Thursday 10 May 2012

The Joy of blogging ; a give-away (now closed)

It's been an age since I had a give-away and I thought it was about time to gather some bits and bobs from my various thrifted charity shop/boot sale collections and some items I bought for an absolute bargain over the past few months, to say a great big THANK YOU for all your inspiration, advice, sharing of stories, general ups and downs and friendships over the past couple of years.

Blogging is strangely addictive...I was discussing with my very bestest friend Bronwen when I was in South Africa how odd or strange it seems to blog, who/what are we blogging for? I think it's for many reasons and most of us have asked ourselves this question and answered it rather eloquently. 

My reason today is to spread my blogging joy a little (I like giving things away to people who like similar things to me :o) and show my appreciation for your comments and community spirit of like minded people. So here goes:

There will be some of these old cards including birds, butterflies and flowers:

Some vintage (+ 1 new one in the centre) buttons from my collection:

Bits and bobs; old stamps, wooden pegs to make a dolly with, some of these large safety pins I seem to have accumulated (I thought I might sew or crochet something onto mine and make it into a brooch of sorts?) and a sweet ceramic rose I stuck onto a small wooden peg for keeping papers together:

A 100g skein of Manos silk blend (30% silk and 70% merino):

The vintage buttons from last month's Mollie Makes magazine and a Cath Kidston egg cup (Boiled eggs don't feature in this here household):

This little ceramic brooch I picked up last year when we visited Charleston House:

Oh, and one of my many many (don't tell my husband!) crystals from old chandeliers...

Umm, what else, oh yes this little ball oh blue hemp twine, I crocheted mine into a bath scrub inspired by the gorgeous Alice from Crochet with Raymond's blog:

And last but not least the little envelope style vintage pillow case I've taken all these photo's on: 

Here's all the give-away bits and bobs together to give you a little more perspective:

So that's it folks, to enter just follow my blog and leave a comment. I'll add a button at the side if you want to advertise this give-away on your blog and if you do, let me know and I'll pop your name into the draw twice.

I'll draw the winning name on Wednesday the 23rd May
All the best and take special care 
This give away is now closed, thanks for entering.


  1. Such pretty things, I would definitely like to be in with a chance to win, please!

  2. Loving your new header, glad you Sussed the picture thing.

    I would love to be entered into your fine giveaway....what a haul!

    Thank you kindly!x

  3. What lovely things to give a way. How very generous you are to give away sooooooo much. Oh how i would love to win your give away.......xx

  4. Such a beautiful giveaway - would LoVe a chance to win!
    Victoria xx

  5. Such a beautiful grouping! Thanks for the chance to win! I'll put your button up this weekend! :)

  6. WOW lovely little bits and treasures that i would like to sort of find in my cool auntie's attic. Ohh all the lovely images stirring in my head of all the possibilities that could create with this group of goodies! A follower for awhile, thanks for the inspiration and this giveaway. Good luck to all!

  7. Hi there penelope
    I love your blog and pop in every tuesday (once I've finished my blog), to see what you've been up to.
    What a fab give away :)
    Pop over and become a follower of mine if you get a mo', I'm a crochet freak!!

  8. Hi Penelope,
    Like the new header. I have been following your blog for several months now and always look forward to reading a new entry.
    Your 'give away' collection is wonderful and I would love a chance to win.
    Best wishes to you and yours.

  9. oh!! the cutest giveaway - i am so in love with the stamps, crystal and pillowcase!! actually i just love it all.

    I am already a follower and i'll put a link on my blog.

    Have a great weekend xxxx

  10. What a lovely kind giveaway!

    I love those cards,brooch,pillowcase and crystal oh and buttons..... mmmm its seems I could go on!

    Oh yes please count me in for the giveaway. Such a lovely collection of things.

    P x

  11. EEek, what a generous giveaway. I'm already a follower (albeit very new). Plse count me in. xx

  12. Hello Penelope, I popped across from BoboBun. Yes, about to 'follow', and am (obviously!) leaving a comment. You've certainly put a lovely little package up for grabs - how generous, and what gorgeous things. I'd love to hear more about the boiled eggs embargo in your home!

    I will try and paste the button but -sigh- groan- I got absolutely nowhere trying to do same on Lisa's blog. All I managed to paste was her URL and I tried just about everything. I'm pretty new to blogging and every little step is a major achievement for me....and often the result of a frustrating tussle! Am Ialone in this??

