Thursday 24 May 2012

Raspberry cooler

Since the sun has got his hat on, hip hip hooray this week, I've been cooling down with this simple raspberry cooler I like to make. 

It's so simple, if you like the sharpness of raspberries like I do, here's what you do:

Just add these two simple ingredients together, in fact you can use any frozen fruit you like. I also love mango and pineapple. I try to use peeled chunks of fresh fruit that I have frozen when the fruit is cheaper, on special deals or like these raspberries that I picked last summer and froze over the winter.

 I used my hand blender as it's a lot easier to clean.

Yummmy, it's sooooo refreshing {and sharp} and healthy too xox 

I'm linking up (oops a little late) with Lakota's Ta-dah Tuesday, do go and take a look at her great chalkboard placemats, such a fab idea.

Right I'm off to make me another of these yummies 
See you all soon


  1. Yes this sounds perfect right about now - the boys were just asking whether they could have raspberries yet (so expensive in the supermarket. Good idea to freeze when on special offer. Thanks for linking up xx

  2. Fabulous recipe Penelope! Perfect for this glorious weather we are having!
    Victoria xx

  3. hello Penelope

    That looks really yummy and just right for in the hot weather. I suppose I could change the raspberries for strawberries...yes I'll do that.
    Thanks for this simple and delicious

    Amanda :-)

  4. Oh so glad I hopped over to your blog to be greeted by a delicious recipe perfect for this lovely weather! The colour of the raspberries is just devine. I would love to try some with mango or pineapple- the latter being my all time favourite! Delicious :) *hello* from your newest follower Hazel x

  5. This looks so yummy! I want to try this! I am not a cook, so this is perfect for me.

  6. There's loads of strawb in the shops at the moment, but haven't seen the rasberries yet. This sounds divine - and healthy too, what more could you want!

  7. How bizaare that this is what I have planned for pudding this evening, but with greek yoghurt instead......

    I do love raspberries, I love the smell of them too.....yum!

    Isn't the sunshine just wonderful, I'm still worried to plan anything, or get carried away, my oldest boy has been asking for school shorts, but I don't want to incase it rains!

  8. I love raspberries too. I'm thinking maybe the classic peach melba, gonna give that a try tomorrow, because that's when I do the shopping, never any fruit left by Thursday haha. Thanks for posting.

  9. This looks delicious - just adding it to my 'must do' list for the weekend xx

  10. Mmmm yummy. Looks lovely! I will have to give it a try.

  11. yum! it looks delish and I definitely plan to make this in the future!

  12. Dear, sweet Penelope,

    I've been trying to email you over the past couple of days but, and I can't understand why, I'm having trouble sending you my mail, which includes my 'How Lucky Am I To Have Won Your Giveaway' postal address. Would you mind sending me a quicky email to and when I get back from the UK on Sunday night I will try again.

    I'm so sorry for the delay. I am simply over the moon at having won.


  13. Just my kind of treat, it looks scrumptious!

    I could eat raspberries all day, and often combine them with my favourite goats yoghurt ... never thought to freeze them first though!