Thursday 22 November 2012

Retro baby blanket


It's only me with my finished baby blanket

The retro blanket I spoke about here for the first time

Crocheted circle by circle and square by square from this pattern 

All lovingly crocheted together using this method and then crocheted around and around and around to make a border

Eventually to become this little lovely 100% woolly alpaca baby blanket

I love how you drape and the heaviness of warmth you give little blanket

I shall especially miss your mustard-ness when you get wrapped up and given to a special "new mum-to-be" friend

Goodbye little blanket, it's been great getting to know you.

Thank you so much for popping by it's really lovely to have you here! Oh, and a big warm woolly welcome to new followers too
See you soon


  1. That is gorgeous, I am sure the new babe and mum will love it - I think the colours you have chosen definitely give it that lovely retro feel x

  2. Wow - that's very retro - and fabulous! Well done you. It's lovely! :)

  3. It looks lovely and warm, the colours work really well together! :(

  4. Oh it really is a beautiful blanket Penelope!
    Victoria xx

  5. It's a real beauty. I want to snuggle in it right now! WEll done you. xx

  6. Gorge, I love the simplicity of this design

  7. what a beautiful blanket, i plan to make one similar for my sisters baby - but will have to wait a little while longer to decide what colours to use!
    thanks for your comment over on my post, we are all indeed seagulls fans! although we leave it to the boys to go to the games, as the little one had his scarf, the bigger one felt a little left out,

  8. That is the loveliest, snuggliest blanket that I have ever seen! I love it!!!!

  9. Beautiful and blinking quick you crafty thing. You put this faffer to shame! You're such a generous friend you know, she'll love it.

    Liking the new header too Penelope.


  10. Beautiful! Very cozy and a wonderfully simple design with big impact.

  11. Penny, so much love has gone into this little beauty. You have chosen such an eye-catching set of colours. And as if the blanket wasn't stunning enough you picture it against lichen: I love lichen!

    I wish you and your family a peaceful weekend.


  12. A lovely choice of muted colours - perfecto for Autumn and I am sure that it will be used and loved for years to come
    Best wishes

  13. I love this blanket, both the pattern and colours. I think i will probably make one myself for a new arrival in our family due in the Spring. I am sure your friend will treasure your gift. Love Mrs RV x

  14. It's beautiful Pen, and such a generous gift with so much of your love and your time hooked into it. I'm sure it will be cherished!

  15. Thanks for your comment chez moi. I hear you on the scrapbooking thing. I had a friend who was NUTS about it - also back in about 2000 or so - and she tried to get me into it but it didn't appeal. Even now, having reviewed that software (and it is nice) I must say that I prefer Photoshop.....and even (ssshhhh) PicMonkey! So I get where you're coming from totally.

    Looking through all those photos made me so nostalgic for the days when my boys were little - I had a full day of feeling all sad and weepy - they grow so fast and as a teenager, Nat has such secret parts of his life where I'm not allowed - which can suck, normal as it is. So seeing them as cute littlies was such a tug on my heartstrings.

    On another note..Blogger keeps eating my comment - it just disappears before I can publish - if this makes it through.....Yeehah...SUCCESS!!

    1. ps..just seen your header is new, isn't it? Anyway it's lovely!!

  16. Lovely to see this finished, it's so beautiful and looks very cosy too! Just caught up with your other posts and love the owl, SO cute! xx