Tuesday 27 November 2012

While its grey outside

My goodness, how awful is all this wet, grey, gloomy weather? I am thinking of all those who might have been affected by the buckets of rain here in the UK and being at risk of floods, such a difficult time for so many people. I hope and pray that the weather starts to let up soon as it is also not helping with keeping dark moods at bay. Andy finds it difficult with little sunshine and the evenings drawing in so soon.

So, while its grey outside...we are keeping it colourful inside

My home seems to have turned into a "making factory" with Christmas getting closer and closer. I'm full of creative ideas and plans but NEED more TIME please! Working full time is exhausting enough and I like to create in the evenings after all the eating, bathing, reading, homework bits are out of the way and we can relax as a family. The temptation to stay up into the wee hours is very hard to resist but I have learnt my lesson the hard way in the past with what a lack of sleep does to me .... Mrs. Ratbag is what I turn into.

I've been crocheting (soon to be logged on this here blog)

A little clickety click of knit knit knit

And I have braved being up in the chilly attic with my hat, fingerless gloves and scarf on, sewing a little something for December {soon to be logged here too}
As you can see I'm a rather busy bee, thanks for stopping by and saying hi. A huge big thanks for your wonderful comments on my last post logging my retro circle blanket, I'm very excited to be packaging this up and giving it away at the end of the year.

Has your house turned into a "making factory" lately? 
Got any elves helping you out? I am hoping my little elf will be helping me with Christmas card production line in the next few days, until then cheerio and keep colourful xox Penelope


  1. Gosh you've been busy, you put me to shame! Love the colours and patterns in your stash of fabric, can't wait to see what you've been making ...

  2. There's nothing like a crochet hot water bottle cover! I made one a couple of years ago that has a serious design flaw - you have to remove the cover to fill the bottle... so I have a new one on the hook at the moment but it's languishing at the bottom of my project box while I make some Christmas presents.
    Looking forward to seeing what else you've been making/sewing/knitting.
    Victoria x

  3. Oh golly yes, I am crocheting every spare minute I get (and a bit of knitting too). Can't wait to see all your makes - the yarn all looks so yummy, and that pale dusty rose in particular so silky.

    Hope your weather clears up soon - what a year it's been.

  4. Ooh I like that orange retro looking fabric - its' delicious! Whatever are you making with that? :) You are a busy bee though - heavens that's a lot of projects - love the cream crochet with the roses...very pretty.

    I also hope for some sunshine soon - it's very gloomy and depressing weather.

  5. Hi Penelope,
    Love your vintage fabric makes and your coco rose hot water bottle cover....adorable. Hope you find a few more hours to finish all your wonderful makes, can't wait for a ta-dah :0)
    Jacquie x

  6. My husband finds the lack of light makes his depression worse so I got him a light box, he uses it for 30 mins each morning and it has certainly helped him through the last couple of winters. The place I got it from alos hires them out so you can try it for a month and see if it helps.
    Lots of Christmassy making going on here too - love it!

  7. Isn't all this crafting fun? My dining room table is full of yarn and thread right now, I can hardly see the surface. I loved looking at all your pictures of things to come. The fabric is scrumptious. Love the crochet flowers too.
    Stay cozy!!!

  8. Sorry about the dark skies my love. If it is any consolation Durban has turned into the rainy city and it is grey and rainy here most days (and we are supposed to be heading into summer!)I love the sneak peeks into your Christmas factory. I do so wish I had the time for making. xxx

  9. I have a list as long as my arm and as many UFOs needing to be finished for chrimbly gifts but I am instead sitting here reading blogs and drinking tea....hmmm better get on!

  10. Ooh your hot water bottle cover is looking GoRgEoUs Penelope! Looking forward to seeing your other makes too.
    Victoria xx

  11. Yes, very busy cleaning and clearing! I will start all my Christmas makes next week, I will be finishing them Christmas eve, no doubt! Thanks for bringing me some colour! :)

  12. Ah, that lovely hottie cover! Just beautiful, Penny. Yes, the list to do becomes longer as the days in which to 'do' become fewer - someone's Law, no doubt! I get a little niggle of guilt in my tummy when I know I should be attending to something in my sewing room. Getting pulled too often in the direction of a musical instrument at the moment! I will be getting to the frantic stage soon.......! Lx

  13. really has made me feel all warm and festive inside ;0)x
    you have been busy in your 'making factory'...i wish i had half your talents!
    love the crochet and those dreamy fabrics xx

  14. Wow, you really have been busy! Sadly my house isn't looking much like a making factory at the moment, although I wish it was. I cannot wait until this degree is over and I can get back to making things more regularly again! I've seen so many lovely crochet hot water bottles around recently, I'll look forward to seeing yours too and everything else you've been working on - the glitter stag looks cool, I'm intrigued! xx

  15. Hello! Just found your lovely little blog and look froward to reading more ...

  16. This all looks very cheery Penelope ... can't wait to hear more about what you're up to.

    And yes, there seems to have been so little light, so hard not to be affected by that!