Tuesday 6 March 2012

Cotton delights

Hello, did you have a good weekend? Ours varied from highs to lows then highs again. Our kitchen (which some of you will have already read about in previous posts) is almost done and now I can stop moaning and groaning about the lack of cooking equipment and space in the house. We actually managed to sit down at our resurrected dining room table and have a meal together last night for the first time in weeks. Bliss! It's also fabulous knowing where all the food/herbs/spices/tins etc are, instead of searching high and low for that one essential ingredient I stuffed in the under stair cupboard!

So, one of the highs was me playing with thread and using some of my cotton I purchased from Planet Penny's Cotton Club. Thomas who turned four today needed a little pillow slip happiness...I remembered that green is his favourite colour so, green it was, pulled out from the rainbow of cottons.

This cotton is mighty fine stuff, I couldn't wait to crochet with it.

I crocheted a shell border like I did here, but this time used my new cotton which was so smooth and silky to crochet with. A real dream to hook along with, so much so that I hardly couldn't believe how quick the border took, I barely noticed.

I then used some of my new cotton to embroider these stars.

The cotton is a little thicker than normal embroidery cotton and next time I might split the fibres into two for a thinner thread, but the quality remains great.

By now I am sure you will have guessed what the pillow slip looks like...

I had great fun making this for the loveliest little chap, may he have beautiful sleep and the sweetest dreams.

I have another similar little project to make for Saturday, so better get cracking. Thanks for stopping by and
see you all soon xox


  1. That's lovely what a fab make :)

  2. Beautiful - I love those crocheted pillow borders - and the embroidery is lovely. Where do you get the time!

  3. This is just lovely. I have two little boys who would just adore that. Very clever indeed. x

  4. So glad to hear that you're settled into your new job and already starting to find your groove. Can't believe how productive you're already being one week in. That tank vest on your last post looks lovely as does this fabulous pillowslip.

    We'll be coming down for a weeks holiday this summer to visit all our old haunts and show the girls the delights of the south coast from Brighton to Hastings. Can't wait.


  5. Hello Penny!
    This is beautiful1
    You are so talented
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your week

  6. This is lovely- love the crochet borders on the pillow, I've been doing lots of mixing fabric and crochet lately too- not sure why, but its totally addictive!!!
    Yours is beautiful

  7. Wonderful, Penelope! I haven't had time to try embroidering with the yarn yet but it looks just as good as I thought it would, that pillowcase is adorable! Do put a link on the Planet Penny Cotton Club page to your blog to share it.
    I'm glad you've got your kitchen back, I too have experienced the misery of doing without, they don't call it the heart of the home for nothing!

  8. That's so lovely!

    I started a something with my PPC but haven't completed it. Yet. I will :-)

  9. So cute! Thomas is a lucky lad :D

  10. How beautiful. This will certainly be much loved.

  11. Embroidery! What a great idea! I also love the idea of a crochet border on fabric. This gives me some ideas for my own PPCC stash. Thanks!

  12. Oh bless you, I do hope that there are already far more ups than there are downs, I'm sure your new kitchen will work out to be worth th upheaval.

    Love the pillow, lovely design, I am realising like you have, how nice it is to hand sew again, certainly for me it's far less frantic than my machine sewing!

  13. Hi Penelope!
    I have just featured your beautiful embroidery on my latest Planet Penny post xxx