Friday 3 January 2014

When the socks became the beanie

Hello again
I have had the most divine morning, a late wake up to some porridge and copious cups of tea from the pot followed by cuddles with Alice before she went off for the day to audition in the performing arts school she goes to for ballet and musical theatre in their up and coming production in the Easter holidays. Then a lovely curl up on the couch and listen to women's hour whilst finishing knitting my socks um, beanie hat.

The pattern is a free one that I found via Andi's gorgeous blog called My Sisters Knitter (sorry, but I haven't fathomed out how to link to web pages on my iPad yet, you can google her blog and it will pop up, do visit her she is a source of gorgeous inspiration). The pattern is a free one on Ravelry called RAITULI and is perfect for using left over sock yarn. The only thing is that I used my new ball of sock yarn to knit this as I caster on my socks only to discover half way through knitting the first one that my needle size was 1mm too big! How silly and frustrated I felt and in view of it being New Year's Day I had to knit something so frogged the sock and cast on the beanie with the right size needles this time!

I must say how much I love this cheerful colour given the rainy grey and blustery days we have been having and it was an absolutely easy pleasurable knit for my first knit of 2014.

Attempting a couple of selfies

Gosh my hair has got long, need to get the old red dye out again I think.

So there we have it, a sock that became a beanie. I am hoping that I can nip down to my LYS to get some 2.50mm DPNs this afternoon and cast on some shorter than originally planned socks. I hope you all have a super week ending, I have so enjoyed this little break from work and intend to make the best of my weekend before I settle back into work on Monday.

See you all soon




  1. Very cute hat, wishing you a Happy New Year
    Clare x

  2. Very sweet. I love the colors very much. Happy New Year to you. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  3. Penny,
    I love this red hat. It's so soft and pretty.

    Enjoy the new year!


  4. Love your hat!! Wish I could go to my LYS, but they have been closed for the past 3 days for inventory. Think they open back up tomorrow!

    Linda in VA

  5. It's really pretty and the color is perfect on you.

  6. I love the color. Maybe a sock needs to become a hat around here!

  7. Great socks - I mean beanie!! Looks good on you, and the selfies look great. Love the colour too. I look forward to seeing the socks eventually. I hope that the audtions went well for Alice and that she gets the part she wants! xx

  8. Beautiful hat and lets face it with this stormy windy weather a warm and toasty hat is just the thing!

  9. Love it and your red hair too Penny. You knit quick phew. Really impressed by how independent and focused Alice is , hope she got a part she wanted.
    Lisa x

  10. Love, love, love your hair. I just got mine chopped off a couple of inches, a great way to start the New Year.

  11. I love your hat Penny and your red curls, stunning.
    Jacquie x

  12. It's obviously a 'beanie that was meant to be'! Lovely colours - well done x Jane

  13. It's a really nice beanie, it looks great on you ;)
    Happy new year!

    Lluisa x

  14. I had similar fun yesterday, snuggling on the sofa watching tv and I knitted up a simple beanie too - happy 2014 x

  15. I do like a resourceful lady! Brilliant beanie...good luck to Alice! :) x

  16. It's a beautiful beanie, I'm glad it didn't become a sock :p Your hair looks very red already but I know what you mean. I had mine red and it just fades so fast! I've let my natural colour grow back & have bleached the underneath which is now pink. Along with my bathroom floor.... Whooops!

    Happy New Year! x

  17. It looks so cheerful and warming. Much nicer to show that lovely yarn off up top than hide it down below!

    I envy you those gorgeous curls.... :)

  18. I love it. The colour is so warm and perfect for January when we all need some colour to add cheer to the grey days. You look lovely - your hair is fabulous! x