    Anyway, will have a go. Regardless, will be back to catch up with your lovely blog. See ya!

  13. Blimey!! That is a pretty great give away!! Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  14. Oooo! Lovely things! That is such a pretty pillow case :-)

  15. waw!!!!!!!!!!! Count me in !!!!

  16. All of your Give-away bits are lovely! I enjoyed just seeing the pictures. Each piece is so unique.

  17. ***SWOON*** I would so love to win your gorgeous generous giveaway Penelope!
    I've been away from my laptop for two weeks now and see you have done lots of posting so when I get home in two days (16 days away from home, oh my, missing Karen and Raymond terribly!) I will sit down with a cuppa and have a lovely catch up with you

  18. Oh so pretty - please put my name into the hat :)

  19. Penelope, how can you bare to part with such gorgeous bits and bobs. Please enter me, I would love to be a part of this generous give away.
    xx Sandi

  20. Such beautiful things Penelope, thank you!
    Fingers crossed. ali x

  21. Wow - what a fabulous (and extremely generous) give away. I would love to be entered, and I'm keeping everything crossed. That little brooch alone is a stunning gift. Cathy XXX

  22. Wow,love it all,nice selection of different and very useful items.Lovely giveaway,now I follow =o)

  23. Thank you for visiting me at my blog and leaving a message, it's always so nice meeting new people. I agree with you about the cheekiness of Blogger!
    You are having giveaway here, such pretty items, love the buttons. Will be back to visit you again for sure!
    Lisa x

  24. Thank you for visiting me and leaving a message about blog space. I share your thought about Blogger and it's cheekiness!
    You are having a fab give away here, love the buttons, so many pretties. Will be back to visit you again for sure.
    Lisa x

  25. OH WOW...! Please, please enter me for your gorgeous giveaway it all looks amazing....You really have put a lot of thought into your gifts. How exciting!!

    I have added your button to my side bar too!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. HUGS :)
    Louise xx

  26. Wow what a cute give away, I always read your blog but I am not sure how to be a follower?

    But if possible I would love to be in your draw x

  27. Dear Penelope,

    I simply love this giveaway. It appeals to the Magpie in me! Many little objects, all from different sources, each with a tale to tell if we stop and listen to them. Not ostentatious (is that spellt right?) and totally adorable!

    Am I a follower or not? Let me go and check that out, knock myself on the head if not and remedy the fact.

    Thank you for this delightful return to childhood treasures.


  28. What a beautiful giveaway! susand1408 at googlemail dot com

  29. Ooh I like the look of all the bits and bobs you've gathered up - so pretty. Lovely giveaway and reason for doing it, I'd love to enter. I follow you by GFC x

    win a retro sweet hamper in my giveaway

  30. Oh how strange is that, I was looking for pegs to make dollys with and I came across your lovely site and then saw that in your giveaway you have these little pegs. Love all the other things that are there too. Will definately be following you on a regular basis. Lots of love Jane x

  31. Hello Penelope
    I'm just in time for this super giveaway...please count me in. Lots of lovely goodies!!!
    I am already a follower on your blog.
    I'm off to paste an image and link on my blog for others to see your giveaway.

    Amanda :-)

  32. Hi I'm your latest follower! I especially enjoyed your last post on the makeup issue, I'm a lot like you, my daily ritual involves some lipstick as it stops my lips getting chapped!
    You are a very generous soul, if my name is the lucky one I wouldn't expect you to post everything to me it would cost a fortune! I'd be more than happy with just a wee thing! Sally

  33. Hi Penelope! I read your lovely comment on Kazzy's blog, and as I love the name Penelope, I clicked on your name and followed it all the way here. I'm so glad I did! I discovered your amazing blog, and a giveaway to boot! Please enter me too. I have become a follower, and I look forward to reading your lovely, inspiring posts! It's a truly scrumptious giveaway, and thanks for the opportunity to win. Have a happy 'rest of the weekend'! Tania ♥

  34. Hi, I've just started following your blog and am really enjoying it.

  35. Ooh please put my name into your hat, there are so many gorgeous bits and bobs I would be very happy to get my hands on! I'm off to put your thingy on my sidebar!
    Kate x