguely presentable before exposing the outside world to it. A late breakfast / brunchy thing too with my latest food obsessed combination of cottage cheese and marmite on a toasted bagel, followed by a satsuma to balance the savoury {looks/sounds? worse than what it tastes like I promise}

12h00 Ponder on and giggle at Andy's slight addiction / obsession? with mid-century lamps. I think we could open a lamp emporium with his collection. This Bauhaus beauty winged it's way over from Germany this week and was delivered today. Mr. tried to convince me of what a bargain he got and I just quietly smiled as it's no doubt true as he is a thrifty Mr and he knows and loves quality. He explained that it was his Christmas present to himself {a habit he's adopted from me, I'll show you my Christmas pressie to myself soon} 

13h00 Alice goes to ballet for 2 hours rehearsal for her show, Peter Pan and I scootle into town to buy some fruit and flowers. Got 5 primroses for £2 to cheer up the gloomy afternoon and collected some fab old photo's a friend found for me sometime ago

14h00 Browse the net, visit some blogs and Pinterest. Pull out my sewing bag with some hexagons I started to make last year and I haven't touched for a few months. I really want to do some hand stitching, I have been longing to move forward with this project and hope I feel motivated to see it through. Mrs. Bobo Bun has inspired me with this post on her gorgeous blog. If you haven't visited her blog before I suggest you do, you won't be disappointed :0)

15h00 Alice is back and ready to do some Winter afternoon baking, she adapted her butter biscuit recipe to encompass choc chips and cocoa, not bad at all.

16h00 Feeling like a bold DPN knitter I'm considering hexi-puffs with this gorgeous hand dyed yarn. But, my senses reign me in and I stay with completing the second sock

17h00 Sara and Holly {Alice's friend} pop over for a quick cuppa and a chat, I need to consider what to have for dinner tomorrow when family is coming over

18h00 Time for my short run, yes I am attempting to get fitter this year, shift a little lardy 40-something extra bits. Life can be so cruel at times can't it!

Happy week-ending and thanks for stopping by 

ps. I wasn't sure about putting this post up but in the end I decided I would. Part of me think's it's a little contrived despite it being the truth about my day. My life is very plain and ordinary and it's ultimately a bit of fun and a record of what I did today. Should be interesting for me to look back on in years to come~


  1. Oh I love this! I am obsessed with eating those little tangerines at the moment, and I use that same dish washing soap! Have a great weekend!

  2. I don't think it's contrived, it's a little time capsule of your day within the bigger time capsule of your blog. The record of the ordinary things is one of the things I love about blogging.
    Your socks look fab and remind me I have a half knitted sock squirreled away somewhere, really should find and finish it!

  3. This is certainly not contrived, it sounds more or less exactly like my yesterday.
    Your photos are lovely, I really want to try socks this year.

  4. I've seen contrived photo journal -type posts and this one isn't. It's a lovely little peek into a normal weekend day. Cozy and comfortable and sane. :)

    I really need to start on the old exercise routine too. You are BRAVE - going out at 6pm - I was well snuggled into my armchair by then and no way would I have gone outdoors.

  5. i love that idea. I'm going to do this too xx

  6. I love it, it shows a real day and there is nothing contrived about it at all, think I might give it a try too :)

  7. Brilliant post, and what a full and productive day. And as others have said, no, not contrived at all. Loved it :D