Saturday 3 March 2012

Playing catch up

It's lovely to sit down and blog after an immense week of feeling a bit like a headless chicken in my new job. Thank you for all your well wishes, it has certainly taken some energy going back to full time employment and I have been coming home absolutely exhausted to say the least. So much so that my relaxation in crochet and knitting has had to step aside in favour of reading medical literature and making sure all systems are ready for the next frantic day!

It's all good and I am enjoying being in a very privileged position of being a Specialist in my field of Nutrition and Dietetics as a Macmillan Dietitian. It's amazing how much I am learning and how incredibly friendly and welcoming all the Oncology consultants and nursing staff are. I truly feel blessed and am very excited about pursuing my new career route.

Last night was chill out and catch up time and I eventually got round to casting on and doing some knitting. 

I bought this beautiful Debbie Bliss cashmerino DK last weekend with my voucher money my previous colleagues so generously gave me.

I have wanted to knit myself a waistcoat forever and after searching for ages I eventually found this one by Anna Bell on ravelry. I chose this charcoal grey not only because I love it but it generally goes with just about all my shirts for work.

The yarn is pretty much a dream to work with and oh so soft and warm. I really felt totally relaxed last night knitting away. I knew that something "would have to give" when I went back to full time work and sadly it's been my yarn projects. Alas, not all is lost as I know as time goes by things will settle into their groove and find their balance.

I hope that you have all had a good, productive week? I am trying to keep up with visiting your blogs and commenting when I can, I do have to keep up with satisfying my daily blog fix! I think my blogging might slow down a little to once a week for the next while until the dust settles.

Oh yes, I must record how jubilated we are that Alice has got into the High School we applied for, the one she will be moving to this September and even better, it's the one she was very keen to go too, so that's super brilliant news. We are also counting down to a special holiday we have planned over the Easter break this year, more about that sometime soon xox  

Right, the sun has come out from behind the grey and we're off to soak up some seaside fresh air. I'm also looking forward to going to a poetry evening with a friend tonight to see some local performance poets and have a yummy vegetarian/vegan dinner (I wonder if I can take my knitting?!!!).

Hope to see you all very soon xox 


  1. Knitting, beach walking, poetry and yummy food, what could be more sublime?!

    Brilliant news on Alice's school, I'm so pleased for you, and that you are enjoying your new job so much how about that kitchen?

  2. Heya Penelope!
    Glad to hear that your new job is going very well for you, yes, such a big change going back to full time employment after part time, I totally understand! You make sure you prioritise and don't feel pressured to write your blog, we will love having you pop in whenever you can.
    Love the look of your waistcoat....
    I'm finally plucking up the courage to start the Tappan Zee, can you believe it?

  3. Great news on the school front, it's a very stressful time for some people I know. And glad your new job is going well x

  4. Glad your new job is going well, loving the look of that waistcoat, and good luck with settling in to the job. And yes, we love reading your blog no matter how frequently you post!!

  5. So glad to hear you are enjoying your new job... it is such a big part of your everyday life it is important that you feel happy and content in whatever you do... and fantastic that you are helping people too! :)

    Thank you for you lovely comment today... I always look forward to your posts (and comments) as we seem to have very similar tastes. I can't wait to see more progress pics of your knitted waistcoat...but no rush... Blog when you have the time and enjoy your knitting! :)

    Congraulations also on Alice's school... Fantastic! It's not long until my eldest will be doing the same and I have to say it makes me go all wobbly at the thought... He's still my baby.

    Love Louise xx

  6. Hi Penelope, glad it's going well - your job sounds fascinating and rewarding. And I'm so glad about Alice's school. It makes such a difference to enjoying those last few months at primary school when you're all happy with the next one.
    I love that cashmerino - I've just made a Saroyan scarf/shawl with it in pink, and I love the feel of it too. Love the waistcoat pattern you've chosen. I've been wondering whether I'm brave enough to try making something that has to fit - maybe I should go for it! I managed to make socks after all :)
    Have a good week
    Jane x

  7. So glad to hear that life in your new job is good, if hectic! And I'm sure you will find a balance when it comes to working, resting, playing and blogging, it just may take a while. I for one will look forward to your posts however infrequently they appear. And hurrah for the right school for Alice, what a year of change 2012 will be for you !

  8. N-I-C-E-!
    Great pattern, colour choice and design although I had problems getting onto the site from Ravelry. Not sure why. Will look forward to seeing the finished waistcoat.

  9. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your new job and the good news about Alice's school place.
    How's the kitchen coming on?