Tuesday 10 January 2012

Half socked

This past weekend flew by and despite trying to get as much fresh air at the sea side and into the countryside for a walk I found myself longing for my bed. Under the cover's all snug and cosy with my knitting and books. We bought a new mattress a couple of weeks ago and it's just divine to say the least. Amazing what you put up with when you don't really think about changing something like a mattress but, when you do you sure notice the difference and reap the benefits of a much more supported and comfy sleep.

Sleep is a very important part of my life, it's a whole ceremony and I have to have crisp cotton sheets and natural fibres on my skin and the pillows have to be just right! A bit fussy I know, but I value each and every drop of slumber I get!

The grey weather outside and the warm invitation of a bed have led me to read a little more. Lately, I have found myself having very little time to read anything other than scientific articles and research in nutrition (my professional subject), but this post by Wendy of Read Read Read's blog got me motivated to get down to ticking off a few books I have had queueing up over the past few months.

So, I scooted off to my local library to get 'Never let me go' out and first of all I'd like to thank Mr. Ishiguro for yet another amazing novel and Wendy for helping me to get my reading head on again! I loved The Unconsoled which I read about 18 months ago. Never let me go is proving to be a book I can't put down and I am savouring how much it is reminding me of the fragility of life yet with haunting undertones. I am only half way through but hope to finish it this week. Have you had any time to read a good book lately?

 We also went down to the de la warr pavilion on Sunday afternoon to but tickets for us and Alice's English Granny and Gramps to come and see her in her performing arts school annual production. They always do it in February half term holidays and this year it's Peter Pan. Alice loves her musical theatre and ballet and relishes taking part in these great productions. I usually chaperone for the school but my licence has run out so I'm having a break this year.

It was great to have a look at the Andy Warhol exhibition again, amazing that this is free and right on our door step.

I simply couldn't resist buying these Fred measuring cups from the pavilion's shop to add to Alice's baking implement collection. What's not to love about Matroyshka dolls? and especially functional ones! Little Miss Alice has now started to write out her first recipe collection book and is taking a sweet interest in cooking but more so in baking. Who can blame the girl :0)

We had a lovely fresh, crisp walk and scooter along the sea front followed by hot chocolate and coffee.

My venture in the knitted DPN sock world is proving to be a bit of a learning curve for me but oh so gratifying when it all starts to come together. I'm loving how this yarn self stripes, how cool is sock yarn! This very first DPN sock I've knitted is by no means perfect but I decided these will be my "learning socks" and by hook or by crook I'm determined to get them perfect!

Want to see something silly? here goes....

Can you spot the difference?

He he, one sock on and one sock off! And yes for those of you who have closely inspected this photo, I don't shave in winter. OK, so that will gross some of you out but hey ho that's just what I choose to do. My neighbour's must definitely think I've lost the plot coming out into the cold half socked!

Therein that heel lay the challenge for me but I squeeled with delight when it all came together. I never in a million years thought I could teach myself to knit in the round. I can't tell you how delighted I am and possibly also a little addicted? {Can you see a couple of holey holes lurking in those threads?}

Sorry but I am still having a WONDEROUS WALLOW in those colours and stripes....yummy. I must get cracking with the next sock before it starts to warm up in these here parts. 

Thanks so much for visiting and all your comments are read and well enjoyed, I try to visit your wonderful blogs too and hope to see you all soon.
Penelope xox


  1. Lovely socks. I enjoy knitting socks too. Right now I am more into crocheting but there is always time to knit a pair of socks. I have many pairs but no greenish ones. So ...

    have a nice week

    ps. I don't shave my legs during winter either.

  2. Great socks and I love the colour too. I've just embarked on a knitting sock mission too and have already frogged the first one twice, hopefully it will be third time lucky ~ so far so good! It is indeed very tricky getting to grips with those DPN's though :O)x

  3. That looks like the very same copy of Never Let Me Go that I took out. Imagine if it is...how bizarre. :) Glad you like the book - it's the first Ishiguro book I've read and I'll look for more now.

    I'm going to have to hightail to the De La Warr and check out those measuring cups - I have such a thing going on for Matroyshka dolls at the moment. Hubby bought me a beautiful red mixing bowl yesterday, with the dolls all round the sides. I must put a photo up on my blog.

