Tuesday 6 November 2012

Smitten with Mittens

I have the cutest 6 month old niece called Connie and we saw her again this past weekend for a tickle and cuddles. She truly is one gorgeous super cuddly baby and after having a chat to my sister in law it transpires that Connie needs a new winter hat and some mittens to keep her cosy over the coming months. Now, I'm not sure about you but as soon as someone special like Connie has a need for something woolly and all it takes is concentrating on a small project, I feel my inspiration juices start flowing and I can't wait to get cracking! 

Now, initially I was thinking these mittens, I saw on the Purl Bee website here, but I didn't have the right yarn and wanted to use some of my left over yarn instead.

So, the fabulous Ravelry website had the answer for me in these sweet baby mitts. I love that Ravelry is such a diverse mixture of all sorts of patterns for all sorts of tastes. It's amazing, do register if you haven't already (if you are a knitter or crocheter), you won't regret it. I have been known to have to get up out of bed after laying there for what feels like hours tossing and turning with an idea and then logging onto Ravelry to satisfy my need for knowing there is a pattern out there for me to start in the morning! Obsessed or what :o)

Ok, so here are the wee little mittens 

How sweet are they? My goodness I just LOVED knitting these on dpn's and because I used DK yarn I decided to cast on 10 fewer stitches than what the pattern suggests as I tried the pattern out and they were way too big. I do hope that crochet chain cord serves it's purpose to try and help Connie (or her mum for that matter) not lose them.

I really am smitten with these cute mittens

So smitten that I even had to take them out "on location" during a walk on Sunday afternoon to photograph! 

Thanks so much for visiting,
If you know of someone little with the need for mittens get those needles-a-knittin' 

PS. Before I forget, Alice drew out a name from the hat for my skinny yarn little give-away and it was Hawthorn. Well done, please can you let me know your email address so I can email you to find out where you'd like me to send the parcel to? Ta x 


  1. Ooh I'm smitten with those mittens too!
    Victoria xx

  2. So cute and I love the string so they don't get lost.

  3. Your mittens are gorgeous, the little strings take me right back to when my two were tiny dots .. aah, those were the days! Anyway, can't believe I missed your giveaway and all the other good things you've been up to (that's what holidays do for you I guess). Fancy Alice meeting RB, thank goodness Alice was looking so cool when it happened. Actually I think your Alice looks more rock chick than Rebecca!
    Have a lovely week xx

  4. they are adorable! I remember seeing them on the Purl Bee and wanted to make some for a colleague who is having a baby, but I forgot about them until I saw this post! will definitely have to save them in my ever growing que they are the perfect gift X

  5. Those are so very cute! Almost makes me wish I had a baby to dress. (note: almost...not quite.) :)

  6. So cute, I always had the string attaching them too! :)

  7. Very cute - am hoping my new niece/nephew due in the Spring will be wanting cute mittens next winter :)

  8. Oh wow! Thank you so much, woohoo! Skinny yarn love :) thank you!

  9. These are sooo cute! I've just found out I have a great niece on the way the early part of next year, (after quite a few little boys in my extended family) so I'm looking forward to small knitting, and an excuse to use pink!
    Penny xxx

  10. Lovely Pen. Good Luck for today. xxx

  11. Too cute! I *need* more babies to knit for!! Connie sounds a sweetheart :)