Wednesday 1 January 2014

Half full

This time last year I made a jar to capture all of the good things that we as a family were fortunate enough to experience, either individual or collective experiences, both big and small, just of some significance to us. You see we had had a difficult 2012 with one thing and another and I needed us to focus more on the positive things in our lives to help heal the stresses and pain from 2012.

I think my little idea worked in a way and despite me not capturing all the positive things that came out of 2013 (it was too much to remember to put everything in the jar)I think I did a pretty good job to get most of the important things in, some of which were:

  • Andy getting a new job which suited his lifestyle, mental well being and family life
  • Booking our holiday to Barcelona and along the Spanish Coast in the summer
  • Adopting Dilly our beautiful rabbit whom we adore
  • Alice overcoming bullies and learning some of life's tough lessons
  • Me getting funding for attending a really important course to help develop my role in my job
  • Alice running her first 5k race for life run in 42 minutes
  • Andy saving up and buying a new bicycle and become cycle crazy, perfect for his health
  • Alice being chosen for her end of year 7 drama production making a dramatic difference to her confidence after being picked on by a group of nasty little jealous girls
  • Hanging washing on the line for the first time after the Winter on Easter Monday and loving that this signifies a deep joy within my soul as Summer is definitely coming
  • Our new fitted kitchen is finally in at end of May
  • Eating vegetarian haggis for the first time ever
  • A rebate received from the tax man just in the nick of time
  • Fiona tells us she is pregnant with her number two, a perfect opportunity to get hooking and knitting :o)
  • I am fortunate enough to have won two give aways from fabulous blogs
  • We discovered the joy of playing bananagrams as a family

The list goes on and on and I won't bore you with any more, it's time put 2013 into an envelope for safe keeping and to cut up little slips of paper and get ready for all the jolly good stuff that will be coming our way this new year. How about you? Do you do something similar? It's kind of like a memory jar without having to keep a detailed diary of events in your life. I have naturally focused more on Alice here as it's a great way to chronicle some of the sweet things in her lovely young life, however I try to make sure I add some from our grown up lives too.


I am definitely a glass half full kind of girl, what are you?

I would love to know.

Do tell




  1. I to started a 'little jar of happy' at the beginning of last year and saw it quickly filling up despite having a tough year with my health. It's such a great thing to do.
    Have a Happy 2014
    Clare xx

  2. I love your jar! I did this in 2013, I called it my Pollyanna Jar, my jar of happy. I spent yesterday reading them. The small things were what counted for me - the winter sun warming my car up in the car park on a cold day, seeing plants peaking through the ground, unexpected kisses & cuddles from the small people. Fab idea!

  3. Hi Penny, I love your memory jar idea....I think I should do the same.
    Love your mosaics too, so glad you found the time to make them.
    Jacquie x

  4. A lovely post, Penny! Those memories are wonderful and that's such a great idea. (I'm visiting from Dorothy's blog and am another Aussie)

  5. This is a lovely record of your year, in so many posts recently I am reminded how important it is to record the things that are good, even the things that would be insignificant to someone else but so important to you.I hope that you can build on all the good things from 2013, as a family, and make it an even bigger jar in 2014!

  6. That's a great idea and tradition Penny. I can imagine you getting them out many years on and reading them. Like a little time capsule! Have a great 2014! Heather x

  7. I love this idea Penny. I was going to start the 52 weeks of happy posts, but then I was worried that I would feel too tied to it and would not enjoy it after a while - I am not very good at following rules! - but this is a lovely idea and one which can involve a whole family which would suit me better I think. So, I might just follow your brilliant example.

    I am so glad that you had so many happy and good memories in 2013, I hope that 2014 brings just as many for you. I am so glad that good things have happened for Andy, having done some work with people with mental health problems I understand a little of how hard this is, so well done to him for the job and the cycling and to you and Alice for the love help and support you have given. I hope that the journey continues really well for you all this year.

    Happy jar of happies! xx

  8. Penny, what a brilliant idea and tradition. You have certainly got me thinking.

  9. Penny that is so precious...and so wonderful to empty out and remember ...especially when you need it most.
    Here's to a Jar full by feb...then you will have to have 2 jars for this wonderful shiny bright new year that is 2014...
    bestest as ever4
    Daisy xx

  10. Penny, this is a brilliant idea. I love it. I can be both a glass half full, or a glass half empty, although I try hard to be on the half full side.
    hugs to you and Happy 2014!

  11. I think this is a wonderful idea. I really liked reading yours. I am sure you have lots of great things in store this year; your jar will be even more full.

  12. I love, love, love this! I've started mine for this year, it's a great idea. Love your mosaics too....happy 2014 Penny, thank you for your support and friendship! :) x

  13. Oh my I am going to do this. I have had a tough day but when I think about it there were some good bits! One of my girls can write and the other is getting there so it will be a really positive thing. Jo x

  14. Dear Penny,

    You are a wonderful inspiration! What a sweet and uplifting idea! Happy, peaceful, creative New Year to you and your family; and yes, I am including your beloved rabbit!

    Yes, I consider myself to be a hall-full glass kinda girl!


  15. Ooh I think I'm going to have a stab at this, such a great idea. Yay to bananagrams, yay to showing those bullies and yay to all the other achievements you've done this last year.
    Happy New Year xox

  16. This is one of those things I plan to do this year - thanks for the reminder!
    2013 had it's fair share of low points so I'm really excited about a new start in 2014. Time to go and find an empty jar (and hope it doesn't stay empty for long)...
    I'm glad Alice is fine now. Being bullied, at whatever age, is just horrible.
    Oh, and I don't know whether you've tried veggie black pudding but it's very nice.
    Sarah x

  17. I have just discovered your blog!! What a lovely idea the jar is..............i am expecting some negative things this year with both mine and my husbands job, so am going to steal your jar idea to remind us of all the good things, if things are getting us down. -x-

  18. I don't do this but I think it's one of the nicest ideas I've ever come across. I may use it too, if that's ok with you. I love the way you celebrated and gave thanks for both the big and little things. I hope this years' jar overflows! x