Monday 26 March 2012

Flowers and a mouse

What a glorious weekend of Spring sunshine and open windows and washing hanging on the line it has been. I absolutely LOVE it when I can hang my washing outside to dry and truly feel like this is my mark of Spring and Summer is on it's way. Nothing like the smell of sun kissed clean clothes. I do hope you have been shined on this weekend?

We went to Brighton yesterday to see my Sister in law before baby  arrives and I eventually got round to stitching these mother of pearl teeny tiny buttons on the Pebble vest I knitted a while back. 

It is the sweetest little thing, hard to believe that new born babies are so small.

Fiona and Max decided not to find out if they are having a boy or girl so I tried to accommodate for this in my colour choices. Looking at it I'm not sure anymore, is it better suited to a boy or girl? Especially with me adding this button to the top fastening?

Oh well, we will just have to wait and see, hopefully I can show you a photo of the new arrival wearing this sweet thing:0)

We visited Janie, Alice's art teacher on Saturday afternoon for a
cup of tea and cake and a potter in her beautiful English country  garden. She has the greenest fingers ever, we love seeing her garden in all the seasons but Spring is always the best. All the flower photo's in this post are from her garden, she knows all the botanical names which I am ashamed to say I know very little of, but I like to listen and learn from an enthusiastic gardener.

Oh, and take photo's of ...

all the pretties

and the kitty called Tiggy

I bet Tiggy would like what I crocheted yesterday...

One of Planet Penny's wee mice (pattern found here)

I realised this morning that his (Alice has named him Morris Mouse) eyes should have been black beads instead of blue and that his little face looks a little anxious or concerned...maybe he thinks Tiggy is going to catch him after all!

Oh, and did you notice that he is rather plumptious (fat is a swear word in this house!)? Too much stuffing can do that you know ;0)

With that thought in mind, I'm going to wish you all a jolly good Easter (mind that choccy stuffing though) as I will be taking a break from my blog to go on an exciting 2 week holiday and look forward to catching up with you all when I return. I'll love and leave you with this hand stitched bunny I saw on a home made linen cushion the other day in this local shop.

How gorgeous is that? 

Take care and
Blessings to you all this Easter


  1. I love your plumptious mouse, and the extra touch of the lining in the ears. Thanks for pointing out the typo in the pattern, I need someone to test the patterns out for me really, I think I must read what I think I've written, not what I've actually written when I read it back! That garden looksd wonderful, and Tiggy look so much like Henry in his prime! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and look forward to reading about it on your return. Happy Easter! Penny xxx (and Higgins!)

    1. How cute is your little mouse? He's just adorable and indeed plumptious! I love him :)
      Can't wait to see the newborn in your handknitted vest... the buttons look lovely on it!

      Hope you have a warm and sunny holiday with plenty on relaxation... and a HAPPY EASTER to you!!!

      Louise xx

  2. Oh, I hope you have a delightful holiday Penelope and come back rested and restored.

    Loving the little mousie :D

  3. Have fun on your holiday! Love the little mouse...too cute!

  4. Isn't the sunshine wonderful?! I've been so enjoying it and so have the kids too, it's lovely to have the windows and doors open.

    That little vest is gorgeous, and your mouse is very sweet too, I made some similarly shaped little birds and th first one came out looking like a ball as he was so well stuffed.

    Hope you have a lovely break and that the sun shines the whole time for you!

    I was thinking of you yesterday when we were beach walking, as, I know you said you didn't get to see swans as you were Coastal, well we were walking up towards the sea and turned the corner and there were 17 swans all sat in the shallows, faces in the sun, it was really lovely, I took some pics to show you, so I will put them on my blog this'll have to look back when you get home.

  5. Oh, where do I start?!

    The baby sweater is precious! What a wonderful gift to receive. And the crocheted mouse is d.a.r.l.i.n.g! So, so cute. And what a delight to share in an afternoon of tea in a fabulous garden of breath-taking flowers...

  6. Such pretty flower pictures! And I love the rabbit!

  7. What gorgeous pictures and crochet - it's been so lovely I've actually got a bit of a tan!

    Nina x

  8. I am so very happy I popped in to see you this evening! I have loved this post. I am very fond of the Pebble pattern and in all honesty I think yours is the most fetching version I have set eyes on! Those tiny seed buttons, oh, and that floral one (very à la mode here in France) just MAKES it. Honestly, if I had a baby boy I would show him off in that sweet knit.

    When you were writing about your daughter's art teacher's garden and how you visited her for cake and a wander around my heart sang. That, mixed with a bit of art in whichever form, is the sort of heavenly afternoon my mother would share with us when we were young. She has always been surround by artists with gardens and so we spent many a happy time learning about plants and culture in general. If there was a swimming pool thrown in, well, we were in heaven.

    Your plump little mouse is so very sweet.

    Happy break and a joyful Easter to you.


  9. Love the yarn you used in the Pebble vest, I have made a few of them and love how sweet they look and depending on the yarn how they differ in size. The wall flower at the top of your post is beautiful, I must get another one, I love their perfume. Hope you are having a lovely Easter break.
    xx Sandi

  10. Happy Spring to you, Penelope...I hope you had a lovely, lovely holiday. Thank you for sharing your lovely work and photos. They are a bright spot in my day...! xo.