Friday 30 November 2012

December optimism

As the sun sets on the last day of November here on the South East of England we are counting our blessings and snuggling up inside. The frost arriving this morning made me feel spirited and grateful for the stark bare trees, the twinkle of sunlight on icicles and the full moon still hanging in the sky as we drove westwards towards school and work.
I realised again that I had the gift of life, a life I can choose to connect with people and things filled with powerful and unspoken sentiments which can go far beyond expectations. My humbled journey with people suffering with their diagnosis and trying to absorb every moment as if each one is their whole life. I was reminded again at that moment that I have to live life as fiercely as I can.
So, tomorrow we will begin December with our new Advent calender pockets that I made from old orange curtains, a shirt my sister gave me years ago, a few old doilies and some fabric from my stash. Each pocket will be filled with a surprise goody, a chocolate and an inspirational message and/or a "do something" suggestion like decorate the tree, make gingerbread men, make a Christmas cracker, compose and sing a silly festive song, make some mulled wine, make doily snowflakes etc etc. Andy, Alice and I will have a pocket to open every third day till the 24th December. A fun, embracing family thing to do till Christmas.

How about you?
Are you looking forward to December?
Are you planning to have an advent calender?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone 


  1. What a lovely, lovely idea! Just wonderful including festive activities in there too! :)

  2. Your photos are wonderful! The beach looks stonking. Funny, I said to hubby this evening, as I darted through our cold hallway into the warm sitting room, Imagine lying on the beach now!" Brrr!

    The advent pockets are fantastic - the idea and the way they look. Lovely and clever. :)

  3. what gorgeous photos , I love the one with the seagulls flying....
    Optimism is a good thing :-) x

  4. Great photos, Penny, and those little Advent pockets are a real treat! And so original too. It makes such a difference having children in the house at Christmas, we miss all the build-up of excitement - good old skype, at least we manage to get a glimpse of the fesivities all those hundreds of miles away. Lx

  5. what a lovely idae withthe messages inside. I am just about to put mine up. Can't wait! x

  6. What a lovely post Penny, your photos as always are gorgeous. I love the idea of your Advent Calendar, something to share as a family. My Advent Calendar this year is on my blog, a rather ambitious project so I'm relying on optimism to see me through!
    Stay warm, and enjoy the run up to Christmas,
    lots of love
    Penny and Higgins xxx

  7. Beautiful post and beautiful images Penelope!
    Victoria xx

  8. Beautiful images Penelope, and yours sounds like the perfect approach to Advent, enjoy :D

  9. Oh my, i've just seen what those lovely fabrics have turned into, a totally gorgeous advent calendar, love it x

  10. Lovely pictures! I love the vintage ornaments.