Tuesday 14 January 2014

Greens and yellows

I am so thankful for all your lovely messages about my funny old crochet hanger covers, I was grateful for the light relief they gave me after last weeks crazy busy time at work. It's such an odd time of year January where I feel such ambiguity. One day I am high as a kite thinking of Spring coming and the joys of new life emerging full of inspiration for what the year will bring and then I feel not so joyful, kind of blue and damp and dark where I gain solice in reading and hiding away from the world once I am home. I am also such an anti-social creature, I don't go out much in the winter and tend to hibernate on weekends, trying to recouperate from my working week. I wish I was a bit more energetic, but alas this is just what I am at the moment. I like my own company you see, I am the girl who is sitting on her own in the movies, in a pub reading, in a cafe knitting, in a live gig dancing on my own. It's what refuels me, being on my own. I like thinking.

Despite all of this, I have found myself being attracted to all greens and yellows in the past few days and have been snapping away...

This is my latest crochet venture, a sweet Bunny doll which I first saw on lovely Lisa's blog here, thank you for inspiring me Lisa, I loved your bunny and simply had to make one for Alice too. Her arms and legs and body all need to be sewn up, but hopefully she will make her debut sometime soon on the blog :o)

Taking of bunnies, this little one is a new addition to my printers tray found for 20p in a charity shop and the one below was bought from the Tiger shop in Brighton ages ago, she's the yarn guard bunny girl!

The daffodils have been making dark morning cups of tea and coming downstairs a whole lot more brighter and lighter

Alice's Headgirl badge that I couldn't resist putting in her stocking this Christmas has been popping up all over the house, the yellow is cheery for grey coats at this time of the year and we can giggle about it too.

Last, but not least I was rather pleased when my Christmas present to myself plopped through the letter box on Saturday. I love this beautiful bi- monthly magazine and a gorgeous friend of mine was ordering a years subscription for her sister as her Christmas present and in order to get the excellent deal there needed to be 2 people subscribing, Helen thought of me and after a couple of texts I had me a selfie Christmas pressie!

There are definitely some greens and yellows in there. How about you? Do you ever buy yourself a present at Christmas or on your birthday? I must confess that I always do....very naughty but nice.

I'll share more of this beautiful magazine which feels more like a book to me in the near future, it's got some great ideas.

Hope you week is going swell


See you soon


  1. I hope that you are feeling more like venturing out soon Penny! In the meantime your yarn guard bunnies will keep you company! Too cute! xx

  2. It's good that you can spend time on your own. It shows that you are comfortable with yourself. It's the people that can't do that that really have the problem.
    I too always buy myself a little pressie for Chrimbo or my birthday. That way I always know that I'm going to get something that i want and not be disappointed!!
    Rosie xx

  3. I love the new edition of Pretty Nostalgic too and greens and yellows are spring colours which hopefully (ever the optimist) is just around the corner. Living by the sea though does make for interesting winter days but I only venture out with a shove from my family. Karen xx

  4. I'm loving that little doll there, I'm hoping one day I'll be able to make one....need to improve my skills first! And what a transformation on those coat hangers, fabulous! :) x

  5. ooo ooo selfie presents are the best because you can never get it wrong...good for you!

    and where is the pattern for the bunny girl from Penny? is it in a mag? I swear I've seen it somewhere and not just on Lisa's blog!!
    bestest daisy j x

  6. Perfect! I love a cute bunny! :) Hazel x

  7. Ah, yes, January... what a special introspective month it can be! The bunny you are making is looking very sweet and I can't wait to see more...

    Happy New Year!
    Beata xox

  8. What a sweet little bunny! I can't wait to see it finished - and I do love the colours in this post! Chrissie x

  9. The bunny is so sweet I look forward to seeing it finished, I love all the Springy colours in this post perfect for chasin away the january grey
    Clare x

  10. I brought myself a kind of wrap/shawl, wrapped it up and put it under the tree, and then said 'oh look what Santa brought me!' that was fun I've never done that before! Heather x

  11. Selfie pressies are the best! Love all your little bunnies and your mag looks fab, am looking forward to seeing more if it. Know what you mean about hibernating in winter, we tend to do that a lot too.
    Take care of you & have a good rest-of-the-week.

  12. That bunny doll is looking fabulous. So cute, I have a bit of a fear of crocheting 3D objects. I have a run of beginners luck then it all goes pest shaped! I think my problem is I get over confident and think I can cope without stitch markers!!

  13. Haha!! How funny that my typo meant I wrote pest shaped!! It does turn into a bit of a pest rather than a pear!

  14. What a lovely post Penny! That little bunny looks so cute. I have never seen Pretty nostalgic magazine I must look out for it! it looks nice.
    Marianne x

  15. I love the cute little face on the crocheted bunny dolls. So sweet.
    I also have bouts with "winter blues". Those cold, grey, dreary days make me want to curl up in my heated blanket and sleep the world away. I started taking a vitamin d supplement and I have to say those blue days are few and far between.
    As for buying myself pressies...Of course! For Christmas this year I bought myself some makeup brushes. My birthday last year I bought myself a KitchenAid Mixer (a major want). This year for my birthday I would love to get a dishwasher put in. I get tired of doing all those dishes for our large family. I think I spend 70% of my time standing at the kitchen sink.

  16. I love how you play with green and yellow. A very lovely and bright post today.

  17. Oooh buying yourself a present is such a lovely idea! I tend to get asked what I want these days but I guess that's not the same as a present from yourself though, love it!

    I really love your bunny doll, the face is incredibly cute :-)

  18. Silly iPad I wrote a comment when you posted this and it refused to publish so I'm back again my lovely. Glad to see bunny girl is getting made and in such a lovely jade too. Rosey still asking for a blue one but with monkey ears and tail. X

  19. Hello dear Penelope,

    First things first, I may very well join you, if I may, in your bookish yearly ventures. If you are feeling tired I am quite certain it is in the nature of things to feel lethargic in January. We should be hibernating, don't you think? i am always keen in the combination of green and yellow especially come March with the promise of daffodils. Your crochet doll is as sweet as sweet can be!

    Warmest wishes to you from another lady who can be both sociable and not.


  20. I think it's quite normal to feel tired in January, and if your body is telling you to slow down and rest, then go ahead and hibernate! That's what winter is for. x

  21. I know just how you are feeling at the moment, it's hard to shake off the January blues, all we can do is to be a little more kind to ourselves and not feel guilty about slightly more 'me' time. The magazine looks lovely, an indulgent present to one's self is an ideal pick-me-up! xx

  22. I used to always go out on my birthday and buy one special thing - it could be on the inexpensive side - or a bit pricier (not too much tho) - but something that just said - ahhhh, yes... to me.. Haven't done that in years! Need to get back to it. It was fun wandering around and waiting for something to just jump out and say - take me home! I love this magazine! How do you subscribe to it? Is it sold in stores anywhere? I too enjoy my own company! That is a good thing to feel....

    Linda in VA

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