Sunday 5 January 2014

Last years calendar

This weekend we have been mostly an indoors given the blustery wind and high rainfall. We have watched a couple of movies, eaten comfort food and read our books. It was also the perfect time and opportunity for me to fill in important dates in my 2014 Mollie Makes calendar. Looking at all the pretty pictures from the 2013 calendar I was loathe to put it in the recycling bin so I started chopping up some of the little pictures from each month...

I thought it might be good for me to set myself monthly rather and annual goals which feel too vague for me and also start to become a reason why I can ignore them until December! I used the little cutout pictures from each month of the year to paste in my lists book and left enough space to add my monthly goals at the beginning of each month. They may not be all my goals, but they are ones that I simply must achieve, some big and more challenging and others smaller and guaranteed to be attained. Andy and I both feel we haven't been making enough time for each other lately, so I really want to correct that and to plan for us to spend some proper time together.

By chance I turned the calendar over and found more of the mini pictures representing each month and then the idea came to me to add them to my printers tray. I have been umming and ahhing about what I want to do with my printers tray and have started a Pinterest board to collect ideas for mine. I thought it might be quite nice to have some pretty pastel colours in my tray so I had a play around. These are not permanent and can be replaced or moved around, I just thought it might be a good way of reusing my 2013 calendar and for bringing colour to our dreary January.
My tray looks a little dusty but I quite like it like that, printers trays are about the silence of time I think.

Right, got to start thinking about school uniforms and packed lunches again (it's been bliss not doing this for the past 2 weeks)
Hope you all have a great week ahead


  1. Me too! I love your lists book (especially the entry 'Sort eyebrows out'!) and the images stuck inside. I too have this year's Mollie Makes calendar and it's already full of dull things like 'pay credit card' and doctor's appointments...

    I know what you mean about saving nice pictures. I chopped up a posh Christmas food catalogue with lovely thick pages and will be making my own gift tags. Although thinking about next Christmas is a bit too much just yet!

    Sarah x

  2. Penny I love your list idea...actually I love reading other peoples list full stop!
    breaking it up does make it more manageable good idea...I do mine by subject, aren't we the experts eh??
    bestest as usual
    Daisy x

  3. Hi Penny, I agree about the bliss of no school uniforms and packed lunches....sad that it's almost over.
    I love the way you are recycling your calendar. The book is a great idea and your printers tray seems a perfect frame for the other images.
    Have a good week.
    jacquie x

  4. That's a great idea
    Clare x

  5. I think that will look FAB. Don't forget to show us... and write it in your diary goals so that you don't forget. Jo x

  6. Ah now see what you've done! Always was going swimmingly until I read about uniforms and packed lunches....I was in blissful ignorance, I have one more day to organise myself.

    Love your little pics in the printer tray...great idea,

  7. Ive been looking at mine today wondering what to do, I know now.....thank you! :) x

  8. I love love love your lists book Penny, such a wonderful idea - and you have reminded me to hunt out my MM calender for this year. Love the printers tray things to - especially the little rabbit - I think he is Sylvac? Hope that the date nights with Andy plan goes well. We started off well last year until we got to July and then we fell off the rails, so another good reminder for me to get back on that plan too! I love your blog, but I always seem to leave with a to do list!! xx

  9. Fab idea with the lists book Penny and then you get to appreciate the pretty pictures for even longer.
    Marianne x

  10. What a brilliant idea to use the little pictures in the printer's tray ... and I like your monthly goals too. Mr. M and I try to have a "date night" every week - our idea of a date is going to the nearest large(ish) city and hanging out at the big bookstore where we drink over-priced coffee and tea and read the magazines for free. :)

    Hope your weather improves! Ours isn't the greatest either right now. (-20 F and wind chills at about 40 below. Everyone is hunkering down at home and trying to avoid frostbite.)

  11. Penny that is such a good idea. I would love a printer's tray - the perfect place to store momentoes and little snippets of gorgeousness. I hope the return to work and school is going smoothly. x

  12. Hi Penny and Happy New Year! What a wonderful idea - I'm so pants at sticking to anything.

    Nina x

  13. nice idea adding them to the painters tray! I've put my calender in the cutting pile, i wonder if I will get to it! Heather x