Tuesday 8 May 2012

You are my sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You don't know how much I love you,
Please don't take my sunshine

I eventually got around to finishing off my Planet Penny Cotton Club crochet blanket this past weekend. I must say that it has been thoroughly pleasurable and stress free crocheting away when I have had a spare moment or two. I have loved using this divine cotton, sourced by Penny and the colours have been my SUNSHINE whilst all we have lately had is GREY. 

I don't mean to grumble but please can we have some real sunshine for May! My washing is piling up and I have no desire to hang it up indoors. 

Anyway, back to my cotton baby blanket. One of my friends has just had baby number two, Josie is her name and this pushchair blanket is just for her. For her new life and the sunshine she will bring to J and K's life.

It's soft and lush and warm too. I used a 3mm hook to make this sweet blanket and it has given me a real buzz after having not crocheted for a while (Ok, so maybe more than a buzz.... a real desire to keep hooking). This cotton drapes beautifully too and can be purchased via Penny's Blog. {Note: Penny is temporarily closing her shop until after her son's wedding this month, see her blog for more details}.

Row upon row of sheer granny goody-ness. Ooooh, how nothing can beat a bit of granny hooking joy :o)

To be honest with you, I started this project with the intention of making a round cushion, but then I knew it might take me some time to find a round cushion and now that I am working full time, I would have to leave it to the weekends which have been jam packed since our Easter holiday. I don't know about you but I get very impatient if I have finished a cushion cover and have no cushion to fill it with. I prefer to have a plain cushion and then hook up a project to fit that particular shape etc and then I can feel it's completed there and then without having to wait to get the right cushion. Impatient or what?

And, so this "free style" blanket evolved out of me wanting to play with different simple crochet stitches.

This "You are my sunshine" blanket, I hope will bring a smile and joy to baby Josie as she grows up loving the colours of our natural world.

I hope you've also seen some sunshine in my blanket if it's been grey where you are.
Till next time
Cheerio xox

ps. After having just read Lakota's post on her blog Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping, I've decided to link into her new Ta Dah Tuesday where you too can add your link showing anything you have made, a new skill acquired or an item found on your thrift list!


  1. So bright and cheery. Love it ! A great blanket for cuddling, making a tent or imagine a magic carpet!

  2. Such gorgeous colours Penelope so zingy, Josie will LoVe it I'm sure!
    Victoria xx

  3. Lucky Josie - a lovely splash of sunshine to make her smile xx

  4. That's gorgeous....how blessed Josie will be to have all that colourful loveliness to wrap up in and lie on. I do like making blankets, but baby blankets are such a nice project as you can imagine the comfort ahead.

    It's been not so grey here today, so maybe things are looking up on the weather front....hope the sun is up bright and early with you tomorrow!

  5. Love the rainbow colours you have used in your work. So bright and cheerful....xx

  6. Hi Penelope ..... This is simply gorgeous ..... and I love the song intro! I have never used cotton, but this does look very tempting. at the moment I am using Stylecraft dk, but in very similar colours for my Granny stripe. I am sure your friends will love it :0) Very unusual with the centre ..... not what I was expecting, quite a surprise.
    Val xx

  7. So colourful and cheerful! Josie will love it!

  8. It's another stunner - and yes please no more rain! Hopefully your blanket will drive it away. Thanks for linking up, I'll try to run it again next week x

  9. Awww...used to sing that song to my babies to calm them down... lovely soft looking blanket and gorgeous colours, just what we need to brighten up this grey old spring x

  10. Ooh, Penny, that's GORGEOUS! I've had so much on the go I just haven't got time to make a blanket in the Cotton Club yarns so it's lovely to see how beautiful it looks.
    I used to sing that song to the babies too!
    Thank you for linking to Planet Penny too,
    lots of love Penny xxx

  11. Gorgeous colours!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Its beautiful , such wonderful colours - what a lucky baby!

  13. Hi there, I am your newest follower and have just learnt to crochet too! I love your blankie! Gorgeous! You are more than welcome to join our Monthly Make group, there are hundreds in it! love Annie xx

  14. It's gorgeous Penelope, a very sunny, smiley sort of blanket. Lucky Josie :D

  15. No. Way.
    That is INCREDIBLE!
    I love, love, LOVE the colours too.
    You have some serious skills!!
    :) :)