Friday 9 November 2012

A heartfelt thanks and more

It's the weekend, yay! I feel very grateful for the end of this week and will cherish each moment of it. I have had an awful cold again this week I {I think my body is trying to tell me to slow down a bit}and if you've visited here before you will know that my husband and I attended his tribunal in East Croyden, this Wednesday. To say it was an intense, mind gruelling, adrenaline driven emotional experience for me is an understatement and I hope and pray to never experience something like that again. In view of it going on the whole day, with cross examining etc. the Judge (who was brilliantly firm but fair by the way) decided to give both parties a week to submit written closing summaries. We should know the verdict by mid-December. I am very pleased that the "worst" is over, I hope. All we can do now is submit Andy's summary and hope and pray for true justice to prevail. Thanks so much for all your wonderful warm comments of support. So appreciated.

In amongst all of this, I have bee crocheting more of my Retro Circle Blanket and blocking the resulting squares. I am impatient (have you guessed?)and don't enjoy blocking but do appreciate the importance and value of this. So, I forced myself to block these squares before starting to join up last night using this method.

It's slowly coming together but looks a little wonky at the moment. I get the feeling that I will need to block this AGAIN before I do the border?! Is this normal or am I just weird thinking this? Have you blocked your granny square blankets again once you have joined the squares together before attempting to add a border? I'd be grateful if you have experience of this to share with me. Thanks. 

Talking of thanks, I want to share the most gorgeous "heartfelt thanks" that appeared in my post on Tuesday. I was so overwhelmed with the most beautiful gift from the ever so talented Lynne over at her blog the Textile Treasury . Look how gorgeous this is!

It's so much bigger than I thought Lynne and the stitching is too beautiful. Thank you so so much, you can never know how much this meant to me. Do go and visit Lynne's blog, she is a true delight and a very talented lady.

I love a heart with wings, they make me extremely happy. Please can I take this opportunity to thank all my family and close friends for their support too, knowing you were all behind us had real meaning for us on Wednesday.

I'll say cheerio and wish you all a joyful weekend with Lynne's post card of some of her work...inspirational words indeed.

See you all soon


  1. What a lovely gift, for a lovely lady. I hope things get easier for you now, take care, enjoy your crochet (which is looking great!) and try and get some rest this weekend! :) x

  2. Such a beautiful heart! Gorgeous crochet too Penelope!
    Victoria xx

  3. Firstly your circles are lovely...I'm not the one to ask about blogging, as I avoid it whenever I can, however, there is certainly nothing to be lost by blocking again before you do the border...

    Secondly, I'm not sure where I've been, but it's quite clear reading your last few posts, I've missed a lot, I'm glad that you've got to the weekend after such a difficult week...I too believe in the power of prayer, and will of course pray that your husband has God's favour in his outcome.

    I feel upset for you about the hurtful email.....crap timing when you have so much on your plate....your blog is a delight always, but I think everyone realises that there is behind the scenes stuff....

    I count you among one of the lovely friends I've met since I started blogging, people like you make life more smiley and beautiful.

  4. your retro circles are looking fab, I don't usually block blankets at any stage in the process so Im not sure!
    Gosh, the heart and the posrtcard are stunning aren't they, she is a talented lady.
    Glad your ideal is over, sending you positive thoughts for the outcome XXX

  5. That is a beautiful blanket :) I always block after I've completely finished, but I have worried about whether I'm just lazy ;) Lovely blog you have here. Kx

  6. Wow, what a knockout blanket! The yarn looks very fibrous, almost like a linen blend, but I suppose it must be sheep's wool? (Not being a blanket maker, can't offer any blocking advice.)

    I do hope you're feeling better soon, and that you'll have a good outcome to the tribunal.

    What gorgeous embroidery on that stunning heart. :)

  7. After such a traumatic day I so hope you get a good outcome...I hope your cold is better now too. The Winged Heart and card are fabulous, what a super present.

    I'm not sure about blocking as I tend to scamp that, *hangs head in shame* bur the blanket is looking lovely, very cosy.

    love to you all, big licks from Higgins too!

    Penny xx

  8. What a lovely blanket! I am a big fan of blocking, and have been known to double block many times. Blocking the squares makes them so much nicer in the joining, and then a blast with the steam iron over the seams when you're all done makes a world of difference. It just makes them lie down and behave so well. :D It is looking wonderful, and I can't wait to see it when it's finished.

    Sounds like you're having a rough go right now--sending love from NY. :)

  9. Thank heavens half of it at least is over Penelope. I'll be thinking of you all over the next week and hoping that you can all move forward from this horrible time very soon indeed.

    Loved the wee mitts on your last post by the way, I had a sneaky look on my phone while my students had a smoke break. As for blocking, I'm far too impatient and lazy for that. I know you're usually in a hurry like me so well done for being strict with yourself. At the moment I'm making a few squares and then joining the rows up dreading all the threads I'll need to sew in, let alone adding blocking, but I bet your blanket will look far neater than mine.

    A much deserved gift in the post at the right time too.

    Here's to a good week for you all. Oh just remembered, thanks for your lovely comment to Little Bun. I read it to her and she loved it.


  10. So glad you both survived the gruelling experience, and all good wishes for a postive oucome next month, I know you will keep us posted.

    I love the blanket, Penny, like you I'm a bit naughty about things like blocking, but it does make a huge difference.

    And how nice of you to show the winged heart, I am so glad you like it and I was really happy to be able to send you are felty 'hug'! Nothing like knowing something you've made has gone to an appreciative home! Lx

  11. Dear Penelope,

    I always get enormous pleasure from looking at your arty, stunning pictures; you have a real eye for colour.

    Now, you know how much I empathise with your tribunal experience. Please have faith; my husband went through the mill reading false witness testimonies, etc. saying awful (untrue) things about him. The judges know how to cut to the chase and sort out the important from the phoney. I am crossing my fingers for you both but I feel confident that you too will get a good outcome mid-December and then you'll be able to celebrate the beauty of Christmas.

    Warmest wishes from misty France.


  12. No idea how I missed this! I'm so glad the day is behind you and fervently hope that justice is done and everything is decided in your family's favour. And that heart ... isn't it perfect. I love Lynne's blog, and she is firmly on my 'bloggers I want to meet' list, as of course are you dear Penelope!