    Your sock is wonderful - every time I see the things you've knitted I am in awe. :)

  4. Wow, your sock is super clever, isn't it clever how the stripes work, they look like little crests of waves don't you think?

    I am not a reader, but would like to be, but I'm not sure as life is at the moment where I'd fit it in, and I don't work, how do yo pack so much in?

  5. beautiful photos and I loooove those socks!!

  6. Wow, one whole sock already! You know, I was far too busy looking at the luscious woolly stripes to pay any attention to your legs!

    I've never lost my reading head, but I just can't seem to get into fiction these days, and what's more I thought I minded, but actually I don't think I do. But if we're talking Ishiguro, it has to be Remains of the Day for me :D

  7. Love your sock colorway, that is the next thing to conquer, I started a pair of fingerless mitts on dpn's last night. Was it you who had an easy pattern? I cannot find it anywhere. I am knitting them in Noro. I am still waiting on my yarn to finish off my mums blanket.
    Love reading too, I hop into bed half an hour early and read, it relaxes me and lulls me into a good sleep.
    xx Sandi

  8. oooh yay for finishing a sock! well done, arent they just the most satisfying things?! Turning the heel is so much fun, a change in the monotony but so scary until you have done one... one more sock to go!

  9. I love the sock - the wool is gorgeous. I'm hoping to teach myself to knit socks, but I'm still on the basics at the mo. I've got a friend willing to help though, so I may venture to the wool shop again soon! Hope the other sock is soon done to match the first!

  10. Being a bookworm I have always got my head in a book at some point. I have read a few wonderful reads so far this winter. When God Was a Rabbit and The Help being a few amongst them. I found them both inspiring and enchanting in different ways.

    Loving the sock work. I really hanker after being able to knit something other than a long rectangle. Love the self striping wool. Really lovely.

    MBB x

  11. Amazing sock yarn...I just love that green! You are obviously doing really well with the whole working in the round on dpns malarky... I am in total awe... maybe one day I will try it (jeez I'm such a wimp!)

    Louise xxx

  12. I loved 'never let me go' but have never found anyone else that read it and I really wanted to discuss it after reading!
    Your socks are great - knitting with dpns always looks so intimidatingly hard, so I am v impressed.

  13. Wondrous wallows are so good! Loving my wallowing at the moment too -- having lots of rainy days (which we've really needed here in Texas). Love the Matryoshka doll measuring cups! My DD and granddaughter love M. dolls too, so I must go hunt some down for them.
    And I don't shave my little white legs in winter either -- so freeing ;).

  14. love the sock!!!! wow and look at that sea scape! bliss...hope you had some sun today tho xxxx

  15. Hello there :) I've been clicking around and landed on your blog....sorry I can't remember whence I came from!! Just wanted to say I'm loving having a look around and I'm off to read more! Love the epics you take & enjoying the content lots :) Nice to 'meet' you!

    Jo x

    P.S. *whispers* I don't go in much for shaving in the winter either! :)

  16. Lovely lovely sock! Well done! And isn't colour change sock yarn magic?
    Jane x
    PS Tell Alice I'm with her on baking ;)

  17. Love that sock ! So if working on dpn's is the hardest part about it, I deffo should give it a try... ( already got some 'practicing wool', cheap stuff for starters, and have no trouble using dpn's, but socks... :-0 seems such a big challenge... ! )

    I love reading as well, though I don't come round to it much.. Read a good scifi novel too, some time ago, an older one, but still creepingly accurate : "Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley..
    Currently at my bedside table is "Brick Lane" by Monica Ali. Not finished yet, but surely will; really enjoy it !
    Consider getting more audio books on my laptop though.. so I might combine my knitting/crocheting with some mental food.. :-)

  18. To answer your linen question...I buy my plain linen from various places.

    IKEA, if I'm in the area, (but it isn't the best) or Wayward Fabrics in Norman Rd, St Leonards often has good vintage linen, or Ditto Fabrics in Brighton has a good stock as well - I bought this one last time I was there..... http://dittofabrics.co.uk/plain-and-printed-linen-fabric/medium-weight-natural-linen-dress-fabric and this one is very good, when they have it in stock...http://dittofabrics.co.uk/plain-and-printed-linen-fabric/washed-natural-linen-fabric..I think they have some at the moment.

    Also C&H Fabrics in Eastbourne.

    Funnily enough, it isn't always the easiest thing to get your hands on so when I find a good one, I by a lot of it.