Saturday 17 March 2012

Simple makes

This past week has flown by for me at work and in my home life, but not so much that I haven't been able to stop and stare at nature re-awakening in the South of England. I've been soaking up all the colour that is bursting out here, there and everywhere and just feeling the sunlight on my face in amongst the rush has been a true, simple delight. I hope you have had time to stop and see your seasonal changes wherever you are.

I haven't had much time to be crafty other than work on completing the back of my waist coat I am attempting to knit as seen here and sneaking in a few "in-betweener's" i.e. little projects for instant joy and gratification in amongst all my other work in progress projects (umm about 6 on the go currently!!).

I've been using my pretty cotton I purchased from Planet Penny's Cotton Club here and have to agree with Penny at how lovely this mercerised cotton is to knit with. Even Alice is having good fun with it making friendship bracelets. She made this one for me and I have to say that I love her colour combination.

She has a friend over at the moment and between them I think a  little factory of twisted friendship bracelets is going on for their school summer fete!

As for me, I started a little baby wee willie winkie hat last night. 

I cast on 72 stitches (based on a 0-3 month baby 2 needle hat pattern I already have) and spread them onto my DPN's because I wanted to see what it would turn out like without having to sew the side seams up.

I have never knitted in stripes on DPN's before and I have just used my instinct with chopping off the thread and knotting the next colour onto it. I am sure there is a much neater and more sophisticated way to do this but I was being lazy and a bit experimental.

There are so many rainbow cotton colours to choose from. I'm knitting this hat for a baby yet to be born so we don't know if it's going to be a wee girl or boy and I don't want to be stereo-typical about colour choices but am yet to make up my mind about using the very bright pink. There is a more pastel pink which I might knit into the hat as I am decreasing into the wee willie  winkie element of the hat. Of course it wouldn't be complete without a pom pom which Alice has promised to help me make. 

I've also had an itch to crochet this beautiful Bulls eye blanket made by Kate over at Foxs Lane.It's a perfect blanket for using up all your ity bity bits of left over yarn.

This by no means will be a quick blanket but it's satisfying my desire to crochet and use up all my leftovers and I'm liking mixing and matching my wools with cotton and playing with colours. It's easy crochet that doesn't involve a whole lot of concentration but gives you that buzz and colour fix. 

Just the way I like it right now xox
Thanks for popping in and saying hi.
Happy week-ending everyone! 


  1. Great bullseye blanket, what a lovely idea.....I could definitely find enough bits to do one....hhhmmmmm, one for the to-dos I think!

    I do like that cotton, each time I see it, I get drawn in! The hat will be lovely

    Have a brilliant rest of weekend!

  2. Love the hat, and that blanket!!!
    Looks like it's going on my list of tings I desperately need to make!!!
    Hope your weekend is lovely

  3. That hat is adorable, I can't wait to see the finished thing!

  4. You sound as if you've managed to keep your creative rhythmn going which is brilliant. Just caught up on all your posts after an enforced fortnight offline. Even loved the sound of your ill days, sounded so cosy. Before our phone lines were nicked I remember you asking about the pattern I use for the tunics. Well a friend gave it to me from Prima mag. If you want I've no problem with copying the size you need and posting it to you. It's such an easy one to make and perfect with or without a t-shirt so definately a winner.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and mothers day tommorow.

    Lisa x

  5. Beautiful. Love the look of the blanket and the hat is going to be very sweet. I think rainbow colours are lovely, it's so dull to only have blue or sludge colours for little boys