Thursday 23 January 2014

Comfort crocheting

Hi there, how are you all?

Thanks for your lovely comments on Frederick Barbosa II he has been enjoying being part of the menagerie of cuddly creatures and pillows on Alice's bed.

I have been a rather busy bee this week, working and doing horrid home stuff like sorting out paperwork for the car and insurances etc. I really am not very good at that kind of "grown up stuff" and usually rely on Andy to steer me in the right direction. More like I stick my head in the sand and hope it will go away, but alas it never seems to!

So in the spirit of cheering myself up, instead of comfort eating (which is a usual default for me) I have found my comfort in crocheting. Yes, crocheting very simple monotone granny squares from some Stylecraft Special DK I bought last week. My purse is sad this month and I bought this yarn because it's affordable and one of the better acrylic yarns in my opinion, oh and it's easy to wash without shrinkage!

So it's been a week of evenings on the couch movie watching, radio listening and The Great Interior Design Challenge iplayer catchup watching with a cuppa and my comforting, easy peasy crochet. Six rows of easy treble granny squares which bring such comfort to body and soul after a long days work.

The yarn's "acrylic-ness" is rather evident in these photographs which may be a little close up, but I don't mind as it's sometimes not about the product its about the process and other times it's about both.

I think I will put a border of grey around each square before joining them together to make me a huge comfort blanket in these last few months of Winter.

So, instead of comfort eating, I'm comfort crocheting. Sounds like a high fibre, zero calorie good plan to me :o)

How about you, what's bringing you comfort at the moment?

Hooray for Friday tomorrow
See you all soon with my New Year and long overdue giveaway


  1. That's a good anti comfort eating, I do love the colours Stylecraft DK come in though, and have quite a stash of it myself.
    Have a good weekend
    Clare x

  2. Comfort crochet sounds like a great idea!! I do that too, so you are not the only one. I like stylecraft myself, it is good for blankety things isn't it. I hope that you get all the "jobs" sorted out soon. Well done you for having a go at doing them yourself! Hope that your weekend is a good one. xx

  3. I love your idea of crocheting rather than eating! I made one of those type of blankets for a baby awhile back and it was lovely. A full sized one for yourself sounds good.

  4. What lovely bright colours, definitely an uplifting sight. Like you, I am taking comfort in playing with yarn .. I'm knitting obsessively but I can't help it!!
    Happy Thursday x

  5. Comfort crochet...I like that idea! Your blanket will be lovely and just right for cosying up with.
    Marianne x

  6. I love that.. Comfort Crochet! But we can still have tea and biscuits too right? Just kidding ;) I think you're blanket is going to be gorgeous and a grey border sounds fab! Hazel x

  7. Simply lovely Penny I know what you mean....bestest x

  8. Lovely, colorful squares. I really like Stylecraft and wish it could be purchased more easily in the US. Your blanket will be beautiful.

  9. How I wish I could crochet...

    Yes, I hate all that admin-type stuff too. Especially the phoning up bit where you have to press numerous buttons and star keys and relay your story to umpteen different people from umpteen departments. Oops, early morning rant, sorry!

    I've been watching the interiors programme too. I love interior design and think I need an Art Deco sunroom (not much use at this time of year, though!)

    Keep cosy

    Sarah x

  10. I need just that kind of comfort crochet at the moment, having also put a ban on comfort eating of the sugary kind! I feel the need to start a new blanket - I'm thinking a zig-zag granny this time.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  11. I think comfort crocheting sounds perfect, and it must burn some calories, even if just a few. Love your color choices, I have yet to try Stylecraft yarn, I hear it is wonderful to work with.

  12. Wonderful idea, comfort crochet! Especially with colours like these! Chrissie x

  13. Comfort crochet, such a wonderful idea. Rewarding ourselves with pleasurable things after hard and not so pleasant work is a great way to encourage ourselves.
    Anne xx

  14. Comfort crochet is a lovely concept ... I think you should patent the idea ... it could be the next big thing ;) ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  15. Ooooh that's a lovely first photo there... I love the rainbow of colours ♥

    I think we might be quite alike in our paperwork 'love'. My partner makes me have bills in my name to force me to be grown up. In his own sweet way I think he thinks it's good for me! It's not. The bills are always late...

  16. Grrr also loathe sorting home stuff, very dull!! I think stylecraft offers so many fabulous colours and I really like using it too. Loving your pretty squares, just what we need for a little cheering up. Sending much love xoxo

  17. all the colors are so lovely together. It looks like you were busy crocheting. Have a nice day!

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