Monday 12 March 2012

Shapes and colours

We have been bubbled in a surreal world of coughs, sneezes, hoarse lost voices and high temperatures this weekend and boy am I glad that we've been through the worst. All three of us have been down and out and poor Alice has had it rough with all her noctural coughing and distress. I'd say it all peaked at about 2am this morning and thank God we are spiraling upwards, out of the doldrums of bed bound misery.

These bright and beautiful daffodils were a MUST over the weekend. Their cheery petals opened more and more as the Spring afternoon sunshine came through the window. It was so comforting knowing that they were there to cheer us up every time we went into the kitchen. For £1 I cannot complain at such beauty. The epitome of Spring in England, I think, sunshine heads bobbing about.

By yesterday afternoon I needed to feel semi-normal and as per Alice's request baked some of her favourite, simple butter biscuits. Nothing like a little homemade treat to dip into afternoon cups of tea or milk to make you feel a little better.

Little miss was sitting on our bed playing with paper and beads whilst listening to Roald Dhal book CD's (a little comforting tradition she seems to have got into whenever she has been unwell is to pull out her book CD's and listen for hours on end).

I had been saving these strawberry milkshake straws for a treat and thought she's appreciate a fun thing to drink her milk with. It's all about comfort and feeling safe when you are little and mum tucking you in. Sometimes I just want to go home back to my mum and have her tuck me in and give me treats when I feel unwell. I don't think we ever forget these childhood memories.

Boredom always runs high on these sickly days and gentle play seems to be the only soothing thing to do. So we have played just about every game under the sun and of course made beady bangles and necklaces in-between dosing off.

Today, after a crazy night we had the day off work and school to completely recover and convalesce and what better than to do that at the sea side?

A bit of urban madness going on outside our house, oh and the bluest of blue sunshiny skies to lure us to the sea side.

The sea was like a mill pond, all calm and sparkly and the pebbles all warm and cosy to lie down on. It was bliss having the sunshine down on our pale faces and soak up some much needed warmth and inhale the freshest of air.

Without moving we challenged ourselves to find as many different shells and bits and bobs of sea weed, drift wood and fisherman's netting around us. Surprising, we came up with a rather decent selection of things. 

All the beautiful shapes and colours for free right on our doorstep. How fortunate we are to be able to live so close to this immense force of nature.

I've got a thing about sea shells, I collected them when I was growing up and Alice has followed in my footsteps with her own little collection which she continues to add to.

I love the shape of these ones, always reminds me of Botticelli's Birth of Venus in an oyster shell.

Pebble playing and then home again via the park.

I was surprised not to see many flowers in our local park, I was hoping to see the promise of tulips coming to bloom but I think it's a little too early for them.

I wasn't however, disappointed with these pink blossoms and their tight buds. So happy, I felt a spring in my step.

We came home with some more nature finds, some more shapes and colours. This tiny pine cone reminds me of an idea I saw here where nature meets crochet.

We also had to come home with our first Spring posy, a teeny tiny one but so happy and cheerful to put on our kitchen window sill.

It was also a perfect opportunity to wear my Tappan Zee cardy I knitted last year. Oh how good it is to feel better again. We are not very good patients in this household! Nature has charmed us again into feeling human once more xox 

Hope you are all bug free and keeping well and healthy. I'm off to finish knitting the back of my waist coat, I'm almost there! See you all soon xox 


  1. Fabulous pictures Penelope, I love them all but the shells are extra special. Glad you are feeling brighter.
    Jacquie x

  2. I'm glad you are through the worst of it, I think it definitely sounded like day off was in order today and what better way to spend it but at the beach.

    I've been doing beach walking most days with the puppy, and most of the walks (fitting around school runs for my part-time littlest) are on pebbly beaches, I've been picking up quite a few shaped and smoothed pebbles of glass, and one day I'll get creative I think, not sure how yet though! I love shells too and on my walk today came home with a large oyster (?) type shell made of layers and layers, it really is just amazing.

    Anyway, hope you get a good nights sleep and wake feeling refreshed and well in the morning.x

  3. So sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly but its good to hear you are all on the mend. Wonderful photo's i think any time spent at the seaside makes you feel better ;-) take care, dee x

  4. It was a smashing day!

    We ran out of diesel just past the Star Inn on our way out to Eastbourne after lunch- so Mr called a cab and headed off to get diesel and I was stuck in the car - but it was so lovely out there I didn't mind too much. I was so miffed when the mist rolled in on our way back.

    Your photos are lovely - you captured the sea perfectly. Beautiful - I always feel so blessed to live here.

    Glad you feel spiffy again. :)

  5. Glad to hear you're feeling better, nothing like a bit of sun and fresh air to help you back to full health. Marvellous beachy/parky finds. I miss lovely pebbly beaches, all we have is mucky North Welsh sand!

  6. Glad you are all feeling better - am sure the sea air will have helped clear the last of the bugs away.

    Whilst we are close to the sea, we dont get many shells - just pebbles so I'm jealous of your finds.

  7. Hope all three of you feel better soon.
    This is such a beautiful post, I loved all the photos by the sea, and now I'm hungry for some of those peanut butter biscuits
    Take care

  8. Sorry to hear you've been feeling rough - it looks like you're recuperating in the nicest way though! Hope you're better soon.

  9. Ooh poor you, how awful when you are all poorly at once. Glad you are on the mend and can take advantage of the fresh sea air. A lovely spring time post, your photos are wonderful, love to you all, Penny xxx

  10. Glad to hear you are on the mend, it's not nice to be unwell. Lovely sunshine and beach, my kind of place to be to recover.
    xx Sandi

  11. I honestly can't remember the last time we went down to the beach - I think it was around Christmas time!

    Hope you guys feel better soon.

    Nina x

  12. I so love the beach and all the great stuff that ends up on the shore!

  13. This virus is horrible, my husband has been really bad and the littlest is off nursery at the moment. Hope you're all fully fit again soon, all those beautiful Spring signs must be helping. x

    ***To those I follow and who follow me - is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!**

  14. Hi Penelope
    I'm Sophie and I just popped by your blog and wanted to introduce myself. I love the little knitted Tank top you made for your friends baby. It is so cute!
    Great photos and blog - will be following from now on.
    Best wishes