Wednesday 14 March 2012

Bun Bun

When I was a toddler I had a floral fabric bunny which I christened bun-bun. Apparently bun-bun went everywhere with me but, sadly I don't know what became of her. I guess she got a little frayed and shabby and might have got lost in one of our moves when I was little. We moved to three different towns/cities in South Africa when I was growing up.

My dad to this day calls me bun-bun, it's something special we have between just the two of us. He softens immediately if I call myself bun-bun when I write home. It's a lovely dad - daughter thing.

My love for bunnies continues to grow and grow, so much so that I actively seek them out and appreciate them in all places, both real and the plastic/ceramic/fabric/paper/yarn/felt/sculpted etc kind. I guess no one really knows this about me :0)

This night light bunny had to be purchased, a glowing, magical night light for sleepy heads. An early Easter present for Alice that couldn't be closed in it's box till Easter. A fresh and beautiful white light bun-bun. Hop bunny hop hop hop xox 


  1. Your rabbit light is so sweet! Sometimes wish I had a little girl so I could indulge in cute things. :)

  2. Hello Penelope
    LOVE your bunny night light ;-) I am attracted to this sweet night lights too...they are quite popular here in Sweden as are the toadstool night lights too...but they are quite expensive, so I haven't indulged...but I am always on the look out for one in the vintage/secondhand shops.
    Father daughter bonds are vey special.
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your bun bun

  3. Oh, how totally cute is he. Of course you had to buy him and liberate him from his box! I'm just surprised that you stopped at one!

  4. That is very lovely, I can understand why he has come out already.

    I've been looking at night lights recently as I liked the idea of those star constellation ones for my biggest boys nearing birthday....when looking for that I saw some gorgeous ones, but the budget could go out of the window!

  5. What a lovely soft light.....truly a perfect bun-bun.....

  6. Hey there :) I have just found your blog and think it is gorgeous :) I love this lamp, it's so sweet! I seem to have a mounting collection of bunny softies, i think it's the big ears which do it for me! lol xx

  7. It's a lovely bunny. I think if I'd bought it for my daughter when she was younger I might have been tempted to keep it for myself.