Monday 28 May 2012

Tea towel ta-dah and tears

Have you all had a relaxing weekend? It's been so warm and summery here on the south east coast of England. Impossible for me to feel anything but lifted and lighter with the summer breeze and chilled out living that's been going on around here.

As you can see I went to a colleague friend's wedding on Saturday and my goodness it was a thing of beauty! No bride could have asked for more perfect wedding weather and to have a wish come true to be wed under the brilliant blue sunshine skies. I must say that when I saw Lynette emerge from Horsted House I welled up and had the hot prickle of tears streaming down my cheeks. She is  so special to me and has waited a long time for her chap to propose. Oh, how I love a romantic story and good wedding.

The happy couple asked if any gifts could be kitchen related as they are refitting their current kitchen and so I thought why not throw a little tea towel romance into the equation? 

I hand stitched the tea towel from a cotton+linen piece of fabric I bought in Lewes a few months ago and used my machine to stitch the vintage braiding securely on one end.

Then with the use of my trusty embroidery hoop and washable fabric pen I set to work.

Somewhere on the web I saw these words (sorry I can't remember where) and knew that they would come in handy one day. 

So there it is..... Ta-dah, my home grown tea towel for a little romantic drying up of all those dishes (well maybe not with the advent of dishwashers in this modern age)!

Do you like my little 10p charity shop doily I added for effect? You can always find me rummaging in the linen sections of charity shops, I love collecting and reusing a doily or two.

I promptly washed, dried and ironed this little gift before wrapping it up to take to the ceremony.

Other than that we have been BBQ-ing, swimming in the sea, snoozing on the beach, going to a Cava and cupcake fund raising party and generally just chilling. 

What did you get up to this weekend? Do tell :o)

See you all soon


  1. My weekend was nowhere near as pretty as yours! Wow at that wedding, what a wonderful affair it looks to have been. And your teatowel is just the perfect present. Actually my sister got engaged this weekend, but no celebrations yet, just lots of talking on the phone!

  2. The back of that dress is just beautiful. I'm sure the front was too, but your photo just shows off all that lovely detail. We've been making the most of the summer weather here too - lots of al fresco eating and drinking! Coffee in the sunshine with my mum, to the sound of a lovely girl playing the violin, lunch outside a cafe with my boys, breakfast in the little spot of sunshine that appears about 7.30 in my garden. It has been just bliss to feel some warmth and be able to wear something other than wooly tights or jeans and boots!! x

  3. What a gorgeous post....
    I love the dress, so beautiful. I'm sure they will treasure your lovely teatowel xx

  4. Beautiful post Penelope! What a fabulous wedding! The brides dress looks simply stunning! Oh and your gift to them - so pretty and personal, I love it! We've been relaxing too this weekend, made one of your coolers on Sunday - so scrummy!
    Victoria xx

  5. I love weddings - and that one looks to have been gorgeous. And such perfect weather - what a blessing.

    I have been unable to take real advantage of the sunshine as I've been sewing orders for a week and just finished this tomorrow...and of course the weather is set to cool off a bit. Bah. Hope the wind dies down a bit too - hellish to cycle in stiff breezes... :)

    Your tea towel is wonderful - a labour of love, bet they treasure that.

  6. They couldn't have had a better weekend, could they? And yes, that's a gorgeous dress. I hope they appreciated your heartfelt handmade gift! I've been mother-sorting -out (my every Saturday morning treat!) quilting - yes even in the heat, I hurled the quilt onto the garden table, sat under the shade and stitched away happily. Cooking, garden-watching, more stitching, playing a bit of music and learning some new tunes, more stitching. Yeah, bit of a doss, really!

  7. Absolutely lovely day and such a wonderfully personal gift to crown the day! Nice needlework!

  8. From your photos that looks like a beautiful wedding, the dress is so pretty!

    Your stitching is always so lovely, what a thoughtful gift, the words sound very familiar, on an advert?

    The weather has been wonderful hasn't it, the only thing that kinda worries me is wondering each day will that be it? I guess I should just chill and think if it is, it is!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. You made them such a beautiful gift. I wouldn't want to use it, it's too lovely.
    I like the sound of your weekend.
    Lisa x

  10. What a lovely gift - far too pretty to use to dry up with though.

    I love the Brides dress - it is gorgeous.

  11. What a lovely wedding, and your tea towel is beautiful, very unique. I can't imagine they will allow it near any washing up, I'd have it hanging on the wall! We have another wedding coming up this weekend, my niece this time, so more lovely family time and happy tears!
    My weekend was spent chatting to all the lovely people who came to Open Studios. (Higgins was the 'Meeter and Greeter'!)
    Have a good week xxx

  12. what a beautiful gift Penelope, they will treasure it forever. And you colleague looks stunning, what a gorgeous dress!

  13. What a lovely present! A friend of mine made a plate for us and painted a message on it for our wedding and it has remained very special. It is those thoughtful handmade gifts that really stand out and become treasured possessions.

  14. Hi Penelope, looks like a gorgeous wedding . Your tea towel is perfect , too pretty to use . I'm sure it will bring a tear to your friends eye because you made it with such thought and love.
    Jacquie x

  15. What an elegant affair, and such pretty photos to go with. There is no way the lucky couple will dry up with your tea towel, it is far too beautiful. Love the wrapping too, stylish!

  16. Oh my, how lovely!!...You always make such special gifts... so thoughtful and pretty.... such beautiful and neat stitching!!!
    Congratulations to the happy couple :)

    Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday and had a lovely weekend, hugs!

    Louise xx